Coffee Is love, Coffee Is life, Coffee Is Art.

By : Lucy
June 2, 2021
Coffee is Love, Coffee is Life, Coffee is Art intro

Hello to all the coffee lovers out there, if you’ve been living the coffee life long enough then you must have heard of the long spoken phrase ‘coffee is love, coffee is life’ and with the newest addition, ‘coffee is art’. There are so many factors and reasons that helped coined those terms but the meaning itself is pretty straightforward. So what is coffee to you? Read the explanations below and see if you can resonate with at least one part of the collective phrase.

Coffee is Love

Coffee is Love

Coffee is undoubtedly the love of my life, the reason I wake up in the morning, and most importantly, the reason why I can go out and face the day ahead. Especially for someone like me who’s coffee addiction started pretty early. While I used to think of it in a negative light, I have come to think of it as a fond addition to my morning routine.

When facing a hard day or an obstacle with no one by your side, coffee is the fixture that I will always have beside me. It was there for me through highschool, university, and will probably follow me to when I will start working. In the present, whether it is to tackle a last minute assignment, a one night policy cramming before a test, my cup of coffee is the one true love that will never abandon me no matter where I am.

The even better part of this is not only having coffee to accompany you when your life seems to be going downhill, but also when your favorite person greets you with a cup of coffee to cheer you up during these times. If that is not love in itself, then I don’t know what is considered love. Find someone who loves coffee as much as you and I can guarantee that you will experience the full capacity of ‘coffee is love’. 

If that is not a reason to convince you that ‘coffee is not love’, then maybe you need to start getting in on the coffee life and embrace the dark liquid of anti-sleepiness and energy-booster. I, for one, am advocating for this coffee lifestyle that I’m currently living and I have not led anyone astray yet. So drink a cup and don’t be against it until you try it.

Coffee is Life

Coffee is Life

What is the point of even waking up in the morning if it’s not to brew a cup of coffee? Coffee should definitely be one of the main reasons to open my eyes every morning for sure. It is a universally known and accepted fact that the world is constantly changing and is changing at a very fast pace. Morning coffee is the only one habit of mine that stays constant during a lifetime, no matter where I am in time.

Some might say it is dramatic but when you’re trying to catch up to the people around you who are going through life motions like they are running a marathon, having your trusty cup of coffee beside you doesn’t seem like a farfetched notion anymore. Everyone needs something to keep them grounded through the jagged path that makes up life and for most of us, it happens to be coffee.

The aroma of coffee can make you open your eyes, and a sip of the drink can wash away your sleepiness. Life is so much better when you are wide awake and are ready to tackle everything that is going to come your way. I can never imagine having to go through my day still fighting off the sleepiness and the tiredness from the day before and going through the motions not being aware enough to notice anything.

If you start your day fresh and alert, then you’ll end your day happy and satisfied. Less mistakes are made and you will never have to spend the next day correcting what you did wrong the day before. What reasons are there to convince you to not enter a new day with a cup of warm coffee in hand?

Coffee is Art

Coffee is Art

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a creative rut and unable to continue on doing whatever that it was you were supposed to do? Do you find yourself walking into a coffee shop and setting your stuff down after ordering a cup of coffee then staring at the people around you? And slowly, slowly but surely, you find yourself able to look deep down yourself and pull out your creativity that has lay dormant. Then, your work and your project seems to be coming to life again.

Coffee is more than just a drink to keep the tiredness at bay when you’re trying to push through a sleepless night, or an obligatory drink that you need to buy when meeting up with a friend. Coffee has been scientifically proven to stimulate the part of the brain that produces dopamine which in turn causes euphoria and it generally makes you feel happier.

If you ever find yourself being stuck or unable to trek on forward on your creative journey, try drinking a cup of coffee to kick start your walk again. It is a fool-proof plan and has never let anyone down. Or maybe set your work aside and simply sit down sipping coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Relax and look around, perhaps something can inspire you to do something again. Coffee is art, and that’s a fact.

Final Thought

Final Thought

When you tried to tell people how much coffee means to you, some of you must have met words of mockery and people telling you that you love coffee too much and need to cut down on your addiction. To those people, I say, don’t judge until you try it. There are so many perks to living the coffee life that I couldn’t even begin to describe. Read more articles on our page to see those perks and perhaps judge for yourself if coffee is really as mundane as people make it out to be.


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