I remember hearing someone said, “Coffee shop is my second house”. Well, technically, they are not wrong. At some point in our lives, we actually spent so much at the cafe more than we spent at home–obviously, not in the days of covid. Don’t get me wrong, I also like staying at home. I think home is the best. But there is this addicting aspect about coffee shops that most of us would agree on why it kept us going over there continuously. 

Come to think about it, maybe it is the friends that we hang out with over there. Perhaps it is background music that vibrates the appropriate energy for us to get our work done. Or possibly because of the services and food that cafe successfully delivers to us. I would say all of the above is fitting to why cafes are addicting to go to. Personally, I just love to enjoy the view, the soft humming background music, and the fresh smell of different coffee made every 2 minutes. 

Has cafe always like this in the past too? This is the theme of our article today. If cafe is this beautiful and friendly in today’s period, what was it like during the “first” coffee shop? Were people excited to go to the cafe as we do now? Was it even popular back then? Exploring the history of coffee shops is just exciting as going to the cafe itself. Because we can discover the special features about cafes that you might not have heard before. Especially if you are looking forward to opening a cafe of your own, probably studying about coffee house evolution would be beneficial. But most importantly, studying about the past allows us to appreciate more of the present. It is the legacy that we should value and the time and effort that took to create a masterpiece. 

Today, I am going to introduce 4 main evolutions of coffee houses for you. You may argue that coffeehouse evolution is more than that. But I am going to categorize 4 main evolutions according to myself namely the Middle Eastern period, British, American, and Modern cafes. And we shall see the differences between an evolution to another. And most importantly, we are going to analyze the style, functions, and atmosphere of the cafe. 

First Coffee Shop Ever 

Legend has it that the first coffee shop was actually located in the Middle East. It is also corresponding to the fact that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia. Actually the two regions are closely connected to one another. Since ancient history is old, people can’t really seem to have backup facts about it. They would assume that the first coffee house was in the Ottoman Empire which is Turkey in the present day.

First Cafe Ever(1)

Firstly, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th Century. And it is not like the coffee beans that you and I see nowadays. Before coffee beans were not flourishing as we see in coffee shops or ready to sell bags but it was in the form of cherries. Big and bulky in its original state until people discovered the technology to transform it into small size beans like today. And coffee was not popular immediately right after the discovery. It took many centuries to get people to understand that you can actually make a drink out of it. People usually used it for rituals and religious practices. 

Up until the 15th century, coffee became very popular and reached the Middle East region specifically the Ottoman and Moroccan Empire. During this time people would start to drink coffee and led to the invention of the coffee house. 

As we can see from the picture, the first coffee house in the Ottoman Empire was not as fancy as we are today. They did not have a coffee machine, background music, or servers running around like we do now. The design of the coffee house was not that luxurious either. As suggested in the picture, it was simple and free. A single or two servers will make the coffee. While people had the freedom to talk, serve themselves, and enjoy any ongoing discussion. 

First Cafe Ever(2)

Apart from the delicious coffee, people also were drawn into the discussion that was happening inside the cafe. Coffee houses in that period were consider a "school of thoughts". People could gather and discuss political matters and criticize the government fearlessly. Plus, this act was not consider as illegal, because the government does not care about what the people say. It was also a place to conduct deep and meaningful conversations. People would gather from all over the place and converse flawlessly about their experiences and exchange ideas.

Moreover, cafes were platforms for people to enjoy board games such as checkers, hopscotch, chess, etc… At the other corner, storytellers were projecting colorful legends and myth harmonizing listeners into their stories. Whilst others were consumed with listening to preachers shouting in the center about love, morals, and evil. The cafe was a  platform where many things happened all at the same time. People had the freedom to meet, converse, and engage with new experiences. No wonder why cafes were quick to rise into popularity back then.

Coffee Shop in England 

After the spread of coffee houses in the Middle East, this idea also traveled quickly to England. Coffee shops were amazingly popular and the number of cafes rose significantly in England. However, cafes were not regarded highly throughout times in England. There were controversies at the same time support for the existence of the coffee houses. 

*Fun fact: Tipping was created in England at coffee shops. As an expression of gratitude and fast service, people would drop a penny in a jar at the counter. 

Coffee House in England
One of the oldest cafes in London and still remains today

The first coffee house was opened in 1652 by an English man who frequently traded with Turkish residents. Probably, this man saw the future of coffee houses in Turkey and would love to spread this culture–the culture of sharing, gathering, and conducting a conversation about heated topics–to England as well. He was not incorrect about that. The coffee culture skyrocketed and grew in instant popularity. Therefore, the first coffee house emerged during that era. 

First, it was conflicting with England’s traditional pub. English people used to have “pubs” to enjoy alcoholic drinks, get together, and socialize. From time to time, people get used to it, then they shared an interest with coffee. Plus, due to the fact that most debates were conducted in cafes and it usually hosted a proper place for meetings, coffee shop grew greater in popularity. 

One of the oldest cafes in London and still remains today.

Throughout the period of Charles II (1649-1651), cafes were regarded as “Penny University”. Because people from absolutely anywhere were able to enter with a payment of just 1 penny. And they can access many resourceful items and experiences such as newspapers, books, or listening to people talking about the government, stock, or auctions. It was crazy amazing because, with just a penny, people with different backgrounds and social statuses were able to unite and share their knowledge. Scholars and regulars would sit across one another with printed materials in their hands while their attention drifted over to listen about a heated discussion nearby. And sometimes a scholar might arise from his seat with a book in his hand to agree with the proposed idea. Whilst, others remained seated with coffee glued on the table as they were examining the occurring discussions. 

As time went on, the coffeehouse was known as a platform to conduct business. It was very famous to do so in the period of Lloyd’s coffee house ( 17th to 18th Century). The famous coffee house located nearby the Lloyd’s of London. This was where the stock commissioner performed their magic and illustrated the constantly changing prices of stock. It was a platform for government announcements as well. Whenever there is a new policy or declaration, a cafe packed with people was the fastest way to spread the news. Meanwhile, people can criticize government policy. It was the finest time of liberty and freedom. 

Finally, in the Victorian era, a coffee house was a place for the working-class to relax without alcohol. This was an alternative to England’s traditional pub. This function in the Victorian era is the same as the Modern Cafe today. 

Coffee Shop in America 

America was one of the fastest colonizers of coffee houses. Coffee has been around for so long just as blue jeans in America. The first coffee house was in Philadelphia, also known as the City Tavern. It often referred to as modest ventures. Moreover, it was a joint place for some of the finest minds to meet including Washington and John Adams. Later on, the United States created another Tontine Coffee House in New York, similar to Lloyd’s London. This cafe was the second home for stock brokers and business creation. 

Coffee House in America (1)

More importantly, coffee houses in America were just a prominent place to gather but a commercial place. Inside the cafe, coffee, food, and alcohol were served regularly. Meanwhile, commercial activities still proceeded. For instance, coins, currencies, or bills were traded in specific time and hour. The front porches of the coffee houses installed with printed materials, paintings, or books displayed for selling. Furthermore, in the 18th century, coffee houses were also a place for newspaper subscription. 

As time continued to move forward, during the American revolution, coffee houses served as a platform for political advocacies. Political figures would use cafes as a place to preach about reformation as well as to strengthen the ongoing force of protest. 

Coffee House in America (2)

In the late 18th century and early 19th century, the commercial features that existed once in coffeehouses were gone. And it had become its own independent industries such as banks, insurances, or companies. Therefore, it left the cafe lonely and empty. Because without the heated discussion, sharing sessions, and political agenda, coffee shops will not be interesting. Hence, coffee shops moved to the urban areas of the country, promoting peaceful and quietness of the countryside. Some coffeehouses would endorse their creative menus, others would offer knowledgeable guest speakers, and others decorated their cafe with nature and animals. 

During the 1990s, coffee houses were popular once again. Although the creation of other diners or restaurants were increasing in competition. But the coffee house made their comeback. A prominent example would be the sitcom “Friends''. This is one of the outstanding shows ever in history. However, it features a coffee house that the characters would hang out in the cafe all day long. They would spend time with one another while sharing their stories and creating more memories along the storyline in the coffee shop. This representation really casted a positive reputation for the coffeehouses and its popularity. 

Coffee House in America (3))

In the 1990s, America witnessed another reform of coffee shops. It was a period known as the “Starbucks” generation. Starbuck rose to fame so quickly and their brands were opening all over the states like wildfire. After the discovery of espresso machines in the 1940s, it made this period even easier to produce coffee. Later on, other brands were emerging as well. For instance, Dunkin’ Donuts and La Colombe. Hence, this signifies the era of Modern Coffee. 

Modern Coffee Shop

Now, it is well known to everyone that most of the present coffeehouse is stylish. A few things that we should do first is to acknowledge the similarity between our modern cafe and the oldies. Regardless of the time passes, coffeehouses, from one period to another, still keep the core element alive. The cafe has always been a place for gathering and meetups.

I would like to challenge you. I doubt anyone would think of a better place to meet up other than a cafe. It is the easiest, most accessible, and appropriate setting to meet with a friend, colleagues, or conduct any formal/informal occasions. The setting is beautiful. All around there are chairs, lounges, and tables where you can put your laptops or books. It is remarkably handy which is why it attracts so many people here. 

Modern Cafe(1)

Unfortunately, the modern coffee house is not a platform for political endorsement anymore. Nor it is a place for heated debates to occur. We just do not see people preaching, campaigning, or even debate in cafes. It is mostly a chill place to sit and hangout, meetings, or light discussion. It is a place where young people meet one another and have fun. The modern cafe could be very busy therefore, it is nearly impossible to endorse anything. 

Another factor would be that the modern coffeehouse is different from the past coffeehouse because of technology. Let’s just talk about the technology inside the cafe first. Now nearly all cafes are using espresso machines or coffee machines. It is faster and efficient in making coffee in a large amount or in a quicker manner. Moreover, it is great to have around the shop for the reason that it is clean and safe. Coffee machine is worth the investment. 

Another different aspect would be the technology of services. I mean the waitresses or waiters are common. But as technology is advancing many cafes have these electric calls to alert you when it is your turn for the coffee. At some place, they have this small device to alarm you. On the contrary, others would allow you to line up. 

Modern Cafe(2)

Now a new form of ordering style is created as well. We called it “drive-thru”. This basically means you can just order from your car. By the time you reach the end of the line, your coffee will be ready too. This saves so much time and effort instead of waiting in the coffee shop. You can just say the preferred drinks and wait patiently for a few minutes and the drink will be beautifully waiting at the end of the line. 

Next, another drastic change is still technology itself. Remember how in the olden days people would gather to talk about certain topics, or converse about the ongoing business? Today, most of the activity that occurs daily in the coffee shop is working on smartphones or laptops. These technologies are advantageous at one point while it is detrimental as well. This is common to find people facing their backs to the walls, while their eyes are mainly focus to the computer or phone screens. They seemed to be occupied and very busy with their technology to the point where sometimes the surroundings seem to fade away slowly and slowly. Allowing them to consume into their universe of their minds. 


Welcome to the present. I hope this fortunate ride throughout time will allow you to understand more about coffee shops and its function in the past. We can see that coffee is a rich culture. It is long-lasting from the genesis of time. And now people still like it regardless. 

Cafe represents the idea of gathering and socializing. It is beautiful to have a place for people to meetup and make a discussion about a certain topic. In the past, it served as a platform to spread awareness and to criticize. People just had the freedom to do so and they did it to the finest. Today, coffee symbolizes relaxation, unification, and technology. Even if in the future coffee houses would continue to change, coffee houses sure do make a positive impact on our lives. For that we should appreciate it. 


Going to many coffee shops to find the best taste that you like the most is the happiest moment. But wait! Have you ever noticed the coffee cups you carry on every time you go to the coffee shops? Holding a coffee cup that fits us with the right coffee taste can change your mood for a whole day. The casual sizes that the baristas or the cashiers frequently ask you which size you want Misses or Mister? They are small, medium, and large sizes. The coffee industry creates the different dimensions of the coffee cups for purposes. Therefore, I would like to guide you on knowing more about the ideas of coffee cups more than what you see every day. It might change your perspectives. The coffee cups are for who, why, and which one is the best?

Major Truths Behind The Standard of Coffee Cups Intro

Coffee Cups For Busy People

Who are busy people? Of course, people who get up almost late to arrive at the office on time but still manage to drink coffee anyway. They may not have time to prepare breakfast or any lunch box as long as they could have a cup of coffee. Their mood swings 360 degrees with full energy to fight in the morning or until the office hour is over after drinking coffee. They may order another coffee from the delivery company in the afternoon. It can be after they finished the tasks to fulfill the day.

If you ask five people in your office right now, 3 out of 5 will choose standards of coffee shops like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donut. The reason is that they could select the favorable size that they want; small, medium, or large. Busy people might drop by the coffee shop to refill coffee in glamorous containers.

Coffee Cups For Busy People(1)

To Starbucks fan, you got one of the coffee containers with you, didn't you? On the path in the coffee shops, you see there are types of containers in various sizes arranged on the shelf next to the cashiers’ desk. You feel like you want to have it, you want to buy it, how cool it is to have it on the desk or posting in the story. Just that, it attracts you to love coffee more and more. It is not right or wrong, just that the sizes of coffee cups or containers do attract people in many ways, especially busy people.  

Coffee Cups For Busy People

Standard Coffee Cup Fits To Drinks Holders In The Car

Planning to go somewhere but lazy enough to sit down at the coffee shop, the coffee cups for takeaway is the best idea. Most cars come with drink holders so that the drivers or travelers can put their drinks on them without fearing spilling out of the glass or make dirt inside the car. However, the drink holders you see next to the car seat are a help center.

Standard Coffee Cup Fits To Drinks Holders In The Car(1)

Why? It is a temporary table to hold the drinks or food if the travel needs. Each side of the car's seat may have 2 cup holders; therefore, there might be 4 to 6 cups for some models. Hence, the coffee lovers who love to travel would adore this vibe so much. Considering that some models may not have holders, the coffee shops also have the coffee holders in a pair with the coffee cups. Thus, the customers could enjoy carrying it every way and use it for other cups besides the coffee cups they bought from the shops. A drop of coffee, one second of mood swings.

Standard Coffee Cup Fits To Drinks Holders In The Car(2)

Perfect Coffee Cups Sizes for the Drinks With Measurements

Perfect Coffee Cups Sizes for the Drinks With Measurements(1)

Something we need to know is every coffee-makers have their methods and measurements in making the drinks. No wonder that there are many coffee shops in the area. However, the high demand of coffee buyers only goes to the place where the coffee taste is incredible, friendly customer service, and nice decoration for attraction. All the readers here, you have one coffee shop that you stick with it, right? That is great! The coffee cups fit the various types of drinks. According to NESCAFE, coffee cup size for drinks like espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte, and so on has their suggested cup with the approximate measurement as listed in the table below (The Perfect Coffee Cup Guide). A good cup produces the one taste to remember.

Perfect Coffee Cups Sizes for the Drinks With Measurements(2)
Type of Coffee CupApprox. Measurement
Espresso cup60ml
Cappuccino cup180ml
Flat white cup160ml
Standard mug350ml
Macchiato cup60ml
Latte glasses220ml
Cortado glass135ml
Irish coffee glass250ml
Turkish coffee cup75ml
Table 1: Coffee Cup Size Guide, Source: nescafe.com

Espresso cups that bring you the aromas to your nose and palate supposed to be between 60ml to 88ml. Other sizes could be 103ml and 118ml. What about Cappuccino? The Cappuccino needs a wide-rim cup to smell the aroma. The mouth will fit perfectly to the cup. Therefore, the bigger size of coffee cups can be from 147ml to 177ml. Does it need to be big or small for the latte? The answer is the larger it can, the better it is. The size for latte could be 443ml because it needs additional spaces for the stream milk and design the arts on it (HOMEGROUNDS). By this, you will adore the taste of coffee you have with perfect coffee cups on your hands.

Coffee Cup Fits to Barista Standard

Coffee Cup Fits to Barista Standard (1)

To be a barista of the coffee shop, they need to know how to make an incredible taste of coffee for the customers. However, coffee cannot taste good without a good recipe and ways of doing it. That is why all baristas study different methods to make the coffee during the course. A cup of Cappuccino should have more than just coffee beans, sugar, and other ingredients. Do you know what it is? The numerical information to measure the right amount of water is. How many coffee beans to put? How much sugar and other inputs to include in a cup of coffee you need in making a cup of drinks? No wonder that coffee cups are different since they need to fit the measurement.

Imagine a customer experiencing high sugar in the coffee as they ordered 50% sugar. Somehow, the size of the coffee cup confused the barista of the measurement for the customer. By this, the baristas focus on how much they should use, what they need to make a tasty coffee, and all the procedures in making a coffee that fits customers’ preferences. The coffee shops can have the same menu but not the same method; otherwise, the customers keep their loyalty in one coffee shop. A good barista produces good coffee.  

Coffee Cup Fits to Barista Standard (2)

Coffee Cups for Travelers

Coffee Cups for Travelers(1)

Traveling is adventurous and fun. Yet, it is exhausted. So coffee is a good treat for travelers. Imagine sitting down in a group of close friends in front of the river while having a cup of coffee. This is a perfect view, isn’t it? As a traveler, the coffee cups shall be the ones that can keep the temperature of the drinks, vintage cups, and easy to clean. The bigger the cup, the better it is. The reason is that nothing bothers them if they could enjoy the drinks and view for a long-lasting period. Hence, the containers shall be better as it keeps the taste hot and cold based on the quality. They can carry it anywhere. They can set it up again after they clean the coffee containers.

Coffee cups are essential to travelers since most of them want to keep beautiful memories in photographs. So they may capture a story or post of a coffee cup and the view. Coffee containers or coffee cups for travelers may be the art showing the case of their adventurous journey. They could buy coffee merchandise from the coffee shops like Starbucks containers in different designs. On behalf of this, they could find them from the stationary stores or accessories stores that sell artistic coffee cups that they love.

Coffee Cups for Travelers(2)

The Art of Coffee Cups

The Art of Coffee Cups(1)

What can you say about the message or the arts on the coffee cups you buy from the coffee shops? The baristas ask for your name when you purchase the drinks from them. Then, you see your name on the coffee cups you drink. How do you feel? It seems like the cup belongs to you. You feel special because you are the customer of the coffee shop you went to, aren't you? It makes you happy when you read the words on the coffee cups like what it said in the picture. Coffee makes you happy. The quote inspires your day. It shows that you receive care and love from someone. Sometimes you see the cartoon design on the coffee cups, and it reminds you of the view or the place where you sit and smell the taste of the coffee while you were drinking coffee.

The Art of Coffee Cups(2)

The arts create more arts because you share them through social media. Maybe you are sending the picture of a coffee cup in the morning to your loved one. Arts attract us in romantic and inspiring ways. The art on the coffee cup exposes its recognition and expands the brand awareness of the coffee shop directly and indirectly. You can spend the 30s thinking about the Starbucks coffee cup. I am sure the image is on your face in a few seconds because of the green logo of the brand on the coffee cups. Your name is on your coffee cup. The baristas call out your name to pick up the drink and compliment you in good ways. Arts on the coffee cup create more memories for the coffee drinkers.

The Art of Coffee Cups(3)

Coffee Cups Demand leads to High Price

Coffee Cups Demand leads to High Price(1)

Thousands of coffee shops in each country open to meet the demand of coffee lovers. The industries produce more coffee materials to supply to the owners. However, the price of the coffee cups fluctuates due to the high demand from the coffee shop owners and customers. Therefore, you could see the coffee cups are in different sizes, shapes, features, and materials. As the demand keeps increasing, the suppliers produce more coffee cups based on to meet the demand. Some suppliers will ensure the quality while some forget to be careful about it.

A little to perfection to know is the competitive designs on the coffee cups in order to get the attention from the customers. Yet, thanks to all the feedback and suggestions that make us see the creativity and arts on the coffee cups at the coffee shops. It encourages us to explore more coffee shops to experience and taste the iconic coffee cups.

Coffee Cups Demand leads to High Price(2)

Get inspired every day with a coffee cup that perfectly fits you. Choosing the right one along your adventure although you buy it from a local store or coffee shop you usually go to. Do not forget to read the text on the coffee cup and take a picture of it into your image folders for the memories. Enjoying the coffee with aromas and incredible by holding the coffee cup that makes you feel happy. Coffee cups are different if we order the drinks. A barista knows how to make the drinks as the drinks have their ways of doing it with the measurements. 


95% of the great big oceans are unexplored, and 96% of the vast outer space is untouched. Approximately 65% of our Earth besides dry land still hasn’t been delved into. So, of course, coffee is one of the most famous drinks around the world. With billions of cups consumed annually shouldn’t be one of these unexplored mysteries. If you don’t know where to start. Here’s a list of underrated coffees that are cooler than your crush, hotter than your ex, and definitely better than your next for you to try out in this new year. 

Most coffee drinkers out there probably order the same coffee drink anytime and anywhere they can get their hands on a cup of coffee. They do this because they obviously like the drink. It could be either because they’re scared of trying something new. Or would rather not regret wasting their money on a cup of something they might not enjoy.

Believe it or not, These Coffee Are Cooler Than Your Crush, Hotter Than Your Ex, And Better Than Your Next INtro

This article is here to tell you that a couple of bucks spent on something new might be some of the best bucks you’ll ever spend. Especially money spent on trying new, different, and wild coffee drinks is never wasted because drinking coffee isn’t just the act of consuming a beverage. But drinking coffee can be made into an experience.

The coffee recipes secret is how the coffee beans that used, the way or method of brewing the beans. The way it’s served, and even the location you’re enjoying that cup of coffee are all part of the coffee drinking experience that the average coffee drinkers usually don’t pay attention to. 

And yes, the classic everyday coffee drinks like a latte or an espresso. The tastes are rarely less than perfect are undeniably daily orders of some for all the right reasons. However, once in a while, we all need something a little bit different to spice up our daily routines. That’s why mixing up our daily cup of joy and appreciating a whole new experience. It will going to be one of the best things you’ll ever do.

Now let's get to know the new drinks that are cooler than your crush and definitely better than your next.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Did you know that Vietnam supplies 18% of the world’s coffee exports? Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee beans, with 95% of the harvest exported annually. Vietnam mainly grows the Robusta coffee beans who are well known for their higher caffeine content than the Arabica coffee beans, 25% to be exact.

The Robusta beans produce a stronger and more bitter taste than Arabica and are also more used in making espresso blends because it creates a nicer crema on top. The crema on top of an espresso can tell a lot about the quality of the coffee and even the barista’s skills too.  

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

What’s so special about Vietnamese coffee mainly lies in the way it’s brewed. An authentic cup of Vietnamese coffee is brewed in a “phin”, a Vietnamese version of a coffee press. It’s a small metal cup that sits on top of another cup and directly brews the coffee into the cup.

Brewing the coffee in a phin is a slow process that produces a small robust coffee similar to an espresso except that’s thicker and has a higher caffeine content. After brewing, it is mixed with sweetened condensed milk and can be served hot or poured over ice to get the classic Vietnamese iced coffee. 

Kopi Gu Yu

The name “Kopi Gu Yu” simply means coffee with sweetened condensed milk and a knob of butter on top in the Hokkien dialect. Kopi Gu Yu is the Asian version, specifically Singaporean version, of the Bulletproof coffee, the trademarked coffee recipe by Dave Asprey.

However, as the Bulletproof coffee is made fancy with its coffee mixed with medium-chain triglyceride(MCT) oil and grass-fed butter, Kopi Gu Yu is a simple cup of coffee that brings back memories for many adults.

In the past, people added butter in the hot coffee to smooth the bitterness of Robusta coffee beans and create a creamier drink. These days, people besides Kopi Gu Yu drinkers rarely stir in butter with their freshly brewed coffee. Made from Robusta beans or any other blend because the beans were already roasted in butter or sugar already. 

Kopi Gu Yu

You can experience an authentic cup of Kopi Gu Yu and travel back to the 1930s from the comforts of your own home. Simply, brew some strong Robusta beans or a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans. In a cup, you add some sweetened condensed milk in the bottom. Then pour the freshly brewed coffee in and add a slab of your favorite butter on top. AND WAIT! Don’t stir it yet. Let the butter fully melt on top of the coffee. After that, you are ready to enjoy the beauty of a cup of Kopi Gu Yu, stir until it’s fully melted.

Coffee Tonic

Often when you think of coffee, the words bitter, sweet, and heavy might come to mind. Coffee drinks are usually either bitter or sweet depending on the drinker’s preference. However, there are also coffee drinks that are light and refreshing if you know where to look.

As the year is moving along into the spring and summer months, fizzy carbonated drinks are what most people gravitate to. If you still want to enjoy a cup of joe and a soda, a coffee tonic is what you need right now in your life. 

Coffee Tonic

Coffee tonic is literally coffee mixed into some tonic water and added ice. It’s just as simple as that. The coffee used for this drink is traditionally a shot of espresso, but cold brew is also widely used now. The difference between using espresso or cold brew is ultimately up to your preference, with espresso creating a layer of crema on top of the tonic but cold brew doesn’t.

Next, the tonic water you choose plays an important part in the taste of the coffee. It is recommended to choose a tonic water that is a bit more sparkly and has more of an acidic taste to it. Mix and match the coffees and different types of tonic water to get a drink that is unique just for you. Enjoy the summer with a cup of sparkly coffee in hand. 

Egg Coffee

Hmm, eggs and coffee in the morning is one of the best breakfast combos to ever be created. When most people think of eggs and coffee, it is always some scrambled or fried eggs and a cup of coffee. Not real eggs inside the coffee. Yes, everybody, there are coffee made with eggs mixed into the actual coffee.

There are two well-known coffee recipes of egg coffees around the world, the Vietnamese egg coffee and the Scandinavian egg coffee. Both of these coffee drinks use eggs but in very different ways and in different steps of the coffee making process 

Egg Coffee

The coffee recipes for the Vietnamese egg coffee is a more heavy coffee drink that only uses the yolk part of the egg. The egg yolk is beaten with sugar or sweetened condensed milk until it becomes similar to that of a meringue. Or until it becomes frothy and fluffy looking. In a cup, pour in some brewed coffee preferably Robusta coffee beans, scoop the egg cream on top and you’re done. 

While the Scandinavian egg coffee is a lighter and smoother cup of coffee compared to the Vietnamese egg coffee. The Scandinavian egg coffee uses the whole egg including the shell. Before brewing, a raw egg is added to the coffee grounds with a little bit of water.

The egg helps to remove the bitter and acidic taste from the coffee resulting in a clearer cup of coffee with a milder taste than normal brewed coffee. The raw egg coffee grounds are added to a pot of boiling water and simmered on a low heat until the coffee grounds clump together and float to the top. When this happens, remove the pot from the heat and add in cold water till the coffee clump falls back to the bottom.

Lastly, pour the mixture through a sieve and enjoy your freshly made Scandinavian egg coffee. 

Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tam Slam

For this coffee experience, it’s mainly in how the coffee is drank. A Tim Tam Slam is just one of those treats you eat when you’re bored or need a little pick-up-me. It’s sweet, creamy, and delicious loved by both adults and children. 

To experience the Tim Tam Slam, all you have to do is prepare your favorite cup of hot coffee and get a box of Tim Tam biscuits. There is a huge variety of Tim Tam biscuit flavors to choose from. So get the one that appeals to you most.

Now that you’ve gathered the necessary ingredients, sit down and open the pack of biscuits. Take out one Tim Tam and bite off both ends of the biscuit. Then proceed to use the bitten biscuit as a straw to drink your coffee.

As you drink your coffee, it will melt the inside of the biscuit and after a few slurps. You can eat the Tim Tam and enjoy the melty goodness of a biscuit.  

Exploring Coffee in Quarantine

We shouldn’t let the pandemic and quarantining get the best of us. You can still explore and try so many new things from inside your home. Make use of everything you have and give yourself the chance to travel the world, one cup of coffee at a time.  

Cranberry Coffee Crush || Cold Coffee || Coffee Crush || Summer Special Drink By Kolkata Cuisine


Individuals love going to coffee shops, and not only for the coffee. coffee shops are viewed as a "third space," which is a space that isn't the home and isn't the work environment, or a space that is not the residence or the study hall. This is the reason coffee shops are so famous, they give a spot to individuals to unwind, spend time with companions or family, work on schoolwork or inventive ventures, and appreciate a decent mug of coffee. You can't live in a bistro shockingly, however, you can bring everything you love about your number one café into your home. Suppose you have an extra room that could utilize a makeover. Why not make it your own coffee shop?

Around 66% of Americans drink at any rate one mug of coffee daily, with 2.7 cups being the normal every day consumption, as indicated by Gallup. Furthermore, coffee shops are the quickest developing section of the café business. Unmistakably, there is something in particular about the café climate that advances to a large number of us. However, on the off chance that you'd prefer to get that bistro feel without leaving the solace of home, here are 10 different ways to liven up your stylistic layout.

Why Do You Need to Decorate Your Home Like a coffee shop?

coffee shops are social focuses that give a temperament, a climate, an inclination as well as giving you your number 1 coffee or tea refreshment and heated great. The inquiry is: the reason not to feel comfortable? As opposed to bouncing in the vehicle and burning through cash on fuel, at that point addressing significant expenses for some coffee, you can adorn your home with a café topic to bring that experience home.

Not exclusively does a coffee shop stylistic theme make your home welcoming and save you café costs, it transforms your room into a social spot that is welcoming for companions, family or associates. Contingent upon your taste and financial plan, you can make your own coffee shop at home and never need to manage a group.

Cafés come in numerous styles and flavors, contingent upon their area or specific zone of specialization. At the point when you embellish your home like a bistro, the particular style is up to you. There are numerous ways you can approach this. Pick a time-frame or specific style like mid-century Americana, a Victorian-time lunch nook or a stylish, exquisite current café. As opposed to going for a specific time, you can pick a nation of starting points to help control your style heading, giving it an Asian, Middle-Eastern or Latin American subject.


While occupying your room with various tables and seats most likely isn't possible, you will need comfortable seats and sofas, a foot stool, and at any rate one table ideal for plunking down and chipping away at your PC. We suggest setting up two seats on one side of a foot stool and an adoration seat on the opposite side. This way you can channel your internal Friends and have organization over around a foot stool with great coffee.

Having a table to deal with is ideal too, regardless of whether you're not an understudy. Perhaps you've for a long while been itching to compose a book. Scholars love coffee shops, so setting up a bistro vibe in your own home can get the inventive energies pumping. You can have a tall island or bar with bar stools, or perhaps you could settle on a slick work area close to the window.

The Coffee Stand and Cabinet

One of the significant pieces of a bistro - likely the most significant - is behind the counter where the coffee is made. Having a full kitchen isn't required, however. Assuming you just like coffee one way, you presumably just need the machine for that coffee. You should simply make your own café, coffee niche, coffee stand, anything you desire to call it, gracious and you need a tall table with a box, possibly snares to hang your cups on, an adorable sign, whatever you are feeling.

On the off chance that you have the space, or in case you're arranging a redesign, you should consider adding an uncommon bureau to house your coffee producer, coffee machine, cups and other stuff. This is an approach to bring the bistro home without it being open 24 hours. Simply close the cupboards and nobody will be the more shrewd to your caffeine fixation.

Indeed, even a little bureau can get the job done. This one has all an coffee consumer requires and that's it. A slide-out cabinet gives simple admittance to the coffee creator, while a pot filler allows you to add water without going to the kitchen sink.

Your Favorite Coffee

Obviously, the main piece of a bistro is the coffee. In the event that a coffee shop has adorable stylistic layout, great music, a pleasant area - yet awful coffee? - it won't be your top pick. So you'll need to ensure your coffee is incredible. J.L. Hufford has a monstrous choice of various coffee to browse, regardless of whether you need an exemplary dim dish or an unconventional flavor.

Each day you can sit in your smaller than usual bistro and appreciate a pleasant mug of coffee to kick you off for the afternoon. In the early evening you can find a spot at your table by the window and work on your novel while tasting on your number one drink. Toward the end of the week, your companions can come over and test various coffees, up and gaining experiences. You can't do these things without the correct coffee, however.

A newly prepared pot of coffee has a consoling smell that can run generally, from sweet, caramel fragrances to natural, botanical or hot notes. That is on the grounds that simmered coffee beans contain in excess of 1,000 substance intensifies that are separated during the blending interaction. When you make your pot and drink it, in any case, the fragrance doesn't stay long. In case you're longing for that coffee smell, attempt a diffuser oil like Fresh Brewed Coffee by Demeter Fragrance Library. Its unobtrusive, marginally sweet aroma softly scents a room without overwhelming.

Chalkboard Walls

Go on, get crazy, be pretty much as strict as you need in the plan. There's no confusing the motivation with this smorgasbord and racking break made by Beasley and Henley Interior Design. A writing slate divider gives a lot of freedom to any coffee adoring mortgage holder who's anxious to share the birthplace of their beans or dish of the day. Drifting racks are an incredible method to show your bistro accessories.

Consider Your Coffee Cup

The vessel you use for your coffee doesn't actually affect the kind of your beverage—regardless of whether it's a to-go cup or your most loved "Feline Mom" cup — yet the temperature of the vessel will, says Reese. In the event that you empty hot coffee into a virus cup, the change can stun the coffee and cause severe hints. At Lionheart, baristas preheat clients' very own cups with boiling water; you can do likewise at home by emptying high temp water into your cup and allowing it to sit for 30-45 seconds. At the point when you're prepared for coffee, spill out the heated water and supplant it with your new brew.

Themed Artwork

On the off chance that the sticker price for custom cabinetry gives you a bad case of nerves, there are alternate approaches to get the coffee shop vibe. Simply add a bar tallness table and seats, ideally near a power source so you can connect your PC. At that point set the mind-set with a piece of café propelled fine art. This one catches the quintessence of European bistro culture with a French hello in little lettering: "Salut, ça va?" or "Hey, how are you?". Fuse craftsmanship that identifies with your qualities, mission, and brand.

Pick neighborhood craftsmen to show that you are essential for the nearby local area or in the event that you underline reasonable exchange. In the event that a reason is of high repute to you, like social liberties, incorporate work of art that communicates it, like photography of the social liberties development or craftsmanship that portrays inclusivity.


To certain individuals, the focal allure of a café relates less to coffee utilization than to the comfortable climate ideal for plunking down with a decent book. In case you're in the savant camp, the most ideal approach to catch the bistro feeling comfortable might be to add book or magazine stockpiling. It's not pricey, and it's startling enough to add a degree of appeal not frequently found in home kitchens.

Set out books that identify with your image and mission. In the event that you support neighborhood ranches, remember books for feasible cultivating. On the off chance that you were propelled by experiencing childhood in the Midwest, incorporate books about your old neighborhood. You can even incorporate a mixed blend of books to fulfill a scope of client interests.

Breakfast Counter

Do you wish to transform your kitchen into a spot to mingle and hang out during nibble times? On the off chance that space grants, add a raised ledge or an island and line up certain stools along it. As well as giving additional seating space, breakfast bars are incredible at mixing an easygoing bistro feel to any space.

Here, an independent high table adds the style of an advanced coffee shop toward the edge of this feasting space. These sort of seats likewise function admirably in kitchens and open pass on zones. I love the delightful way the smooth metal legs, the yellow divider and the animation painting add a feeling of delicacy to the territory.

Try the Formula: Coffee = Brown

Most bistros love the shading earthy colors. I love it for the feeling of warmth and comfort it moves. You can incorporate rich earthy colored shades through furnishings, upholstery, carpets, floor, tapestries and other wooden complement pieces. Follow the plentiful utilization of white that gives an unobtrusive base to the various browns in this eating space.

Scatter patterns and motifs

A few bistros go for a rich-kitsch style of stylistic layout with startling shades, intense examples, bright themes and that's just the beginning. To reproduce such a climate, you, as well, can utilize Indian carvings, mathematical examples, graphical or botanical prints, and some other piece of craftsmanship or artworks that give a bistro appeal to the space. You can likewise pick neighborhood handloom texture for the upholstery or nearby canvases for a more individualistic methodology.

Consider The Shapes In The Room

The seat and backdrop at PK Coffee in Stowe, Vermont both have a magnificently adjusted feel to them, giving them an extremely durable feel. This thought makes an interpretation of home stylistic layout too. On the off chance that you have an advanced room with precise lines, you might need to adhere to that topic all through as opposed to including a round footstool or a paisley mat.

It merits visiting the Speckled Ax in Portland, Maine only for the roof. The tiles look like painted tin, and the light installations are made with bulbs of various shapes and sizes. We should all focus on the roofs in our own homes, also... you could get a comparative look by adding a roof emblem to your light installations, and supplanting customary bulbs with edison bulbs.

Be Wise With Your Lighting

Whenever the situation allows, utilize characteristic lighting to exploit natural light and ration energy. During the day, cool lights are an additional incredible alternative, as they enlighten territories with comparable tones to sunshine. To make a soothing air in the evening, warm and delicate tones are ideal since they make a more delicate differentiation from the obscurity. In any case, contingent upon your coffee shop's image, you may decide to consistently use either cool or warm tones

Make It Instagrammable And Interactive

Studies show that the eatery business keeps on blasting in light of the fact that individuals appreciate submerging themselves in encounters, like going out to eat. Moreover, with the development of web-based media, more individuals anticipate offering their encounters to others through pictures on stages like Instagram.

Furnishing your coffee shop inside with eye-getting, alluring components adds to making an undeniable encounter for your visitors while additionally filling in as a free showcasing strategy.

Music Playlist

Music has the ability to draw out a particular vibe in your bistro. You can adjust your music playlist depending on your image or the hour of day. On the off chance that you work at a provincial bistro, have a go at playing grassroots music. In the event that your spot is present day, you may pick more energetic, famous melodies.

You may likewise decide to change your music depending on your client base; if your bistro is loaded with visitors chipping away at their PCs, pick non-diverting music, similar to jazz or melodies without verses.

Add Oxygen 

Plant bistros were an immense pattern pre-COVID; you'd see coffee shops springing up wherever that carried out twofold responsibility as a plant-supply shop. They appeared well and good: Studies show that working in a climate loaded up with plants can diminish pressure and increment your efficiency.

On the off chance that your nearby nursery is sold out for the season, have a go at requesting a couple of pruned plants on the web, for example, this sparkly leaved Pilea Peperomioides plant, to pepper all through your work space.

Top 5 Coffee Mugs and Glasses to Make Your Home Design Look More coffee shop-Like

5. Large Coffee Mugs, Double Wall Glass Set of 2  (16 oz)

5. Large Coffee Mugs, Double Wall Glass Set of 2 (16 oz)

  • Double walled, hand blown glass insulation keeps your coffee hot & your hand cool
  • Comfortable, wide opening and thick stem is perfect for sleepy or shaky hands
  • Works great for your favorite icy cold drink
  • Microwave safe
  • Large 16 oz size is perfect for your favorite tea, coffee
  Buy on Amazon Buy on Sears Buy on Lazada

Huge 16 oz size is ideal for your number one tea, coffee, chocolate or other hot drink. Try not to get up for a top off! Additionally turns out extraordinary for your number one frosty virus drink. Tempt the faculties every morning with these exquisite cups. Make your beverage resemble it's skimming in midair - a charming optical fantasy. Kindly don't attempt to remain inside your glass! Since a major mug needs a major handle. Agreeable, wide opening and thick stem is ideal for languid or temperamental hands. As a developing family ourselves, we see exactly how significant great client support is. You will not discover it elsewhere - don't make due with less.

4. JoyJolt Declan Coffee Mug. Glass Coffee Mugs Set of 6

4. JoyJolt Declan Coffee Mug. Glass Coffee Mugs Set of 6

  • Comfy handle, satisfying rim, and shatter-proof, lead-free glass
  • Can withstand a temperature of up to 295 Fahrenheit
  • Recommend the perfect temperatures to make your hot beverages, 195 to 205 Fahrenheit
  • Not heavy to hold, and obviously not flimsy.
  • Dishwasher safe
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As you taste your morning mix, or evening cuppa it's simply regular to feel a little moment delight as your warm beverage passes your lips. Yet, the Declan Glass Cup with its comfortable handle, fulfilling edge, and break confirmation, without lead glass implies the more you taste, the more you sink into unadulterated satisfaction.

On the off chance that you like to fold 2-3 fingers over your coffee mug handle rather than scarcely even one, the Declan 6 Piece Coffee Mug Set with its 2 x 1 inch hole was made for you. At JoyJolt we care for our client's wellbeing, which is the reason we prescribe the ideal temperatures to make your hot refreshments, 195 to 205 Fahrenheit are the suggested temperatures for our item however we have exceeded any and all expectations, our Coffee can withstand a temperature of up to 295 Fahrenheit, it significant you need to stand by at any rate 3 Mins to change from hot temperature to cold temperature. 

These hot coffee cups are dishwasher safe. In any case, on the off chance that you need to handwash, the top is 3.9" wide so you can accommodate your hand in. The whole glass is 4.85" tall with a 3" level base that will not shake or tip. Furthermore, the moved edge is 1/8 inch thick. Strong, and staggeringly fulfilling to drink from. Unfilled, every coffee and tea cup gauges a minuscule 0.1oz. Not weighty to hold, and clearly not wobbly. This 6 Piece Coffee Cup Set (16oz) comes securely stuffed in a polyfoam internal and durable box.

Furthermore, they make decent Christmas Gifts, Birthday, Mothers or Fathers Day, and Housewarming Gifts. Or on the other hand, only for any individual who loves hot beverages and pleasant cups. What's more, as you'll see on the whole JoyJolt surveys, you additionally get our uncommon client care, and Lifetime Guarantee.

3. Silver Buffalo Friends Central Perk Oversized Ceramic Coffee Mug

3. Silver Buffalo Friends Central Perk Oversized Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • Extra-large coffee mug holds 24 ounces
  • Handle has a wide mouth opening and can also be used as a large soup mug
  • perfect for hot or cold beverages, is BPA-free
  • Microwave safe and top-shelf dishwasher safe
  • Makes a great gift for all the Friends in your life
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Our extra-huge coffee cup holds 24 ounces of your #1 latte, cappuccino or dribble coffee when you need that additional lift in the first part of the day. It's larger than average artistic coffee cup with handle has a wide mouth opening and can likewise be utilized as an enormous soup cup, bowl cup, frozen yogurt bowl, or bowl for grain.

Our ceramic larger than usual coffee cup is ideal for hot or cold drinks, is without bpa, microwave protected and top-rack dishwasher safe. Have certainty realizing you are buying a formally authorized Warner Bros. Companions Central Perk item from Silver Buffalo. Makes an extraordinary present for every one of the Friends fans in your day to day existence, presently they can feel like they are having coffee at Central Perk with Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler and Ross.

2. JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Insulated Glasses coffee Mugs

2. JoyJolt Savor Double Wall Insulated Glasses coffee Mugs

  • Double-wall thermo mugs, each mug boasting a unique curvature
  • Designed to suspends drinks within an inner wall for an engaging optical effect
  • Made of heat and condensation-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Ships in an elegant colored printed box that is perfect for gift giving
  • Safe for dishwasher and microwave use
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Set of 2 handcrafted, twofold divider thermo mugs, each mug flaunting a remarkable ebb and flow that holds 5.4 ounces. JoyJolt's extraordinary twofold walled glasses are intended to suspend drinks inside an internal divider for a drawing in optical impact. Made of warmth and buildup safe borosilicate glass, which is more grounded and more tough than regular glass that gives a smooth completion and a perfectly clear look.

Keeps your fluid hot while keeping your hands cool. Boats in an exquisite hued printed box that is ideal for blessing giving. Give that somebody unique in your life something that they will do. Excellent expansion to any bistro, eatery, bar and certainly to your own home. 

1. JURO Tumbler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

1. JURO Tumbler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

  • Hot drinks can stay hot for up to 6 hours & Cold drinks, up to 24 hours
  • The high-quality stainless steel and the double-walled insulation design
  • Features two unique lids to choose
  • A new Slider Lid is fast and simple to use
  • A Steel Straw is provided to sip on your beverages casually
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Hold the temperature of your picked refreshment for a delayed time frame when you pick Juro. Any beverage that is hot, similar to coffee, can remain hot for as long as 6 hours. Cooler beverages, (for example lemonade), can remain cold for as long as 24 hours. The great treated steel and the twofold walled protection configuration guarantees drinks can remain either hot or cold over the long haul. Highlights two extraordinary covers to browse while making the most of your drink. Another Slider Lid is quick and easy to utilize. It was roused in huge numbers of coffee consumers that appreciate tasting on their beverages rapidly. Likewise is the Flip Lid, which permits you to make the most of your beverage securely. A Steel Straw is given to taste on your refreshments nonchalantly and a Straw Cleaner will keep your straw new and unblemished. 

Delicately finds a way into your hand with an Anti-Sweat plan. The 20 oz. lightweight and reduced feel make it simple to find a way into most vehicle cup holders. Heft around your refreshments whether out at the shopping center, soccer match, or park. Stay revived and hydrated regardless of what experience life takes you on. Quit squandering and dirtying with locally acquired plastic containers and cups. Help save the biological system by utilizing less plastic and conveying less waste across the globe by utilizing a launderable and reusable option in contrast to your day by day drink admission. Ensure yourself and the existences of plants and creatures around you by picking Juro. When washing, our tumbler is BPA Free so you are protected from poisons.


Coffee shops will in general be all-around planned... they are attempting to attract you to sit and drink their item, all things considered. So today we will discuss approaches to make an interpretation of those thoughts into style for your own home. Here are photographs of ten coffee houses I've visited matched with true approaches to accomplish a comparable impact in your own home. From the visitor chipping away at a PC or perusing a novel to the gathering of companions making up for a lost time, cafés are the go-to spot for a wide scope of clients. Your bistro inside can draw in your visitors, increment solace, and urge them to become steadfast supporters.


Thanks to the ‘Staying Home’ life, these days, we are in need of caffeine every moment. We cannot survive without it even a single day. Coffee always accompanies us, making our stressful life energetic. So many of you might drink more than two cups of coffee per day. And you may have a few experiences of spilling coffee on your clothes and leaving them stained. If it is white color clothes, then it will make your feelings so bad and you would be anxious about how to remove the stain out of your pretty outfits. It is recommend to remove the stain immediately.

Best Ways To Remove Coffee Stains From Clothes, Carpets And Almost Everything Intro

Coffee is a transfusion for every office worker, student, and other people as well.

Otherwise, you have to spend much time and effort to make it original. Not only for clothes, but you can also split it on your pretty home carpet or fabric sofa, or your bed sheet as well. Surely, the stains will make your stuff look ugly and also make your mood bad at the same time. Thus, today, we are going to introduce you to the best ways to remove coffee stains from clothes, carpets, and so on. You can use those methods to remove coffee stains for almost everything. 

How To Remove Coffee Stains Out From Your Fabric

How To Remove Coffee Stains Out From Your Fabric

Use (Liquid) Laundry Detergent 

Of course, the best simple way to remove the stains would be using detergent. It is very convenient and easy. And most importantly, the effect is very clear and you will get clean laundry back if you are using the right detergent. If you take the clothes or carpets to the laundry, it might be costly. But if you have a good detergent, then you can clean them by yourself easily at home. Additionally, it would be better for you to use neutral detergent if you want to remove the stains conveniently. 

Use Dishwashing Detergent And Vinegar 

Sometimes, coffee stains are not easily washed with water. In this case, you can use dishwashing soap or detergent and vinegar to erase them. Firstly, mix the detergent and vinegar with the ratio of 1: 1, and soak the laundry into it. After it, wash and rinse the laundry cleanly with water and then let it dry. In the end, you will see that the coffee stains are completely removed from your fabric. It is a simple but easy way to erase the stains. 

Use A Piece of Tissue And Soda

The first way that we are going to share with you is a very simple and easy one. All you need is just a piece of tissue and a small cup of soda. If the stain has been on the fabric for quite a long time, then you should soak the tissue wet and press gently on the area. And then, leave it for a while and let it absorb the water. Here, what you have to remember is that cold water is not easy to remove, so it is adjustable to use hot or warm water. 

If you still cannot erase them completely even after you follow this way, then now you can use soda to make it clean. You can wipe the area with soda, the stains will be removed easily. However, the coffee type that you split on your clothes is not Americano but the one has lots of sugar, then you can try another way with glycerin. First of all, you can mix glycerin with water and soak the clothes for around 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can rinse it and you will see the stains are removed. 

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is very well used in a variety of ways in our daily life. With it, you can even clean the coffee stains out of your fabric. Sprinkle the baking soda on the water and put it on the coffee stains and leave it for a while. After a while, you can rub it several times, and clean it with water. The coffee stains will be removed nicely and you would not even notice where you split it before. Additionally, the ratio of baking soda and water is 1: 1. The effects or outcome would be great. 

Use Salt

When you try this way, you need a soft tool like a sponge with salt. That’s all you need to prepare to remove the coffee stains with this process. Put lots of salt and scrub it hard. It is said that the salt particles are effective for removing coffee stains. However, if your fabric is too soft, then rub it gently so that your laundry would not be damaged. 

How to Remove Coffee Stains Out From Your Cups And Mugs

Of course, cups and mugs are some of the top products that easily get stained. Especially, if you are a coffee lover, you surely have your own coffee cup and you might use it several times per day. After a few weeks or months, you will find out that the cups have coffee stains inside for some reason. Thus, you have to find a solution to clean it as a new cup and give you a fresh feeling whenever you use that mug to drink coffee. Therefore, below is a quick way to help you solve this problem or issue.

How to Remove Coffee Stains Out From Your Cups And Mugs

Sadly, if you use only dishwashing detergent, the stained cups are not easily cleaned. The best way to remove the stains from your mugs would be using baking soda. And the process is also very simple and easy to follow as well.  First of all, sprinkle a little baking soda into the cup and start scrubbing it with a towel. Do it for several minutes, and you can wash the cup with water. Then, you will see a cleaned coffee cup like a new one that you just buy from the store. 

Moreover, there is another way to erase the stains. That is using the detergent or coffee stain cleaner that you can get in the market. Perhaps, they can be more easily without efforts to wash your mugs clean. Whatever way you choose, now it is your choice to decide. 

How to Remove Coffee Stains Out From The Leather Or Wool Products

If you split the coffee on the leather products such as leather jackets or sofa, as the first step, you have to make sure that the stains would not seep into the leather anymore. To do so, soak it with a dry or kitchen towel quickly.  And then, try using makeup remover, alcohol, or vinegar to erase the stains. 

How to Remove Coffee Stains Out From The Leather Or Wool Products

Besides, when the coffee is spilled on the wool products, you can use glycerin or ammonia as a removing solution. Mix these two things with water and wash the stain with that diluted water. After that, rinse it cleanly to ensure that the coffee stains are removed nicely. 

Moreover, you can also try to use 90 % alcohol to erase the stains. 

How to Remove Coffee Stains Out When You Split The Coffee With Milk Or Cream

 How to Remove Coffee Stains Out When You Split The Coffee With Milk Or Cream

When the coffee that you split is not 100% coffee, meaning that it has milk or cream in it, then the removing solution is different as well. Because the coffee ingredients are not the same. Every problem must be solved in various ways. Thus, in this case, put the detergent into the warm water and mix. And then, apply it to the area that you have coffee stains.

The key point of this process is that you should apply that solution and clean it with a dry fabric until it is completely removed from the product. When the stains are erased, you can use cold water to rinse the laundry. As the last step, dry it with a clean towel and this is the end!

Removing Solution When The Stains Are Already Dried

Every stain must be cleaned very quickly, like some other things, time is a very important factor to remove them. But, if it has already been a few minutes or hours after you spill the coffee, you must be very worried about whether you cannot erase them or how to remove them cleanly. Here we bring a great solution to let you fly away from that concern. 

In this case, you can apply the laundry detergent (liquid) and gently rub it with your hands. You can soak that stained clothes for about 30 minutes, and every 5 minutes, use your hands to scrub the area. If you continuously rub the stained area with your hands and fingers for a while, then the stains will be washed very cleanly right away. 

Final Thoughts

So to conclude this article, there are so many various ways to remove coffee stains from your clothes, carpets, and any other products. Of course, you have to use the appropriate way to erase the stains out from your fabric or others. The above ways that we introduced to you are very easy to follow at home or offices, and the outcome or effects are also very nice.

The stains will remove completely so that you would not find the area that splititted your coffee on it. Last but not least, please do remember that you have to clean coffee stains right away after you split, otherwise, it would take much of your time and efforts to make it like the original. 


We all know by now that coffee is considerably the world’s most popular drink. This rich liquid seems to be everywhere you go. But little do we know, coffee impacts the world. This cup of coffee that you are holding in your hand and ordering every day has a great impact on the world? Yes, it is funny to say that these small particles have a gigantic influence. So how could this regular coffee bean turn into something so impactful for the world? Let's find out why in this article.

9 Powerful Ways That Coffee Impacts The World intro

Today, more than 2 billion cups of coffee are drunk every day. On top of its energetic supplements, needless for me to say how beautifully tasty it is. I believe it is known through the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The smell that gives you a sense of refreshment, excitement, and happiness. Anyway, coffee changes the world the world ever since it left its origin in the land of Ethiopia and traveled across the Middle East and Ottoman Empire.

In ancient times, coffee beans were considered ritual and never once left out of any religious performance. Although tea was traditionally the most preferred drink before the existence of coffee. However, as soon as coffee was introduced, people seemed to like it better. And from there onwards coffee has become the ideal global drink. 

In this particular article, we are going to walk you through a tunnel of time-traveling. We are going for a ride to see how historically and presently coffee is influencing the world in 9 ways. Let’s go! 

Economic Influence

Coffee affects the economy impressively. It generates trades, commerce, and employment for the world. Let’s just pick the largest coffee consumer in the world as our prime example. In the United States, coffee alone contributed to 1.6% of the GDP. In 2014, a groundbreaking report from the “Specialty Coffee Association of America” was released about coffee’s performance in the US.

The coffee industry fueled this gigantic economy totally at $225.2 billion in the very same year that report was released. We can see that coffee is hugely popular in the US. There are long-lasting brands such as Starbuck, Dunkin’ Donuts, Folgers, or McDonald’s. The logic behind coffee’s contribution to the economy is simple. The more people spend on consuming their favorite coffee drink, the richer economy is going to be. As a matter of fact, US citizens alone spent 26.7 million 60-kilogram bags in the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Therefore, their economy is going to expand. 

Economic Influence

Moreover, the coffee industry also fuels the economy by creating jobs and coffee farms worldwide. As coffee changes the world by began climbing the ladder to one of the biggest industries in the world. At the same time it is expanding its investment. We can see there are increasing coffee shops globally and nationally as well. People just seem to like it. Because having a cup of their favorite drink in hand and sitting in an aesthetic place with friends is always a good idea.

At the same time, employment would start to increase in order to serve customers and deliver the service. Most importantly, in order to supply coffee demands, investors now started to grow coffee farms and trading them altogether. At the end of the day, the expenses and income is going to expand and contribute to the well-being of economic performance.

Creation of Coffee Trade

“Coffee is not just a drink, it is a commodity”. It is one of the most valuable traded commodities ever since the 1800s. Coffee had been rocketing its popularity hence the establishment of many existing coffee trades and treaties. This industry involves many steps of trading. It involves traders, middle men, importers, exporters, retailers, etc… Coffee got so famous to the point where there is a place for large producers to sell at a fixed price. And that is called the New York Coffee Exchange. Crazy right? There is more. 

Creation of Coffee Trade

We can see coffee is valued globally. Countries around the world notice its significance and interestingly would like to invest. In order to prevent chaos and distress,  it led to the creation of the International Coffee Organization (ICO). This organization serves as a monitor to watch over coffee price and prevent it from extreme fluctuation.

Most importantly, it also protects stakeholders from disagreement and chaos. It also aims to mitigate communism or exploitation of any coffee producer. It made spaces for smaller countries to join and strengthen the economies of coffee-producing countries. Moreover, it also narrates a coffee agreement also known as the “International Coffee Agreement”. It allows 51 nation-states to join which cover 98% of coffee production and 67% of coffee consumption. This agreement is still present until today, after being renewed in 2011. It will remain for 10 years (possibly extend for another 8 years). 

The Coffee Crisis

Before the strong International Coffee Organization (ICO) we have today, a major coffee crisis happened. Plus, the ICO also failed once because it could not control the extreme coffee price change. It was a difficult time but they were able to redeem themselves and created a better alternative. By 2001, the coffee prices were falling to the lowest. Laying horrific impact on more than 25 million households in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

The reason for this plummet was the dismantlement of the ICO regulation, rapid supply and insufficient demand, and ill-regulation from IMF and WTO. The supply control and demand was uncontrollable. The supply chain was dramatically rising while there the demand side could not keep up. It created a fuss of economic and social downfall as well as exploitation in the industry.

The Coffee Crisis

However, the economists were able to keep it under control by regulating fair trade that would guarantee a fixed minimum price for the coffee. This eliminated the price fluctuation and cunning middle men. Then the price is set by New York Coffee Exchange as a standard. Today, the WTO and IMF together with ICO are keeping a close watch on the coffee regulation. This is how coffee changes the world so far. But there is more to know!

Global Drink 

Well, coffee is a pop star. Everywhere you go, you can always find yourself a coffee shop. It is everywhere! However, people have always seemed to underestimate the power of coffee because it usually appears in a hand-sized cup. Let me change your mind. 

Global Drink

Although coffee is small in size, it is regarded as a drink of the world. The reason why people keep falling for coffee is perhaps within the taste or the smell. But overall we can’t seem to pinpoint what is with coffee that is so addicting. One sip of coffee will fly you to the moon and pull you back with 100% of attentiveness. Even on a normal day, this drink will also give you the motivation to start your morning. I think this is why coffee is widely popular and this is why people like it so much. 

As coffee is a global drink, it is insanely produces so much in each year. And nearly everyone likes it and drinks it daily. If you don’t like coffee, maybe reading more of our article will change your mind. It is also widely consume all over the world. Statistically, the world itself consumed approximately 500 billion cups of coffee annually. Furthermore, we produced more than 149 million bags of coffee.

Just Brazil alone is capable of producing over 2. 72 billion kg. And the second-largest producer goes to Vietnam with 1.65 billion kg. Anyway, with all of these productions, it is clearly suggesting that coffee changes the world is powerful. Because everyone loved it so much that the production keeps on increasing. 

Influence of Coffee Shop

Well, how coffee changes the world, what is good about coffee shops? Do you know reasons why people would go to a coffee shop? You may ask. Beyond these regular chairs and tables, it is a place for gathering. This is essential for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that people have the opportunity to socialize. It could be difficult nowadays due to Covid-19. Nevertheless, cafes have served this purpose for centuries already. It is a place where people can come and meet one another.

Influence of Coffee Shop - 1

Imagine if cafes did not exist in the first place, finding a proper place to reunite with your friends would be difficult. Cafe is a place where joy, communication, and evolution happens. It brings people to sit, drink, and make conversation. And, it is amazing to have a cup of coffee one afternoon, sitting on a table, and surrounding with friends while the background music is humming continuously. Isn’t it comforting? 

Most importantly, cafes allow exchange of ideas. The place where ideas are interact. Cafe, instead of serving as a place for occasional gatherings, also provides a platform for people to come up with creative ideas. For example, Mark Pendergrast —author of Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World— tells us that the American and French Revolution actually was planned in the coffee house. Funny enough it happened. Other ideas such as architecture, business plan, entrepreneurship, and other beautiful creations happened countlessly in cafes. 

Influence of Coffee Shop  - 2

Now it is universal for people to work and meet at cafes. It is rather convenient and professional at the same time. Where can you find a place that is more beautiful, aesthetic, and work-friendly than a cafe? 

Coffee Fuels The Industrial Revolution

As we all already know, coffee is a stimulant for our brain. It provides energy and alertness by blocking the sleep-inducing molecules called Adenosine. During the period of the first industrial revolution 1.0, machines and assembly lines were introduced to the world. Even though the industrial revolution has eased the human workforce, people still continue to work.

Unfortunately, people would have to wake up and go about their routine. The painful side is that the vast majority of the people had to endure working below minimum wage. It was unfortunate to work effortlessly and receive so little to even afford a day off. 

Coffee Fuels The Industrial Revolution

Coffee was the help for the endless endurance. It served as a stimulant to keep the people awake on their feet and went about their days. No matter how tired or stressful in your day, a cup of coffee who managed to cheer them up. It help keep you from being tired and dozing off. Coffee allows the working class or any other classes to stay alert and focus throughout the day.

The industrial revolution was never yet an easy time. People were still struggling for their wellbeing. And coffee was present to make them more alert and energized through the hours. As if it was a fuel for the human engine. The rich, black, and aromatic liquid was to power the energy source in the human body allowing them to work. Every morning the fuel would go in and every sundown the people looked forward to that again in the upcoming sunrise. 

Coffee And Its Health Benefits 

I could go on forever about the benefits that coffee brings for human health. Before I further elaborate in this section, I want to make sure of something first. “Too much is never good”. I am suggesting that if you consume coffee in a moderate amount, you will feel that your body is energetic and just the perfect way you want it to be. Coffee can increase your energy level once it is absorbed into your bloodstream. Immediately, you will feel motivated and hyped to want to accomplish something. 

Coffee And Its Health Benefits - 1

Moreover, it combats fats. The one of the very few substances that are proven to burn fats. Several studies also show that it can burn up to 3-11% of fat. And more importantly, it can continue to burn more fat according to individuals. In addition, coffee also boosts workout and  physical performance as well. It increases epinephrine (adrenaline) and breaks down fatty acids to fuel your body. 

Finally, it lowers the risk factor that could be damaging for your health. For instance, coffee can lower the risk for type 2 diabetes. Which is one of the deadliest yet common diseases around the world. Coffee can mitigate the increasing surge of sugar and level it equally to insulin.

Coffee And Its Health Benefits - 2

Last of all, it can also prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. A disease that causes you to be forgetful when you get older. Scientists could not find the cause for it but somehow it is affecting high numbers of elders over the age of 60. Coffee actually decreases the risk of Alzheimer by a 65% chance as well. 

Coffee Drove Colonial Expansion

As the popularity of coffee grew more and more, it gave motivation to expand colonialism. Historically, coffee was found to be in Ethiopia. They looked more like cherries rather than coffee beans like we see nowadays. The seeds were still inside and have not been extracted.

Later, coffee was caught by the attention of the Westerners. Afterwards, coffee was spread to the Middle East and Ottomon Empire. Western traders took these magnificent seeds to their country in the 17th century and it became the new norm.

Next, they started to find ways to increase the production and establish plantations in many other parts of the world. After the colonizer sees the potential of the coffee industry, they demand to have coffee planted. Then, European companies began to import slaves to labor coffee plantation in Carribean, Asia, and America (aka Triangular Trade).

Coffee Drove Colonial Expansion

Similarly, Dutch did the same to their colonies in Java, Indonesia. Where slaves worked endlessly to grow coffee. It is uncommon to treat slaves with compassion and kindness in that period. It is told by Mark Pendergrast that slaves were disposable. They were left to die and replaced by new slaves was preferably easier than caretaking.

The same thing happened in Brazil, the largest coffee producer on earth. Indigenious and black slaves were forced to work heavily on the farm. They were routinely underfed, overwork, and desperate to live. 

Coffee Plantation Affects The Environment

One of the regretful things about coffee is affecting the environment. Do you know that coffee plantations can only grow in delicate tropical or subtropical places, also known as the “coffee belt”? In order to grow these coffee trees, people must deforest the area. Which resulted in losing countless shaded canopies that served as the habitable areas. 

Coffee Plantation Affects The Environment

It started in the 1970s where coffee demand peaked and people had to clear the land to grow coffee farms. The tropical area was a shelter for animals of all kinds. Moreover, the big and long-lasting trees were the best to prevent topsoil erosion as well. Besides involving deforestation, the farm incorporated chemical fertilizers which damage the ecosystem totally. The removal of trees and chemical substances led to degradation of soil quality and increasing level of erosion. Afterwards studies had shown that pollution rate was climbing significantly especially in countries where large coffee production took place. 

Currently, we are seeing how coffee changes the world. New coffee suppliers and retailers all around the world. But none would address the environmental impact that coffee is creating. It is needless to say about the waste disposal that coffee is creating at the same time too. For me, I would like to drink delicious tasting coffee in a world where everyone is free from the threat of global warming. 


How do you feel about how coffee changes the world? The ride through time has shown us all that this tiny cup of coffee that you drink everyday is impactful. Coffee changes the world, shaping the world in many ways that we have not known of. Coffee change the world beautifully to gather and reunite. It also was the powerful source of economic establishment. Moreover, it creates millions of job and trade agreements as well.

No matter what we should also acknowledge the trade-off that it creates and the painful history of colonization and enslavement. Until now the unsolvable impact on the environment is still our problem. It is beautiful to have this rich stimulant in our lives, but we also must take in account the consequences as well. 


First off coffee filters are seemingly simple, but in-depth there are a lot more to say about them. It is because trendy ways to make coffee now spring up like mushrooms from French press to stainless steel filters, bleach to unbleached filters, and paper to permanent coffee filters, and more. How do you choose the right coffee filters? And do you use your coffee filters the best you can?

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Filters Intro

If you know only a few of them, it could simply make you overwhelmed. But you are not alone; even some long-life coffee lovers do not know all around about the coffee filters. That is because we can easily overlook things around us; as such as the coffee filters. 

Upon hearing it all, do coffee filters sound like a complex subject? So let we dive it in! At least after reading this article, you will obtain what you ever wanted to know and things you do not know about the coffee filters. 

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Coffee Filters

Below are some of the points that you may need to know about coffee filters. Now lets's get to it!

What Exactly Is A Coffee Filter?

Paper filters are probably what most of us think coffee filters are made of. But that is not true as now there are many trendy different ways that we can make our coffee to more than the paper filters. Also, many of us know how to measure coffee into filters, pour in hot boil water, and press in the button to get coffee drips. However, not all coffee filters are made equal. Hence, the type of coffee filters you choose for your morning or everyday ritual coffee collides with your overall coffee experiences. Let’s dig right into the different types of filters and how each works with your coffee. 

Knowing The Different Types of Coffee Filters

Choosing the right coffee filters can be pretty confusing. It is because choosing the right coffee filter may go beyond sensory experience of the sizes, shapes, aroma, and taste. Thus, by understanding the basic types of coffee filter, you have less of problems of what coffee filter to choose for coffee at home or office. 

Paper Filters

Paper filters have often been the most common filter for coffee fanatics because they are affordable and the package allows you to use them for a pretty long time. For many popular opinions, paper filters make coffee thinner and more bearable. Moreover, it only takes a few steps and minutes to brew your coffee. Also, it does not need cleanups but at the same time it produces paper waste. 

If you consider having paper filters, you also need to know that many filters available vary from sizes, shapes, layers, and processing. The bleached and unbleached filters as such we need to know well about them to make an informed decision. That answers why there are white papers and brown paper filters. So what is the difference between these two? 

Bleached paper filter
Bleached filters

The Bleached filters are basically going under process and later the paper becomes whitened which can be done through a little amount of chlorine. It is still debatable that the chlorine substance for bleaching is unsafe for our environment. But still the bleached filter is ideally opted for a better brew and less issue of papery taste.

Unbleached paper filters
Unbleached filters

Unbleached filters are not naturally bright white. They have a brown look but are more eco-friendly. Another big difference is that if you use an unbleached filter to brew your coffee, you will feel a slight taste of paper in your coffee. But it can be simply solved with a few extra steps. First, place a filter in your coffee maker, second slowly pour hot water to wet the filter, and last use that water from the filter to brew your coffee. 

Which one is better; bleached or unbleached filters? You are in your uncertainty. However, despite the greater debate, it significantly comes down to your preference of quality, processing, and environmental impact. The fact is that no matter what filters you choose, neither of them changes the taste of your coffee. 

Permanent Coffee Filter 

First things first, permanent filters are even more cost-saving than paper filters and especially are environmentally friendly. Although paper filters cost around 3$ per package seem economical, the permanent filter that costs more at a time is a long term investment. With a permanent filter, you can brew your coffee countless times and will never have to worry about replacing filters. Permanent coffee maker filters are available in varieties of materials, shapes, styles, and sizes. For the material, there are cloth, cotton, metal, steel, double-layer mesh, and more. Basket, cone shapes, gold filters are the most picked and reviewed styles of drippers. If you are an individual coffee maniac, you go camping, own a small café, you will find many choices of portable permanent filters on the market. 

Permanent coffee filters
Permanent coffee filters

Brewing your coffee with a permanent filter could probably give a slightly different taste from the paper filters. In an essence some popular opinions justify that coffee brewing through a permanent filter is heavier, darker, and more aromas.  

Paper Filters and Permanent Filters in A Nutshell Comparison

Paper Filters 

  • Flavor profile: light, crisp, bright, sometimes papery
  • Wash-up: easy and quick
  • Waste paramount: high, paper-waste

Permanent Filters

  • Flavor profile: heavy, dark, rich, and aroma
  • Wash-up: a few minutes, but some are not easy to clean up 
  • Waste paramount: zero, eco-friendly
  • Long term cost-saving

In a nutshell, no matter whatever filters you choose, you need to be aware that each filter will give slightly different experience overall other than the sensory expectations. In a greater calculation, choosing the right coffee filters also requires you to understand your needs and purpose. 

Problem solves! Now you are ready to make informed decisions and are sure what filter to choose for brewing your coffee. 

Coffee Filters Without Coffee

You must be wondering what a coffee filter without coffee is. This is going to be the best part of all that you can reap the practical keys take-away from this article. 

Did you ever know that rather than just making your coffee, the coffee filters can do a lot more useful things to our daily life?  Here are some common and clever ways to use coffee filters without coffee at home. 

Paper coffee filters or others can be a very handy household in many ways. Using paper filters to make you coffee is not only economic but you also make them helpful in a lot of ways after the brew. However, most of us probably throw them away after every use.

Having smelly shoes, stinky drawers, or a refrigerator? The used paper coffee filters can control the odors well.  All you need to do is add some baking soda into the paper filter and then tight it with a string or rubber band. You can add extra drops of essential oil to keep it fresh and scent. 

Next time when you clean your glasses, vases, jars, try using a coffee filter instead of a tissue. It is because good quality coffee filters are made from 100% virgin paper, so you can use them to clean up your glasses without leaving lint. Besides, you can use them to safely polish mirrors, TV, and monitor screens. Whether it is your television screen or your phone, coffee filters work as good as almost any special screen-cleansers out there. 

Out of cotton wool pads? More than that, for ladies, you can use the paper filters to remove your nails polish. For a quick and brilliant idea without a brush, you can also use a paper filter to polish your shoes shine. 

A basket filter does not look handy but we should not take it for granted. It becomes a perfect makeshift bowl for popcorn, candy, chips, and other movie night favorites. You can also add your DIY ideas to make it more unique and romantic. 

A cone filter has the perfect size for carrying or serving a pita, cookies, or other hot pocket on the go.

If you think plastic is not safe, next time collect your used paper filters and save for wrapping your fruits and vegetables. That way, they can be kept longer in the fridge or in good quality when delivered. Another thing, it is said that extra protection never hurt. Thus, you can also use a paper filter to wrap your glasses, materials, crafts, and souvenirs. The Christmas ornaments as such, wrap them neatly with paper filters and keep for use next year celebration. 

There are many more household uses that you probably have not known or thought of. So keep searching on or doing it yourself with your coffee filters in which it is fun, creative, and saving the earth. 


More or less, you came this far to take home what you have not known or what you ever wanted to know about the coffee filters. Whether you are in consideration of choosing a coffee filter or want to dig in what else you can do with your existing filter, we hope we have got you covered.  Despite the explanation and comparison, there is no coffee filter the best outweighing the others. No matter what filter you have in mind; they have their own benefits and downsides.

The real overall experience really depends on your preferences, needs, and goals.  Still, each filter will leave you with slightly distinctive experience. The best achievement of today is that you have learned some helpful buying guides and brilliant ideas for uses for coffee filters the best you can. 

8 Coffee Filter Life Hacks By CrazyRussianHacker


As technology keeps advancing, the way we communicate and get to know other people also changes according to the advancing times. We can learn about a person’s personality and character just from how they behave and even through their horoscope. You can even use a person’s blood type to get to know their personalities. But can you guess the suitable career through your coffee preference?

If you can learn something new about someone or yourself through blood types. It's not a surprise that a coffee preference can also tell you the same things. But unlike blood types or horoscopes. You can easily get to know others’ coffee preferences without coming off as a weird person. 

Funny and Weird, But Let's Guess the Most Suitable Career for You Through Your Coffee Preference Intro

If you’re still not convinced that an article about coffee preference can tell you which career is best for you. Then let’s talk about coffee and the workplace. 

Did you know? Sitting down and having some coffee with your boss or colleagues, Could probably guarantee you a good social status or maybe even a promotion? The workplace coffee break is a 20th century thing and started gaining more popularity until now. 

So what’s better than being surrounded by people with similar coffee preferences and enjoying a great work environment. If coffee orders and preferences can tell you almost everything about a person, don’t you wonder what else a coffee order can predict for you?

YES, YOU. If you’re a teenager about to finish high school. I am sure the question of “what do I want to be in the future?” has at least once crossed your mind in the past week. Not just teenagers about to step out into the real world. This article is for anyone who feels lost. Anyone that is probably thinking that their current job isn’t actually what they envisioned themselves to be doing. 


First off on the list, the famous espresso shot, a small but powerful coffee drink that packs a punch. If you prefer an espresso beside the millions of sugary sweet drinks on the coffee shop menu. Then you are probably a person that’s always alert and always meeting your deadlines. And on top of meeting your own deadlines, you’re also helping others to meet their deadlines. 


So a career path that would suit you so much is a financial auditor. As a financial auditor, you’re going through thousands of documents and accounting entries to review financial statements. Spot all the errors and even possible frauds, so the super strong espresso is great as it’s fast and easy to drink. Now, you won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee on important documents. Since you’ll finish it in less than 3 minutes anyways. 

Iced Latte 

The second coffee drink on this list is the iced latte. Just like the sweet and icy latte, you’re a sweet and easy going person. You’re like the perfect slice of cake that just seems to be able to fit anywhere. You enjoy the small things in life and you’re also quick on your feet. 

Iced Latte

As a latte lover, the most suitable career for you is a reporter. Like all the good reporters are, you’re always on your feet delivering news and updates on everything that’s happening in the public. You do interviews, you run down just to get the latest updates. So an iced latte is something that will give you the sugar rush and caffeine kick you need to get through the day. 

Cold Brew

Next on the list is the cold brew. If the cold brew is your daily coffee order, you’re definitely a detail-oriented person. You’re so detailed-oriented that sometimes you can come off as self-centered and high maintenance. Which is totally not what you’re all about since you’re just trying to live life the way you want to.

Cold Brew

The best career for cold brew drinkers is a writer. A cold brew is the kind of coffee drink that deep, emotional writers drink so that you can show your perspectives and emotions through written letters. Everything you guys write takes time and energy in order to blossom into the number 1 bestseller, just like how the cold brew drips into a full cup. 


Moving on to the next coffee type, the cappuccino, can you guess the cool career for this drink? The frothy cup of coffee that is similar to a latte but very different. If you drink a cappuccino, you’re a control freak. You plan your every single move and even have an image of yourself you want to portray to the world. 


So becoming a lawyer is definitely something that fits really well with cappuccino consumers. As a lawyer, you’re planning everything for you and your client and you definitely never want to say anything wrong that can make your client lose the case. You take time to build your case and thanks to your patience and problem solving nature, you’ll have the courtroom in the palm of your hand. 


Next up, the fifth coffee order on this list is the mocha which is basically a marriage of a hot chocolate and a shot of espresso. You actually don’t like the bitter taste of coffee that much but you still want to come off as an adult coffee drinker so you make up for it by drinking a mocha instead.  


For those that love a mocha every day then you should consider becoming a marketer. You’ll be in charge of promoting products and coming up with marketing plans to attract your consumers. Communicating with customers is a walk in the park for you, thanks to the years of mingling in the coffee shops in order to get that sweet java. 

Black Coffee

Moving on to one of the darkest cups of coffee, the black coffee. It’s plain and simple, just brewed coffee in its purest form with no sugar, milk, and no flavorings. As black coffee drinkers, you’re reliable, sufficient, and straightforward. 

Black Coffee

This type of coffee brings us to your suitable career choice as an archaeologist. An archaeologist studying the past through human remains, digging the ground to discover the unknown mystery of earth and you might be spending a lot of time on excavation sites. So black coffee works best at excavation sites as it can be made with just one ingredient and takes no time at all. 

Instant Coffee

Next up, an easy and fast cup of java, the instant coffee. People think that anyone who drinks instant coffee is lazy and laid back. But actually, instant coffee drinkers are just people who can’t be bothered to make their own coffee or even go out to get it from a coffee shop. You would rather spend your precious time on something more important.

Instant Coffee

Drinking instant coffee to get your daily caffeine boost makes you a perfect career as police officer. You spend your time fighting crime and keeping the community safe. Time used for a coffee break is usually spent preventing crimes and enforcing the laws. 

Triple Espresso

Here comes one of the strongest coffee drinks on this list, so what do you think about the career for this drink? A triple espresso needs not one, not two, but three shots to make a single cup of coffee. You’re kind of crazy and kind of not, but you definitely know everything that goes on around you and rarely ever misses a beat. You work hard to party hard. 

Triple Espresso

The most suitable career choice for you is a doctor. Everyone knows that studying medicine and becoming a doctor is not one of the easiest things you can do after high school. Long hours of lecture, more hours of self-study after, and on top of keeping a healthy social life, you’ll be trying to find time to sleep in the middle of all this craziness. However, most of the time, sleep isn’t an option, and that’s where the triple espresso steps in to save the day. 


The last coffee drink finishing this list is the decadent frappe. It’s sweet, cold, and everything you would want on a hot summer day. Due to the splash of coffee in this drink, it’s like an adult drink catered to the little kids that still live inside each and every one of us. 


So for all you frappe lovers out there, a teacher is what you should consider becoming. You love people and understand the joy of sharing knowledge with others in a friendly and peaceful setting. Like a school or university. And if you don’t want to leave school, you can still come back to it. Just not as a student but a teacher ready to shake knowledge into people.  

Final Thought

If coffee orders can tell us about your qualities as a human being. It certainly can also let us guess your suitable career choice. And remember that we live in a world of possibilities and opportunities, so go out and do something. 

Discover your passion and find the right career for you, one that you will love doing for the rest of your life. Even if your current work isn’t satisfying you. Then don’t be afraid to try something new and find the right one because it’s never too late. 


As a coffee lover, do not lie to me that it has always been smooth and nothing funny has happened to you since your first day step into a Cafe or becomes a coffee lover. I confidently believe that all of the coffee lovers will experience a variety of the most unforgettable stories along the way of chasing their beloved drink- “Coffee” in a coffee shop. Among those also includes the most embarrassing moments which they would put their face in their pocket if possible. 

On the other hand, as a new in the coffee world, you might be curious how will be just drinking a cup of coffee can bring the coffee lovers embarrassing experiences, that is impossible. Yet, it is real.

Therefore, I am here to help you explore some of coffee lovers’ most embarrassing moments in the Cafe. Also, I dare to say that at least one of those moments might have been experienced by all coffee lovers. If you do not trust me, let’s just check them out now!

Mispronouncing Coffee’s Name, Awkward is Real

As a coffee lovers', do you use to mispronounce a coffee’s name when you order at the cafe? If so, you are not alone. I remembered it was the second week that a new coffee taste- “Palm Dolce” had been shown up in my favorite coffee store. I had an idea to taste it for many days, but because of not sure how to call its name, I always gave up this idea. However, the second week on a certain day after the “Palm Dolce” has come in, I have no idea where my confidence comes from. I told myself that I must drink it that day. 

Mispronouncing Coffee’s Name, Awkward is Real

With a friendly greeting voice from the staff as the door opened, I quickly walked straight to the ordering counter. The cashier asks me a normal question: “Hello! What would you like for today?” I replied: “I would like a cup of Palm-Dolls, medium size, please.” The cashier awkwardly stared at me and softly asked me to say my order again.

I had repeated for twice time, and the cashier still did not get what drink I had ordered. Suddenly, another voice from another barista came out: “It is Palm-Doll-Say.” Could you imagine how was my feel? I was so awkward and embarrassed. I think probably only those who mispronounced “expresso”, could understand my feeling at that moment.

Face with a Good-Looking Barista, Become a Silly

When you go to purchase a cup of coffee, people who you always see are baristas. No matter at a brain cafe or a personal small coffee booth. But unbelievable is that the barista could always remind me of the most embarrassing memory in my life. One day, I heard that there was a new coffee booth opening near my home with an incredible taste.

Therefore, as a coffee lover, there was no reason to not be interested. So, I brought my exciting heart with my sister together and went on foot to buy a cup of my favorite latte. It was so crowd, many people sit on the chairs drinking their coffee. By the time we arrived there was no customer in the order line. So I walked straight to the booth, a young handsome barista stood up to greet us.

Face with a Good-Looking Barista, Become a Silly

I was shocked at that time because he has a very good-looking appearance and his face looks like my Chinese idol. I didn’t even notice how many times he had asked what coffee I needed. Until my sister hit me by her small hand. It was a bit embarrassing. But it hadn’t ended yet. When he had finished brewing the latte, he handed me that finished latte with his smile. For not letting him wait too long, I quickly grabbed from his hand in a manner way.

Like the time I turned to go back home, I heard his voice calling: “Hey, girls!”. Thus, I turned back with a question face. He talked to me in an awkward sound: “You forgot to pay the bill.” At that moment, I became the eyes center from people around me and felt like swimming in their laughing voices. To knock out the embarrassing door, I gave him the money and left.

Accidentally Spilled Out the Coffee in the Public

Did you use to accidentally spill out the coffee in the public? If so, you will not be so lonely. There was a story from the Reddit website. On a certain day, he was traveling from Paris to London with his university friends on the train. It was so crowd on the train that day. Hence he had to wait almost a half hour for getting some coffee. After sitting down with his coffee, he suddenly realized he needed to get something from his luggage. Before he left, he had reminded his friends not to touch his coffee.

Accidentally Spilled Out the Coffee in the Public

Yet, on his way back to his seat, he saw one of his friends sipping his cup of coffee, he was so mad and shouted: “Hey, that’s mine!”. He even grabbed back the coffee, which caused unexpected trouble. He spilled the coffee all over them as well as on several other passengers. Unfortunately, he found out that the person with his coffee was not his friend. He just looked like his friend from behind. His friends, on the other hand, were further up the train and were laughing at his awkward moment. Finally, he immediately apologized to the people, even though they were still so angry at him.

Coffee Spilled Out at the Cafe

One day at the Starbucks near a girl’s apartment, she spilled her fresh drink on the floor. It happened when she was setting up her computer, as well as knocked her Frappuccino right over off the table then onto the floor. The coffee landed upside-down and square on the top of the lid with pressing its newly-unwrapped straw up into the cup.

The whole thing shuddered, and the Frappuccino and whipped cream ran out onto the floor along with a loud slop sound. At that point, she shouted with a loud voice: “Oh good!”, yet no one reacted. It was pretty busy at the coffee shop at that moment. 

Coffee Spilled Out at the Cafe

8 people were sitting close to the girl, and some customers were well within earshot of both the plop sound of the coffee and her loud exclamation. However, no one so much as even looked at her and nobody laughed at her. They all just kept their own business and acted as nothing had happened.

As a result, she was both confounded and euphoric with those responses. Even though it seemed she had avoided public embarrassment, she still felt the embarrassment. Finally, she ended up cleaning up the mess and got a new drink.

Leave Coffee Alone

Besides my personal experience, it’s time to look at other coffee lovers sharing their stories. Firstly, let’s enjoy the story from Dianna Lee. After he dropped his eldest off at preschool, he always grabbed a coffee. There was a young barista at the café. Moreover, both of them know each other. Also, have a little chat every time he dropped by.

This time the barista took one look at him and said, “Large today?” He thought why would not, so a large size it was. As he busies with bundling his youngest into the car seat, he puts his coffee on top of the roof’s car. When he set off in the morning traffic, it came to an intersection. When he try to search for his cup to take a sip, he realize that his coffee wasn’t there. As he had left it on the roof! 

Leave Coffee Alone

Not to be deterred, he made a sprint for it when the lights turned red. And sure enough, his trusty coffee was still upright. Additionally, he had a trip of about four hundred meters that day! He couldn’t stop laughing at himself and admitted the ‘large’ size had a lot to do with it compared to the regular one. But still there was a greater thing when he looked around, people crossing the road and other drivers in their cars. Many of them were smiling and laughing. At that moment, he was proud of himself that his vagueness could create a wonderful moment for many sleepy overworked faces full of smiling.

Keep an Eyes on a Beautiful Drinker More Than Your Coffee

It is not wrong to look at a beautiful girl/boy. But, if we keep an eye on too much, it may be bringing us to an embarrassing moment. An experience shared from Portland State in a Reddit App. One day there was a man in the cafeteria at lunchtime. Then got his daily large cup of coffee in a Styrofoam cup. He put a lid on the cup, grabbed a few packets of sugar, and started to find a table to sit on.

Across the cafeteria sitting at a table all alone was a beautiful girl who he had never seen before. She wore a green University Oregon sweatshirt studying an anthropology textbook. At that time, he was rather shy, but he was instantly attracted to this girl. She got long blond hair with a beautiful face, long tanned legs accented because of her white shorts. He soon approach the table, he glanced at her ring finger on her left hand. So he assumed that she is single. 

Keep an Eyes on a Beautiful Drinker More Than Your Coffee

At that point, he gathered every bit of nerve and courage to ask if he could sit with her. She looked at him, then looked at the empty tables around them, looked at him with her smiling, and said yes. At this time, he placed his coffee cup on the table in front of himself and started to make a little small chat.

After a little talk, he proceeded to take the lid off his coffee cup and added the 2 packets of sugar while keeping an eye on her more than his coffee cup. At that point, he put the plastic stir stick into the coffee to stir the sugar. Unfortunately, the stir stick hit the side rather than the bottom of the cup. Therefore, the cup fell over spilling 24 ounces of coffee all over the table, her books and writing tablet, and a little on her fresh white shorts.

The girl immediately jumped out of her chair to escape the spreading coffee, slammed her book shut, and yelled a loud voice, which is enough for everyone in the cafeteria to hear, and suddenly drew everyone’s attention to what was going on. Then, she got out of the cafeteria and left him at the table alone with a lap full of coffee and laughing from several students. He was at a loss, did not know what to do next. Lastly, he decided to walk out of the cafeteria among a roar of laughter.


With the 6 stories we have shared above, display for real the most embarrassing moment for coffee lovers as well as myself. Even though it seems a bit weird and funny, perhaps at least one of that experience has happened to you once.

However, even if your friends is love coffee lovers, it might become a perfect topic to share with close friends when feeling stress. As a result, it will not be a bad memory for you to cherish or makes you stop in love with drinking coffee. Last but not least, if you would like to share us with a different experience, just leave a comment below to let us know.

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Some of us have been drinking coffee for a long time to the point where it has become part of our daily routine. Whether it’s making your own cup or buying a take-out, it is a necessary step to having a complete morning. We don’t associate coffee with anything other than a cup of concentrated caffeine used to chase away the tiredness and boosting our energy for the rest of the day. But what if I tell you right now that there are some interesting mind-blowing coffee psychology you may not be aware of.

Mind-Blowing Coffee Psychology That You May Not Be Aware Of

Below are some trivias and interesting facts about psychological phenomena that we have gathered from various sources regarding coffee psychology. 

The Basic Chemistry of Drinking Coffee

As we all know, the main reason why we all love coffee is the caffeine content within. What is caffeine exactly? Caffeine is a type of stimulant that stimulates the central nervous system. So that we can be more alert and ready as well as blinking away the tiredness.

The basic chemistry of drinking coffee

Aside from the obvious effects of coffee due to its nature as a stimulant. Along with other psychological effects that are not directly linked to caffeine. 

The Pavlov Effect

If you do not know what the Pavlov effect is a classical conditioning where you start to associate a particular stimulant with a feeling. Pavlov did an experiment with his dogs. He start off by introduce a ticking sound and food will be immediately given after.

After doing this for a couple of times, the dogs started to associate the sound with food. Then the dog start to salivate everytime they heard the sound even if there is no food there.

The Pavlov Effect

The reason why this classical conditioning can be associated back to coffee. Because some of us have drink a lot of coffee. Then start to be able to start associating the feeling of not being tired to the smell of the coffee alone.

Some of you might recall being extremely tired and your head is pounding, but as soon as you step into a coffee shop with the smell of coffee permeating in the air, the ache soon goes away even before you could order a coffee. 

Aside from the caffeine that stimulates your brain activity. There are also some other interesting psychology relating to the temperature of your coffee and the colour of your coffee mug

The Temperature Of Your Coffee

According to the researchers at Yale, your brain activity can be affected by the temperature of your drinks. Apparently, you are more prone to be more friendly and open if you are holding a warm or a hot cup of coffee. A mug of hot drinks can encourage pleasant emotions due to the warmth from the cup.

If you are to spend your time with someone who is cold and oftentimes seem uncaring, perhaps go to a coffee shop and order a cup of hot coffee. It will help smooth things over and make the time spent together much more enjoyable.

The Temperature of Your Coffee

Holding a cup of iced coffee on the other hand has an opposite effect on how you would act around other people. However, while it doesn't incite emotional warmth, it helps curb your impulse on making rash decisions. Iced drinks are good for helping you stay grounded so you can take your time in evaluating and analysing situations.

If you are currently trying to decide between options, have a cold coffee in hand to aid in your decision-making process.

The Colour of Your Mug Can Affect How The Coffee Would Taste

Colour plays a huge role in the packaging of products or what companies want you to associate their products with. This fact might be surprising to some if not all. I’m not sure if you noticed but if you think about it, most social media application logos are blue. It means that it is linked with interactions.

If a company wants you to associate them with nature or environment, then 9 out of 10 times that logo will be green.

The Colour of Your Mug Can Affect How The Coffee Would Taste

So it is not surprising to say that the colour of your mug can also affect how you taste your coffee. It is not as much as that the taste is changed but rather the perception of taste depending on the color.

To cite the experiment directly from Psychology Today, the coffee flavor is intense when drinking from the white mug. In contrast from the transparent mug. But for the coffee in white mug is less sweet compared to the coffee in the transparent and blue mug.

By doing the research, they used the same coffee with the same taste. But giving to different people that are do not know or not notice about it. To them, the coffee tastes differently. This is due to the color of the mug.

Your Personalities Might Affect The Type Of Coffee That You Drink

Believe it or not, the kind of coffee that you prefer tells more about you than simply just your taste. From what we have gathered, people that labeled themselves as introverts usually go for black coffee.

The more outgoing you are, you are more likely to add more condiments to your coffee such as sugar or milk. This is backed by the fact that omniverts, or people who are both an extrovert and an introvert, like milk to go with their coffee. While extroverts on the other hand, add both sugar and milk.

Your personalities might affect that type of coffee that you drink

We can also get into the specifics as well based on a 2013 study. Where it was determined that people who drink latte are considered as a group that like to seek comfort. You might find that it is a preferred drink of your friends that like to play it safe inside their zone.

For another segment of people that drink decaffeinated coffee. They are labeled as obsessed with control. They may find it hard to function if they are not the one that is currently in control.

If you are a person that enjoys sweet drinks for a frozen cup of frappe, then you are someone who enjoys trends very much. This is prove by coffee addicts on instagram.

You can see that many trendsetters and trend followers tend to post many variations of whipped cream coated coffee or an exotic blend of every caramel and milk in existence.

Let’s Talk About The Psychology Of Drinking Black Coffee

How did we come to the point where we are actively enjoying bitter coffee rather than avoiding it? Humans evolve as a species where we reject anything that is bitter. However, the bitterness of a bitter gourd and the bitterness of coffee are different according to coffee lovers. Did we become accustomed to it or did we become less sensitive to it?

Let’s Talk About The Psychology Of Drinking Black Coffee

To answer this question, based on a research conducted by Northwestern University. We haven’t become any less sensitive. But rather, we have become even more sensitive to the bitterness of coffee, which is why this has become such an interesting psychological phenomenon. Before coming to this conclusion, researchers have tested out this theory on over 400,000 people. The data have collected then been used to correlate with how much coffee people drink.

Drinking Coffee is Good, But Drinking Up To How Much Is Bad

As much as the psychological facts above seem harmless and fun. There are also some adverse effects of coffee to your psyche if you over consume.

Drinking coffee is good, but drinking up to how much is bad and what are the adverse effects on your psyche?

What are the adverse effects on your psyche?

The keyword is overconsume. Because as many studies suggest, drinking coffee is actually good for your health. But you drink by the recommended amount issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

The benefits of drinking coffee

To cite the usual benefits of drinking coffee, It helps you combat drowsiness and gives you that extra energy boost. There are also some added mental health benefits as well where it has been linked to reducing the risk of depression.

This study was done by a team of researchers from Harvard where they have over 25 years of data to back it up. There are also various other benefits that are related to mental and psychological health not limiting to this one instance.

For one, coffee also helps with learning and reducing the risk of cognitive disease. Although there are no clear answers as to how caffeine is directly related to those benefits. The studies are conducted compared based on the samples of the population that drink coffee versus those that don’t drink coffee.

The downside of having too much coffee

Like all things, too much of a good thing has its own set of disadvantages. We once mentioned that coffee is only good if you consume it within the guidelines set by FDA. Which is roughly 400 milligrams of caffeine at most per day.

If you have more than the recommended amount, the typical problems include insomnia and the rapid heartbeats, although most people associated it with caffeine induced anxiety. 

The more you drink, the more severe problems are which include headaches, anxiety (more than just rapid heartbeat. This is much more brutal), agitation and rambling speech. If you continue to consume this amount over a period of time, you will build immunity.

However, with immunity comes addiction. If you are addicted to coffee and are unable to have your daily fix. Then those worsening symptoms will come back with vengeance and often worse. Not only that, it also affects you psychologically as well as your mental health over time.

Your Brain On Coffee By AsapSCIENCE


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