Best Coffee Dispensers For Home Use in 2022

By : Jane
February 25, 2021,

It is undeniable that a good coffee machine is crucial in brewing a nice coffee. However, it will be useless once the coffee has become cold. Therefore, if you are a true coffee lover, then you may know that a coffee dispenser is also essential for the coffee to remain hot. With such a realization, there is a new trend in the market of the coffee dispenser which makes the consumers really confused on which products they should purchase in order to get the expected outcome of having a nice coffee drink in a whole day with just once brewing.

Basic Understanding of Coffee Dispensers 

What is a coffee dispenser?

Basically, a coffee dispenser refers to a pot or a thermal which keeps the coffee to remain at a similar temperature while being fresh just like a freshly brewed coffee although you have kept it for several hours already. Normally, a good coffee thermal dispenser can retain the heat of the coffee for around 12 hours.  

Why do we need to have a coffee dispenser?

That’s because we can keep the coffee fresh and hot for a long period. Also, this product can save us so much time since you can get your drink whenever you want with just one brew.

This article aims to illustrate the important features of the best coffee dispensers as well as to clear out your doubt in determining the best and the most suitable one for yourself to have a desirable coffee to boost up your day and productivity. Now, let’s deep dive into the top 10 coffee dispensers that we highly recommend for you.

10. SplashProof Coffee Carafe Airpot Dispenser

This kind of coffee dispensers could be one of your options. It features German technology in which they use thick stainless steel double walls. Thus, it offers great retention on the heat enabling you to keep the coffee in for 24 hours at 150F and 48 hours for the cold. In addition, since this coffee dispenser features high-quality materials together with rust resistance both inside and outside the dispenser, there is no point for you to worry about the durability as well as the outside look of your coffee dispenser. Besides, the product itself is very easy to use. You just simply press the button with your fingers, then it will fill your cup automatically since there is an adjustable nozzle that enables you to fill the cup with your favorite drink easily without raising the cup up. With this feature, you can also prevent the drink from scattering or spraying. 

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about having a small amount of coffee in your filter dispenser to keep your coffee hot or cold because it has the capacity of 3litter which is quite a lot if you want to serve the upcoming guests as well. Ultimately, you can put your mind to peace because it offers you a one-year warranty for the replacement if there is an issue with your coffee dispensers.

What we like

  • High capacity material
  • High retention for up to 24 hours for hot coffee and 48 hours for the cold coffee
  • One-year warranty

What we don’t like

  • Leak issue 
  • Require careful notice in order to keep hot

9. Cresimo 101 Oz (3L) Airpot Thermal Coffee Dispenser

Coming from Cresimo, this coffee airpot would be a good deal for those who are looking for a high-quality product at an acceptable price. It is able to keep the heat for 12 hours and the cold for 24 hours; thus, you don’t have to worry about having an appetizing beverage anymore. Moreover, this coffee dispenser comes in a double 18/8 stainless steel both inside and outside, so you can use it daily without worrying. Additionally, since it comes with a larger mount opening, this dispenser allows you to fill in or clean the filter dispenser easily without any doubt. One more thing is that you can touch the outside body of the filter freely although you have the hot liquid inside. It won’t make you get scolded.

Furthermore, this is the type of coffee dispenser you need because it has 3 liters capacity, allowing you to drink your coffee freshly whenever you want with just one brew.  However, you can operate it easily with just one click. Meanwhile, you can carry this thermal coffee pot with a carrying handle. It is easy to hold and bring to anywhere you want conveniently. Similar to the previous product, it offers a lifetime warranty. You can contact the manufacturer if you are not satisfied with the product.

What we like

  • High capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable 

What we don’t like

  • fail to retain hot after a few months

8. Asani Thermal Coffee Airpot Carafe

This is another wonderful airpot coffee dispenser on our list that you would not regret having obtained. With the use of this coffee dispenser, you can have your coffee remain hot or cold within 20hours, which means you don’t have to worry about having low-quality coffee or brew it all the time. You can basically brew it once with a large amount and keep it for the rest of the day since it features 100% stainless steel together with the other high-quality materials like BPA freely resistant plastic. Moreover, since it has the capacity of 3liters, it is possible to store the beverage for up to 17 cups of the drinks which is an ideal product for your home or office or even for outdoor use. Furthermore, you can have your fresh coffee with just one click. So basically, you just need to push the bottom and the drink will stream down to your cup.  

On the other hand, you can also bring this coffee dispenser with you along with your journey without any doubt because it comes with a handle which allows you to carry from one place to another easily. More than that, you don’t have to be afraid of having your drink spilling out since there is a bottom in which you may click and lock. Besides, there is a cleaning brush for you to clean and remove the dirt from your coffee filter dispenser. 

What we like

  • Durable
  • High quality material
  • Easy to carry and operate

What we don’t like

  • Some reported issue on the hot retention rate

7. Vondior Airpot Coffee Dispensers

Coming from Vondior, it can keep your drink hot or cold at the original temperature for up to 20 hours. Moreover, similar to the other coffee dispenser, it has the capacity of 3 liters enabling you to store around 15 cups of beverage. Thus, you can have your coffee ready for the day with just one brew while having good-quality coffee. Additionally, you don’t have to think of the difficulty in operating this machine since it is very easy to operate. What you need to do is just press the button at the top of the machine and the drink will definitely come out. 

Besides, being made of stainless steel both interior and exterior together with the wide-mouth at the top, it is durable and not easy to be broken. In addition, there is also a brush for you to clean and remove the bacteria or the dirt from your dispenser. While you can also add the ice cubes at the top of the coffee dispenser as well. What is special about this product is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for you if you are not happy with the product and a 90-day refund if there is a problem with the product.  

What we like

  • Money-back guarantee
  • 3 liters capacity
  • Ease to operate

What we don’t like

  • Not durable

6. VonShef Thermal Airpot Carafe Coffee Beverage Dispensers 

This kind of coffee cup dispenser has been known as one of the best coffee filters for its versatility. It can store your coffee with a large capacity for up to 5 liter for a long period of time. Thus, this is a perfect item that you should not miss out for your home, office or even bring along with your journey. You can also keep your beverage for parties like catering events, camping and so on. Moreover, coming with a handle it allows you to carry along or transport from one place to another with ease. Additionally, being made of stainless steel, it lasts long and is not easy to be broken.  

However, similar to the other dispensers available in the market, it is very easy to operate. You just need to press the button at the top, and you will get the drink. Furthermore, for safety consideration, it comes with a safety lock to avoid any accidental issue of spilling your coffee. 

What we like

  • 100% stainless steel
  • 5 liters capacity
  • Safety lock

What we don’t like

  • Flimsy lock

5. BUNN - Coffee Dispensers

Ranked the top 5th best coffee cup dispenser on our list, you will never regret having chosen this product. Just like the other product available in the market, it has the capacity of 3 liters which means you can brew your coffee once and keep it for a long period for the best quality. Meanwhile, being made of premium quality material like stainless steel, it is last-long and is not prone to be broken like the other product which is very convenient for those who need to use it at home and outside. 

Additionally, featuring the handle, it enables you to carry or bring along to anywhere you prefer conveniently. Thus, this is considered as the ideal product for home, office, traveling as well as camping or other outdoor activities. On the other hand, it is very easy to pour your beverage out with a simple click because it features an ergonomic design allowing the drink to pour out in that small hole. 

What we like

  • Easy to pour
  • Durable
  • Handle

What we don’t like

  • Leak

4. FeschDesign-Airpot Coffee Dispensers

Coming from FeschDesign, this model airpot coffee has been known as one of the best coffee filters for its hot retention.  It actually can keep your beverage to remain hot for up to 12 hours and remain cold for up to 24 hours which is very convenient for those who are busy and cannot manage time to brew the coffee several times in a day. However, to ensure that you can make use of it effectively with the desirable outcome, you first need to put some hot water into the dispenser for around 10 minutes, then you may replace it with your beverage. With such practice, you will no longer find the dispenser unhelpful. Meanwhile, the product itself is made of BPA-free and food-grade materials together with the other high-quality product, thus, you can use it for a long period. 

On the other hand, there is a cleaning rush for you to clean and rinse the dispenser. Therefore, it will remain clean and you can use it with peace. Furthermore, to ensure the safety for the users, it features a safety lock as well as a handle in which you can lock the beverage in when you don’t need and also carry it along to wherever you want. Yet, this product itself cannot be used for carbonated beverages.

What we like

  • Good temperature retention
  • High quality materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Safety lock

What we don’t like

  • Low quality seal

3. Proctor Silex 3 Liter Airpot Hot Coffee Beverage Dispensers

Ranked in the third-best coffee dispenser on our list, it features a high-quality stainless steel vacuum to maintain the temperature for up to 12 hours for the hot drinks and 24 hours for the cold liquid. Moreover, similar to the other airpot coffee dispenser, it has a capacity of 3 liters enabling you to have your coffee whenever you want with the original taste. Additionally, it comes with a safety lock to ensure your safety as well as the security in preventing the coffee from the bacterias. 

Besides, what is special about this product is that it offers a variety of brewing systems in which you can also brew your drink directly into this dispenser. However, with a large opening at the top, you can fill in the beverage as well as remove the dirt easily without any inconvenience. Furthermore, just like the other products available in the market, it has a built-in handle in which you can carry it from one place to another easily without any doubt. 

What we like

  • Good temperature retention
  • Safety lock
  • Versatile

What we don’t like

  • Some reported that the pump is not working well

2. Wilbur Curtis Thermal Dispenser Air Pot

This is another wonderful thermal dispenser airpot on our list and you would not regret having obtained it. This has been known as the ideal product for use in restaurants, hotels, other commercial food providers, etc. It features a variety of brewing systems for you to brew the beverage based on your needs and preference. Meanwhile, it is able to retain the temperature effectively. Therefore, you can enjoy your coffee break easily without brewing the coffee once again. Moreover, similar to the other products, it features a handle allowing you to carry from one place to another conveniently.  

On the other hand, made from high-quality materials like stainless steel, this coffee dispenser is durable and won’t be broken easily like the others. Featuring the advanced interior dispenser, it will definitely keep your beverage hot. What is special about this product is that it has 5 colors available for you to choose from based on your preference including black, silver, orange, red and blue.  

What we like

  • 5 colors available
  • Different brewing system
  • Durable

What we don’t like

  • The lid does not work well

1. GiNT Coffee Airpot Thermal Carafe Dispenser

Having reviewed the 9 best products on our list, here it comes to the top 1 best coffee dispenser on our list. With the use of this coffee bean dispenser, it is able to keep the heat for 12 hours and the cold for 24 hours while remaining the same taste and smell like the freshly brewed coffee. Meanwhile, being made of double-walled stainless steel vacuum insulation, it is durable which means you can use it for a long period. Additionally, featuring a removal lid, it allows you to fill the drinks and clean the inside with ease.  

On the other hand, featuring a premium seal rubber ring as well as the anti-backflow pneumatic tube, there won’t be a case that water will leak or drop out. However, a small amount of water will leak due to the air pressure of the dispenser itself. Furthermore, the kind of coffee airpot thermal dispenser has been recognized as the ideal product to use at home, restaurant, hotel, party, etc. 

What we like

  • Good temperature retention
  • High quality material

What we don’t like

  • Only 2.2L capacity

Buying Guides To Choose The Best Coffee Dispensers For Home Use in 2022


The first and foremost criteria you need to think of is your buying purpose whether you want to keep your beverage hot or cold. If you prefer the hot beverage, then you may look for the one that features a great heat retention rather than the cold one. 


Another point that you may take into account is the capacity of the coffee dispenser. If you just need it to keep your coffee only for yourself while going out for a walk, then a smaller capacity would suit you best because it is not bulky and heavy. However, if you want to share your coffee with other people in the office or you want to store your coffee for a day amount, then you may go with the one that has a larger capacity. 


It is very crucial to look at the insulation system of the airport dispenser because it determines how effective the coffee dispenser in maintaining the temperature of the drink. Meanwhile, the insulation system itself is also determined by the construction materials whether they are high quality or just a simple one. Generally, a good coffee dispenser thermos is made of double-walled stainless steel and the vacuum insulated. However, it is recommended to avoid purchasing the one that is made of plastic or tin since those are the lower quality materials in retenning the temperature. 

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to clean the coffee dispenser with the bleach?

Definitely NOT. You should use the bleach to clean the stainless steel dispenser because it could affect the quality of the product as well as the effectiveness of the product. Therefore you should avoid using bleach as much as you can. Yet, if you really want to clean or remove the remaining odors, you may use vinegar, baking soda and hot water to clean your airpot. 

Can pre-heating carafe extend the heat retention?

This question is still under the argument between many people. However, although there is not much difference, still to some extent preheating does help to have a better temperature retention. Some people claimed that by adding boiling water into your dispenser for a while before adding the coffee will make your beverage remain hot longer than if you did nothing. 


To sum up, the products listed above are the best coffee dispensers that you would expect to have. Meanwhile, having gone through the provided information aboved, we hope you have a better idea on which product is suit you the most and we wish you good luck in finding yourself a coffee dispenser. 


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