10 Signs You Might Be A Coffee Connoisseur

Before getting into the article, you might wonder what exactly is a ‘connoisseur’. Sounds french and fancy, must have been a good thing, right? Exactly right! Because if anything, drinking coffee everyday in every way has turned me into an absolute coffee expert or as we say, coffee connoisseur. If you check every item on this list, then welcome to the coffee connoisseur life my fellow ally.

While oftentimes, people think that coffee connoisseurs are coming out as pretentious with a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude, the reality is that we just enjoy coffee more than regular people. Kind of like a wine connoisseur. While to most of all red wine tastes the same, a wine expert might disagree.

1. You know exactly how you like coffee

1. You know exactly how you like coffee

You and I, we all started drinking coffee as a way to cope with staying awake for the midterms or finals. It was never about how it tastes or how well it was roasted. As long as the coffee is not burnt, then everything is fair game. Somehow everything changes when the coffee phenomenon starts spreading worldwide. You may begin to feel like the taste of your usual coffee isn’t adequate anymore. 

From that time on, everything just snowballs into having a specific taste, and knowing how exactly you like your coffee. Going into a coffee shop is no longer a “one iced americano” affair, it turns into stopping by that one coffee shop that you really like on your way out, grab a cup and specify how strong your coffee needs to be while measuring out the precise amount of sugar. How you like that?

2. Everything on the menu have already been tried by yours truly which is why you are off the hook for only ordering a specific kind of coffee every time you are out

Everything on the menu

One of the major reasons why people think that coffee connoisseurs are pretentious is the fact that they have a very specific order on how they want their coffee to be made when it comes to a cup of coffee. While it could be understandable why people might feel that way, they have to know that a coffee connoisseur has already tried and drank every single thing they have on the menu, latte, cappuccino, mocha, macchiato, and the list goes on. A coffee connoisseur couldn’t claim that title if they don’t know what a typical coffee blend tastes like.

So yes, having a specific taste is extremely justified if you take that factor into consideration. It is like eating steak in a way, after tasting and eating all kinds of steak, there has to be a recipe that you always stick to no matter where you are eating your steak. And if you want your steak sauce to have a lot of butter, then it is nobody’s business but yours.

3. You know where your coffee comes from

3. You know where your coffee comes from

Have you ever sit down with a cup of coffee, just chilling and vibing, but suddenly an epiphany hit you like a ton of bricks. Where does my coffee come from? Well, needless to say, you are not alone. When you drink or eat things enough times, you’ll start to wonder the origins and how it’s being made. 

In the age where people are more conscious of whether a product is being ethically produced, sourced, and consumed, it is not a shock to know that coffee connoisseurs are also very interested in knowing where the drinks that they are consuming comes from. Because in order to call yourself a coffee expert, the origin and the production process of the coffee is as important as knowing how the coffee is being roasted and brewed. It is one of the characteristics that made us the coffee connoisseur and not casual drinkers. 

4. You can easily differentiate a coffee from one coffee shop to another

4. You can easily differentiate a coffee from one coffee shop to another

The most common misconception that we all have when we first start drinking coffee is that all coffee tastes the same. Albeit some is a little burnt, some is a bit sour, but coffee is still coffee, right? Just like how different coffee beans that are being roasted in different ways have their taste varied, the coffee from each individual coffee shop also tastes differently. Although normal coffee consumers differentiate between coffee shops well enough, coffee connoisseurs just know. 

The tastes are different in many ways than one, it is more than just espresso tastes stronger than americano. Depending on how the coffee beans are roasted and grinded combined with how they are brewed, the taste will significantly differ from one shop to another. Hence, this explains the reason why some people are willing to go out of their way to get a good cup of coffee. Based on a research conducted by OnePoll that was commissioned by Peet’s Coffee, Inc., the coffee connoisseurs from Gen Z are willing to travel 2 miles for a good cup of coffee whereas millennials are willing to travel as far as 3 miles! 

5. Your local barista knows how you like your coffee and knows how exactly to brew it

Your local barista knows how you like your coffee and knows how exactly to brew it

When traveling far for a good cup of coffee isn’t an option, we have to settle for our local friendly neighborhood coffee shops. Because our taste is more selective when it comes to coffee, we often make orders for drinks that aren’t even on the menu. If you order enough times from a shop, the local barista will probably be saving your face and remembering your order. Of course, that is never a bad thing because it saves you so much time explaining how you want your coffee brewed every time to have an order.

While waiting for your coffee, why not also take this time to discuss coffee, the little facts that only a coffee connoisseur would know? Your local barista might appreciate someone to discuss their coffee with, especially if your local coffee shop is those owned by a coffee artisan and your barista is passionate in their trade.

6. You are picky when it comes to buying coffee beans

6. You are picky when it comes to buying coffee beans

In the previous point, we talked about how some people would travel miles for a good cup of coffee, so why would it be unreasonable to say that coffee connoisseurs are also picky about the coffee beans that they are purchasing? A good technique is practically obsolete if the coffee beans are bad. Every step of the process that goes into making a cup of coffee is crucial to the final outcome, especially how heavenly the coffee would taste.

To start off, freshness is the number one factor in purchasing coffee beans. Just like groceries, you want fresh coffee, and by fresh I mean coffee that has just been roasted. Some packages of the roasted coffee beans even contain the dates that the coffee has been roasted. Not only is the freshness important, the origin is also another factor to consider. Coffee beans that grow in different climates have tastes that are varied from each other. A coffee connoisseur might have a preference towards the coffee beans grown in a specific region.

7. You know how to brew your own coffee for your own consumption

7. You know how to brew your own coffee for your own consumption

All this talking about traveling miles upon miles for a good coffee, let us not forget that a good coffee connoisseur also knows how to brew a good cup of coffee. While we mentioned how Gen Z and millennials are willing to search far and wide for a good cup of heavenly tasting drink, coffee connoisseurs from the boomer generation prefer to home brew their coffee to their exact taste. 

This is not to say that Gen Z and millennials do not know how to brew their own coffee, but to merely show a contrast between the generations of coffee connoisseurs. Although Gen Z and millennials prefer buying store made drinks, they would also know how to brew their own coffee if the need ever arises. The same characteristic that all three generations share as coffee connoisseurs is that they would never ever think of using instant coffee as an alternative to a cup of freshly brewed coffee. They would rather skip coffee altogether if the instant option is the only available access they have to a cup of caffeinated drink.

8. Not only that, you know how to brew your coffee in more ways than one

8. Not only that, you know how to brew your coffee in more ways than one

There is no such thing as the best way to brew your coffee because otherwise, this article would be named the best way to brew your coffee as opposed to signs you might be a coffee connoisseur. A coffee connoisseur’s preferences vary from person to person, and the way that they prefer their coffee brewed are also different. But what all coffee connoisseurs have in common is that we all know how to brew coffee in more than 3 ways. There are the typical pour over coffee, press method, stovetop method, vacuum, percolator and cold brew.

Of course, it is not necessary to know all of these methods but different brewing methods can bring out different tastes in coffee and while it is not mandatory to know, a good coffee connoisseur should learn how to do it.

9. You do your research about your coffee, especially when you are going out for coffee

9. You do your research about your coffee, especially when you are going out for coffee

We have already established that the willingness to travel far for a good cup of coffee is a trait of a coffee connoisseur, but I need to reassure you that the eagerness to drive 2 miles is not for just any coffee shop. A coffee connoisseur does their research first and foremost. While cafe hopping and tasting coffee seems like an adventure, it is absolutely meaningless if the coffee is bad. Hence, why an extensive research on customer’s review is an extremely important step that must never be skipped.

The time taken to travel to those places is the time that you are never getting back. Nobody wants the disappointment sinking into their stomach when they realize that the coffee that they anticipated so much to drink is bad, what makes it even worse is that it is their first cup of coffee for the day.

10. There are many kinds of coffee beans and you are frustrated that people think there are only arabica and non-arabica

10. There are many kinds of coffee beans

I think we all discovered arabica coffee in a similar way. Have you ever tried a new coffee shop and then they served you this sour coffee which you later learned is called arabica coffee. This leads to the misconception that all arabica coffee is sour and the non-sour coffee is another type of coffee beans. Sounds simple, right? Sour coffee and non-sour coffee. 

There are two major mistakes in that line of thought that needed to be addressed and the first one is that arabica coffee is in no way sour. The reason why there are so many people who think that arabica coffee is sour is because it is not brewed properly. In fact, arabica coffee is actually sweeter than any other kind of coffee beans is made correctly. Another grave mistake is that other than arabica, there are other kinds of coffee beans that exist exclusively of one another, the most common one that we often drink is robusta, and a few other more include liberica and excelsa.

Warm Coffee

Being a coffee connoisseur is not an elite label that we wear on our foreheads to prove our superiority over anyone. The title itself, coffee connoisseur, sounds fancy and many of us claim to be one, but not without reasons. It is to simply prove that we love our coffee and we have knowledge and skills to back up with our title. With a survey of 2000 Americans that drink coffee done by OnePoll, a whopping 43% proclaim themselves as a coffee connoisseur, so there are more coffee connoisseurs than you think.

This proves that ‘coffee connoisseur’ is not an exclusive title for the coffee elites or that you have to do certain things to a certain amount to obtain a certificate identifying as one. If you are passionate enough about coffee and see yourself in most of the points listed above, then congratulations sir/madam, you are a proud coffee connoisseur.


Not everyone has enough free time to go for a cup of coffee at a cafe before they leave for work. Sometimes you just want to stay at home and enjoy the finest smell of coffee at your house without having to grab it at a coffee shop or even brew it yourself. Or perhaps you just want to become your own barista and do a quick coffee brewing by using a french press coffee maker or a programmable coffee machine? Yes, we understand. This is completely normal for every coffee lover. But, you know what? This is actually not a struggle nor a problem. The best instant coffees preferred by almost half of the world in 2021 are here to serve you and substitute the coffee that you always drink! 

I. Intro to instant coffee

Well well well, instant coffee? Isn’t that the type of coffee powder that comes in a jar or in a packet? If you’re having this thought, that means you are now in the right place. Hmm... should I trust instant coffees?

If you are someone who has tried literally almost every type of coffee, then you must know how this coffee tastes like, right? However, if you are a newbie to coffee, why not give this coffee a sip before asking whether you should trust it or not? 

If we are talking about coffee, we must put taste, or flavor at the center of discussion. Of course, instant coffees definitely will not bring you the same flavor or taste like any other form of brew. That is the part where you need to watch out - the quality of coffees. I mean this coffee will either make you feel like you’re in heaven when drinking it OR make you feel like you want to un-drink it. There is absolutely no in-between. 

Therefore, you might want to ask “should I try or not?”. We won’t say it is a MUST, but trying the good instant coffees won’t hurt, right? Maybe it will even change your taste in coffee, maybe … 

When did it all start?

No one seems to care about the history of instant coffee and how it was able to come to life. Hence, since we are already here, let’s spend a good one minute or two to learn about the existence of this coffee. 

II. when did it all start

In 1881, Alphonse Allais, France, invented and patented instant coffee under patent number 141520. In 1890, David Strang of Invercargill, New Zealand, sold patent number 3518 under the trade name Strang's Coffee, claiming the patented method of "Dry Hot-Air". 

Shortly after the coffee powdered substance was introduced in Buffalo, New York,  George Constant Louis Washington, shortly thereafter, invented his own coffee method and first sold it commercially in 1910. In 1938, the Nescafé brand, which introduced a more sophisticated method of grinding coffee, was launched. Since then, Nescafe has become the most popular instant coffee. It enhanced the taste by co-drying coffee extract along with an appropriate amount of soluble carbohydrate.

Nowadays, you can find all brands of instant coffees at every grocery store and market you come across. If you want it to be in hurry, think of instant coffees! Then, what is Instant Coffee?

Let’s keep it simple, clear, and easy to understand. Instant coffee, in other words, soluble coffee, coffee powder, and coffee crystals, is a beverage made from brewed coffee beans, which helps people to easily make hot coffee by just adding hot water or milk to the powder and stirring. 

III. What is instant coffee

Instant coffee is mostly known as weak or fake coffee as it does not provide the same flavors as regular coffee. In fact, this coffee is made from coffee beans that are grounded, roasted, and brewed. But then, the water is removed from the brewed coffee, while dehydrated crystals still remain. And when you add the water to the crystals, it will change back to coffee again. 

There are 2 main processes used in the production of instant coffee. One of them is called “Spray-drying”, which is a process wherein the liquid coffee concentrate is sprayed onto hot air, roughly 480 degrees Fahrenheit, as a fine mist. It will have dried into tiny crystals before the coffee reaches the ground when the water will have evaporated.

The second method is called “Freeze-drying”. The freeze-drying coffee method shows the coffee extract chilled to a temperature of about 20oF. Then the frozen coffee is put on the belts and allowed to further cool down until a temperature of about -40o is reached.

The coffee is turned into ice by the machine, which is then split into smaller pieces and dried to evaporate any amount of moisture. This causes it to form frozen coffee slabs that are then broken down into granules, leaving behind coffee granules. 

Final Result

If you look back at how ordinary coffee is brewed, you will definitely notice the difference that it has with how instant coffee is made. The aromatics of the coffee beans used in the process of making instant coffee are easily damaged and prone to fragility. This alone proves the complaints that people always throw at this coffee saying it tastes bitter and an almost sour taste that does not go well with their mouth. 

However, there are actually ways for you to customize, adjust or we can say “fix” the taste of the coffee in order to match your taste. Besides this, with coffee powder, you can make use of it by adding it to a cappuccino cookie or a mocha frosting. 

OK, let’s now shift our attention to the real thing we are going to talk about today. It doesn’t matter a bit even if you are a stranger or no stranger to instant coffee. Today, we will become a tour guide and lead you into the paradise of the best-rated coffees in the world you will never find elsewhere!

List of Best Instant Coffees Preferred By Almost Half of The World in 2021

You might think that all coffees taste the same, and you’ll never put them in your trolley. But, today, we are here with the 15 best-flavored instant coffees that will blow your mind and perhaps change your thoughts about this coffee. Who knows? Maybe one or two of these will make you click on the link and buy them! 

Waka Coffee - Quality Instant Coffee

15. Waka Coffee - Quality Instant Coffee

  • 100% high-quality Arabica beans from India
  • Freeze dried instant coffee
  • Makes hot and cold coffee & for baking
  • Roast level: Light roast
  • Fast to make and save you well
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Have you ever heard of one of the best instant coffee brands called Waka Coffee? This fancy coffee is made of 100% Arabica beans from India. The good thing about Arabica beans is that it gives a more complex and richer flavor. This is surely one of the high-quality instant coffees due to its one-of-a-kind flavor of coffee beans grown in India. Aside from this, Waka coffee used freeze-drying technology, which makes this coffee very delicious and aromatic. 

On top of that, Waka coffee does not require any machines to make you a perfect cup of coffee. There’s no need to spend 20 minutes brewing coffee- you just have to add water, then you can enjoy a perfect cup of joe. More importantly, with Waka coffee, you can use it to make iced or hot coffee, or you can even add it to your cake. Besides that, this best-flavored coffee easily dissolves into the water without any appearance of waste or cleanup. In addition, it is also ideal for making whipped coffee like Dalgona coffee as well. With low acidity, pleasant finish with hazelnut and chocolate, Waka coffee is absolutely one of the best-rated instant coffees in today’s market. 

What we like 

  • Delicious flavor 
  • Dissolves quickly  
  • Light roast 
  • Easy to make
  • Very smooth as it does not wrench your stomach 
  • Clean instant crystals 
  • Easy to carry when traveling 
  • Contains a good amount of caffeine and a nice caramel smell

What we don’t like 

  • Very high-priced for the quality 
  • Flavorless if used too much coffee 
  • Not very strong 
República Organic Decaf Instant Coffee

14. República Organic Decaf Instant Coffee

  • Recycled materials signature glass jar
  • Certified organic & fair trade
  • Delicious & smooth with 100g size
  • Roast: Medium Roast
  • Flavour Notes: Full Flavor Decaf
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If you’re looking for an organic and fairtrade decaf coffee that provides exceptional flavor and quality, República is the one for you. The coffee from República is guaranteed to be 100% organic. The company uses naturally-grown coffee and cocoa beans with no pesticides. Furthermore, this is definitely one of the most delicious and smoothest coffee you’ll ever drink. You will enjoy every velvety sip of this South American instant coffee thanks to its smooth caramel and medium-roasted flavor. Apart from that, República coffee also comes with an environmentally friendly jar made from recycled materials. Therefore, the freshness and aroma of this coffee will remain good for a long period of time. 

In addition, República instant espresso coffee is 100% chemical-free. Not only that, but it is also certified fair trade and completely organic. More importantly, the coffee crystals were freeze-dried, which is the best coffee drying technology. Just simply add 1-2 teaspoons of República coffee to your cup, and pour hot water in it. Plus, you can customize the taste of the coffee to your preference as well. 

What we like 

  • Make good hot coffee
  • 100% organic coffee beans 
  • High quality with good flavor and aroma 
  • Easy to prepare 
  • Environmentally-friendly jar 
  • Sustainably sourced 
  • Smooth taste 
  • Melts into the water leaving no lumps 
  • Taste like fresh coffee with no chemical 

What we don’t like 

  • Taste starts to change once it cools down 
  • Bitter and sour taste  
  • Too acidic for some coffee drinkers 
Trung Nguyen - G7 3-in-1 Vietnamese Instant Coffee

13. Trung Nguyen - G7 3-in-1 Vietnamese Instant Coffee

  • Instant 3 in 1 (coffee powder, nondairy creamer, and sugar )
  • Flavorful & aromatic
  • Quick & easy to brew
  • Perfect for home use and traveling
  • Weight: 1.73 Kg
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If you come and live in Asia and feel like there are no trusted instant coffees, well, let us prove you wrong. Trung Nguyen G7 instant coffee is the most popular coffee in Vietnam and in other countries in Asia. This is the right coffee you’re searching for especially when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Moreover, this is 3-in-1 coffee, meaning that it is packaged in sachets. Also, each coffee pack contains a perfect blend of coffee powder, sugar, and non-dairy creamer. With this combination, you will get to enjoy a cup of coffee filled with delicious flavor and sweet aroma. 

Aside from that, this coffee powder is neither made by freeze-drying nor spray-drying. It is made using coffee beans from Brazil, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. Hence, Trung Nguyen coffee provides you a very fragrant and smooth cup of coffee that you’ll always love drinking. And needless to say, this is one of the strongest instant coffees that can be made effortlessly and easily. You can just mix 75ml of hot water with the coffee powder in just seconds. See how convenient and quick it is? 

What we like 

  • Quick and easy to make 
  • Flavorful and aromatic 
  • Nice flavor 
  • Instant 3-in-1 blend 
  • Cheap coffee with good quality 

What we don’t like 

  • The coffee does not taste authentic anymore. 
  • The flavor is weak.
Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee

12. Anthony’s Organic Instant Coffee

  • Made with organic high aroma Arabica Beans
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free
  • Excellent aroma and rich taste
  • Micro ground and easily dissolve when added to water
  • Product of Latin America, packed in California
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Now, let’s take a quick look at another organic coffee from the brand Anthony’s Goods. This is an instant micro-ground coffee, thus it easily and quickly dissolves into the water without residue. Furthermore, it is purely made from organic Arabica beans that offer plant-based energy. 

More significantly, it is tested to be gluten-free and provides antioxidants that are capable of fighting inflammation. As mentioned above, this organic coffee is made from natural Arabica beans, giving you the rich and bold flavor that’ll surely impress you. Last but not least, to boost your energy with this best flavored coffee, 1-2 teaspoons of coffee with hot water added to your cup is all you need. Don’t forget to stir it well and adjust the taste by yourself! 

What we like 

  • Organic and gluten-free 
  • Rich and bold flavor with delicious taste and strong aroma  
  • Easily dissolve when added with water 
  • Made from 100% Arabica beans 
  • No mold or contaminants 
  • Great taste and low acid

What we don’t like 

  • The coffee has a burnt taste. 
  • Lack of aroma and taste 
  • Too bitter 
Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

11. Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee

  • Medium light roast
  • Smooth, balance & full of favour
  • Makes up to 105 cups
  • Glass jar locks in freshness and aroma
  • Ease of making process
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With the world’s most famous coffee brand, nothing will go wrong, especially when you have a tiring day. Nescafe is a simple go-to option when you’re looking for an instant coffee that saves you time and provides you with great taste. On top of that, it comes in a glass jar, which is far easier than instant coffee packets. With a jar, you can scoop out the coffee powder as per your needs and preference. More than that, this coffee glass jar will maintain the freshness and aroma of your coffee, unlike the packets. 

Besides, this Nescafe coffee has a mild roasted flavor. On top of that, once you try it, you will feel that this coffee has one of the most refined, smoothest, and well-balanced flavors. Additionally, Nescafe instant coffee provides only the pure and 100 top coffee that is produced with premium Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. To savor a fresh cup of coffee instantly at any time of the day, simply add 1-2 scoops to your cup, followed by hot water, stir well and enjoy your cup of joe. 

What we like 

  • Highest-quality coffee beans
  • Well-balanced, and rich in flavor and taste 
  • The glass jar maintains the freshness of the coffee 
  • Made from 100% real coffee beans 
  • Easily dissolves in the water 
  • Easy and convenient to customize the taste 

What we don’t like 

  • Weird chemical taste and smell 
  • Has a bland taste  
  • Not really flavorful 
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Organic Instant Coffee

10. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Organic Instant Coffee

  • Mushroom coffee mix with organic instant coffe
  • Support memory, concentration & creative focus
  • Antioxidant properties in chaga mushroom helps to support immune function
  • Perfect for all diets
  • No shroomy taste
  Buy on Amazon

Mushroom? Seriously? Yes! This a brand new type of instant coffee that some of you might or might not have seen before. It is made of 3 significant healthy ingredients such as organic Lion’s mane, organic coffee, and Chaga mushroom powder. Now, let us tell you the benefits of drinking this awesome coffee. First of all, the ingredients we mentioned above help you focus and concentrate better. This means that you do not have to force yourself to consume too much caffeine.

Moreover, organic Lion’s mane also boosts your productivity as well. Furthermore, Chaga, also known as the king of mushrooms, contains a large number of antioxidants. Therefore, Chaga acts as a big support for your immune system. Other than these, the beans used in this coffee are 100% organic Arabica coffee, which is grown in Columbia. It is also worth noting that these organic coffee beans are thoughtfully roasted and brewed, which is then gone through by the evaporation process. 

Don’t you worry about the taste of this coffee? It will taste like pure coffee, not like mushrooms at all! In addition, there are 10 coffee packets per box, so you won’t have to run out of it too quickly. Not only can you mix the coffee powder with water, but you can also mix it in coconut oil or even non-dairy milk. Another tip is you can also drink it with a smoothie. On top of that, this coffee is the perfect go-to drink for all vegans and gluten-free people. Kickstart your morning today with Four Sigmatic for your well-being, good memory, and stress relief! 

What we like 

  • Organic ingredients (Lion’s mane, Chaga mushroom, pure Arabica coffee beans)
  • Provides a lot of health benefits for the immune system and brain 
  • Best served in the morning or early afternoon
  • Can mix with coconut oil, raw dairy, almond cream... 
  • Suitable for all diets 
  • No fillers, carriers, or artificial flavors 

What we don’t like 

  • Nasty and bitter taste 
  • Weak flavor 
  • Pricey 
Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee

9. Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee

  • 200-gram sturdy glass jar
  • Made of 100% ground coffee
  • A flavorful and rich blend
  • Less expensive
  • Comes in a glass container (7.05 Ounces)
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This fancy coffee comes in a 200-gram sturdy glass jar, which travels directly from Germany. Using freeze-drying technology, it is made of 100% ground coffee, offering you the flavorful and rich blend you’ve always wanted. Even though Jacobs Kronung gives you a mild and smooth flavor, the taste is actually not too acidic for your liking. 

For those who are looking for a coffee to beat your afternoon sleepiness and tiredness, this is one of the best instant coffees you should keep for yourself. Not only is it good-quality and tasty, but also less expensive compared to others. Lastly, if you’re a multi-cup drinker, worry no more because this coffee comes in a glass container that holds 7 oz. of the whole coffee. 

What we like 

  • A perfect coffee for every time 
  • Taste good and not bitter 
  • Doesn’t take long to make 
  • Fast shipment and well-packaged 
  • Rich in flavor 
  • Smooth flavor and a mild taste 
  • Not too acidic  

What we don’t like 

  • Most customers receive only 2 jars, not 6 jars as advertised.
  • Expires too soon 
Community Coffee Signature Dark Roast Instant Coffee

8. Community Coffee Signature Dark Roast Instant Coffee

  • An original dark roast blend roasted
  • Enjoy rich, smooth flavour with a deep chocolate profile
  • Gives back to our partners & local communities in every way we can
  • Take it on the go or use when you're in a hurry
  • Quality assured
  Buy on Amazon

To those who are dark-roasted coffee lovers, Community Coffee is here to present you with their best signature instant coffee. This good-quality coffee comes with a rich flavor and bold blend, which is roasted to achieve a very dark and deep perfection. Also, it offers you a deep and dark chocolate profile along the way. Having served for over 100 years, Community Coffee always follows the same coffee recipe as the original dark roast coffee. 

Community Coffee uses responsibly sourced coffee beans to produce this amazingly delicious dark roast blend. Just like the name states, you can make this coffee very easily and quickly, and you can add extra cream, milk, or sugar as per your need. It is undeniably the best coffee especially when you’re in a hurry! 

What we like 

  • Rich flavor and bold blend 
  • Delicious coffee 
  • Easy and quick to make 
  • Has a dark chocolate profile 
  • Follow the recipes of the original coffee 
  • Tastes like freshly brewed coffee

What we don’t like 

  • Some customers find the flavor too weak. 
Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

7. Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee

  • Easy-open flip-top jars
  • 100% pure Folgers medium roast coffee
  • Ready in seconds
  • Beans are chosen for the optimal flavour & double-dried for a deeper taste
  • Weight: 12 Ounces
  Buy on Amazon

Don’t worry if you think that coffee that comes in jars is hard to open. This instant medium roasted coffee has an easy-open flip-top jar that makes it convenient for you to open and close the jar. However, the most important thing about this coffee is not about its jar. It is actually about the taste and the flavor. These classic roast instant coffee crystals are one of the most popular coffee crystals in the world. Furthermore, it is easy to make in just seconds, and it is also easily dissolved in water and milk. With this best-flavored coffee, you don’t need a coffee maker or a coffee brewer. 

On top of that, you can mix these good coffee crystals with just hot water or even milk, and the taste will not change (or maybe taste even better). Not only can you drink it hot, but there are also other recipes that you can mix with this coffee. Creamy iced coffee, cinnamon fudge, and sauce can also be used with this coffee to make them even tastier. 

What we like 

  • The coffee jar makes up to 45 cups, 6 oz. 
  • Tasty coffee 
  • Dissolves smoothly to water and milk 
  • Comes in a flip-top jar that is easy to open & close 
  • Can be mixed with other recipes 
  • Easy to store, plastic & lightweight 

What we don’t like 

  • Some customers don’t receive 12 oz. containers of coffee as advertised. 
Cafe Tastle Gold Instant Coffee

6. Cafe Tastle Gold Instant Coffee

  • Freeze-dried
  • Higher quality & efficiently dissolves
  • Makes 270 cups
  • BPA-free reusable plastic container
  Buy on Amazon

Here come another freeze-dried instant coffees from the brand Cafe Tastle. One good thing about this coffee is that it comes in a BPA-free lightweight plastic jar, which is not a concern even when you accidentally drop the jar. Moreover, it provides a very refined and high-quality blend that dissolves in the water much more smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, you can consume this coffee for a very long time since it makes up to 270 cups.

Every sip of this flavorful coffee will make you feel like you’re drinking freshly brewed coffee. But, with Cafe Tastle coffee, no coffee machine is needed to serve you a perfect cup of joe. On top of that, this company used 100% Arabica coffee beans to make this coffee come to life. Therefore, you’ll never stop feeling satisfied with this coffee. You will only crave for more!

What we like 

  • The coffee jar makes up to 270 cups. 
  • Dissolves smoothly to water 
  • Comes in a BPA-free plastic jar 
  • Made of 100% Arabica coffee beans 
  • Has a raw and organic flavor 
  • A rich and bold blend 
  • Easy to make 
  • The good quality and amount of this coffee make it deserving of its price.

What we don’t like 

  • Chunky coffee powder 
  • Sour and metallic taste 
Cafe Bustelo Espresso Instant Coffee

5. Cafe Bustelo Espresso Instant Coffee

  • Famous Café Bustelo tastes
  • Dark roast instant coffee blend
  • Enjoy rich body, bold yet nuanced flavour
  • Easy-to-use single-serve packets
  • Rich Latin heritage
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We have now reached the 5th best instant coffee in 2021, and this one is from the brand Cafe Bustelo! Cafe Bustelo offers every coffee lover a delicious espresso instant coffee. It contains 12 boxes of 6 dark roast packets, which is a total of 72 packets. Furthermore, this espresso-style coffee comes with a full-bodied, bold, and refined flavor. 

You can enjoy this flavorful coffee anytime and anywhere you want. Just mix the coffee powder with hot water or milk, and then stir it well until it dissolves completely. There you are, with your favorite cup of joe to save your day! More than that, you can also add cream or sugar to customize the taste to match your preference. With a consistent and rich flavor and easy-to-use packets, Cafe Bustelo espresso will always be your number one go-to coffee! 

What we like 

  • 12 boxes of 6 coffee packets 
  • A rich and bold blend 
  • Easy to make 
  • Espresso-style coffee
  • Dissolves in the water without residue left on the side of the cup 
  • Convenient and affordable 

What we don’t like 

  • Hardly smells or tastes like real coffee 
  • Smell like mold and mildew 
Starbucks VIA Medium Roast Instant Coffee

4. Starbucks VIA Medium Roast Instant Coffee

  • High-quality arabica coffee beans
  • Smooth, refreshing and tastefully sweet iced-coffee blend
  • Create great-tasting beverages
  • Ready-to-brew packets
  • Size: 0.95 Ounce
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We just realized that we have yet to mention any instant coffees from the world’s most well-known coffee brand, Starbucks. So, now here we are, with one of the best-rated Starbucks instants coffee! This is another high-quality and delicious medium roast coffee we’ve got on this list. First off, this Starbucks VIA instant coffee is purely made from premium-quality Arabica coffee beans. Whether you want it hot or cold, this coffee from Starbucks will not fail to give you various coffee flavors and blends you’ll never experience with other instant coffees.

No need to go to a Starbucks cafe and spend $3-$4 on a cup of coffee anymore! With this coffee, you will get a cup of coffee very instantly. You can make it and drink it anytime - be it in the morning, in the exhausting afternoon, or at the end of a long tiring day. Apart from this, when purchasing this coffee, you will get 6 boxes that contain a total of 36 ready-to-brew coffee packets. Also, do remember that this Starbucks medium roast coffee makes the best sweetened iced coffee that will refresh your mind and boost your energy! 

What we like 

  • 6 boxes of 36 coffee sticks/packets 
  • Nice taste 
  • 100% made of Arabica beans 
  • Less than 1 minute to make 
  • Smooth & refreshing sweet iced coffee 
  • You can mix it with other recipes such as Dalgona coffee, Caramel frozen coffee, Butterscotch coffee...
  • Offers a star rewards code inside the boxes 
  • Travel-friendly 

What we don’t like 

  • Has a bad aftertaste  
  • Some customers did not receive the correct amount of coffee packets as advertised. 
VitaCup Slim Instant Coffee for Skinny Diet & Metabolism

3. VitaCup Slim Instant Coffee for Skinny Diet & Metabolism

  • Boost metabolism and decrease bloating
  • Keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • A daily dose of superfoods
  • Leading diet coffee
  • Brew & keep fit
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The coffee you’re reading right now is a bit different from the previous instant coffees. This is the best coffee for those who are looking for a drink to help with their diet and metabolism. This coffee from VitaCup is infused with an exotic fruit extract called Garcinia Cambogia. More importantly, this is the ingredient that will keep you on a healthy dietary plan since it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. On top of that, this amazing ingredient is truly a natural fiber, therefore, it will help you in terms of healthy digestion. More significantly, drinking a cup of this gourmet coffee is just like consuming daily vitamins including Vitamin B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12, which are all the best nutrients for your body. 

In addition, this high-quality medium roast coffee is 100% made with the popular Arabica coffee beans, which are rich in taste and flavor. Plus, the beans are carefully sourced in Brazil and Columbia, and roasted and sealed in the US. All in all, this slim blend coffee will provide you both the delicious taste and the health benefits you’ve been searching for. In less than 1 minute with no brewing needed, just add hot or cold water with the coffee powder, you’ll be able to enjoy this coffee anytime! 

What we like 

  • Perfect for diets, fitness, and boosting metabolism 
  • Made from Arabica coffee beans
  • It only takes a minute to prepare.
  • Can be made as hot or cold coffee  
  • Promote healthy digestion 
  • Help your body to feel fuller for a longer time 
  • Rich in flavor and great taste 
  • Contains nutritional vitamins 

What we don’t like 

  • A little too weak 
  • Expensive 
  • Flavorless, not for strong coffee drinkers 
Starbucks VIA Dark Roast Instant Coffee - Italian Roast

2. Starbucks VIA Dark Roast Instant Coffee - Italian Roast

  • Roast and sweet with a rich, deep flavour and notes of caramelized sugar
  • High-quality arabica coffee beans
  • Crafted to generate sweetness and intensity.
  • Includes one box of 50 packets
  • Size: 10.08 Ounces
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Here we are with our best-rated instant coffee from Starbucks once again. But, this one is an Italian Dark roast coffee, purely made from good-quality Arabica coffee beans. Moreover, the dark roast in this coffee offers intensity and sweetness to kickstart your day in the morning and after a long tiring day. Plus, it provides a rich and deep flavor as well as notes of sugar for those with a sweet tooth. 

With a box full of 50 instant packets, this coffee from Starbucks will absolutely serve as a great-tasting beverage for you to enjoy anytime and anywhere. No coffee grinder or coffee machine is needed. Just tear open the packet of this Starbucks VIA, and pour hot water into your cup. After that, stir it well for 10 seconds until it dissolves completely in the water. There you go, even if you don’t go to a Starbucks shop, you can still make yourself a cup of delicious Starbucks coffee at your home! 

What we like 

  • 1 box contains 50 coffee packets 
  • Made with pure Arabica coffee beans   
  • Only up to 10 seconds are spent preparing this coffee. 
  • Dalgona coffee, Caramel frozen coffee, Butterscotch coffee… are other recipes that can be mixed with this coffee. 
  • Provides sweet notes of caramelized sugar 

What we don’t like 

  • Too close to the expiration date 
  • Packets count does not match picture and product description 
  • Not really travel-friendly 
Hills Bros Cappuccino Instant Coffee Mix

1. Hills Bros Cappuccino Instant Coffee Mix

  • Instant Cappuccino with this trusted brand
  • Frothy & decadent, with only a hint of sweetness
  • Rich, creamy coffeehouse flavour
  • Versatile
  • Size: 14 Ounces
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We bet you are curious as to why the coffee from the brand Hills Bros snatches the number one spot in this whole article! If you are in the mood for a decadent and tasty drink but are too lazy to go out and wait in long queues at the coffee shops, this instant cappuccino coffee from Hills Bros might be the one for you. Also, you will be able to make up to 15 cups for the whole coffee can. 

Furthermore, this classic cappuccino-flavored coffee is decadent and frothy, containing only a bit of sweetness. On top of that, it has a rich and creamy taste, which is another reason to drink this great coffee. All you need to do is just mix the coffee powder with hot water, stir it fully, and enjoy it while resting on your couch comfortably. Other recipes which you might be interested in trying with this coffee include topping whipped cream, and caramel when making an iced caramel cappuccino. Besides that, you can blend it with vanilla to make it a vanilla frappe. Lastly, you can also blend it with hot chocolate with ground cinnamon on top. 

What we like 

  • Can make up to 15 cups
  • Has a very delicious flavor 
  • Comes in a compact can; easy to store  
  • Does not take long to make 
  • Can be used in other recipes as well
  • Cappuccino -flavored 
  • Rich and great flavor 

What we don’t like 

  • Has a thick consistency 
  • Very little coffee flavor 
  • Does not dissolve very well in boiling water 

Instant Coffee vs. Regular Coffee

Well, making a choice to select between instant coffee and regular coffee is still hard for some coffee lovers, especially when there are a lot of myths and rumors saying how instant coffee is not as good as the brewed coffee. For the record, instant coffee is also another type of coffee. It’s just that there are actually some fundamental differences between instant coffee and regular coffee. Those differences include types of coffee beans, different brewing methods, and differences in flavor, cost, and time as well. 

Time and simplicity

Unquestionably, one of the biggest differences between instant coffee and regular coffee is the time to prepare the coffee and its simplicity. Instant coffee takes less time to make than regular coffee. You just measure the right amount of crystals or granules on a teaspoon, add hot or warm water, and you’ll have a cup of joe in your hand in less than 1 minute. This is exceptionally helpful and time-saving when you’re in a rush to work or study. 

On the other hand, you cannot do the same with regular coffee. Even when you have ready ground coffee, the operation of preparing coffee will at least take a few minutes (without cleaning the coffee tools).  

IIII. Instant vs. regular coffee

On top of that, there are no complications or hassles at all when making an instant coffee. It is speedy and very easy to make- anyone can make it. Whereas for regular coffee, you need to use the right coffee equipment because you will receive different coffee experiences, and different equipment also requires different grinds. 


Taste or flavor is another thing that both instant coffee and regular coffee do not have in common. While regular coffee is fresh-brewed coffee that does not remove essential oils and much caffeine, it gives you a bolder, stronger, and more flavorful variety compared to instant coffee.

Health benefits 

The differences in flavor aside, the antioxidant amount in both types of coffee are almost the same. Even though some people tend to jump to a false conclusion about instant coffee’s flavor, most instant coffees these days are stepping up their game by using higher-quality coffee beans to produce their coffee. In fact, there are certain companies that are using freeze-drying technology, organic ingredients, and natural Arabica beans that guarantee the taste and the health of every coffee drinker.


And of course, the cost is the last point to end this discussion between instant coffee and regular coffee. Cheap instant coffees are lower in price due to the fact that it does not require you to buy any equipment. All you need is a jar/ a can/ packets of coffee, a spoon, and a cup of hot water. This is completely different from regular brewed coffee that costs way much more.

The Ultimate Buying Guides To Best Instant Coffees- Important Tips To Look At 

Type of roast 

Despite appearing as an instant coffee powder using almost the same methods, that does not mean that the taste will be the same for all. Do not expect that to happen

  1. Light roast:

This type of coffee roast contains a hint of sourness and goes well when mixed with milk. Moreover, light roast coffee is great for soft raw materials, bringing you an aromatic coffee smell and a nice taste. 

  1. Medium roast:

This is another most preferred type of coffee roast, which is a dark granule with a fairly oily surface. Furthermore, medium roast coffee also features a sweet as well as sour aroma and flavor, making this type of coffee roast outstanding. It’s also worth remembering that medium roast is more muddy and saturated than light roast coffee.

  1. Dark roast:

Dark roast is a stronger type of coffee roast than the two mentioned above. This type of coffee roast has dark brown bits with few traces of oiliness. In addition, the dark roast has a milder sour taste compared to the three above. Moreover, it contains a brighter look and a more saturated taste due to the release of essential oils. 

  1. Highest roast:

This is the highest coffee roast level mostly preferred by most Europeans. This type of coffee roast has deeper brown grains that are very similar to black. Also, they are oilier along with a more bitter flavor. Last but not least, this highest roast coffee is very popular for its pure raw form, and most importantly, it blends very well with cream. 

Decaf vs. non-decaf

This obviously has everything to do with the caffeine levels. While decaf coffee has gone through a process of removing a vast amount of caffeine, some people would choose non-decaf instant coffee for its richer coffee taste and aroma. However, decaf coffee is a good choice for pregnant women and others with health-related issues. While non-decaf coffee is better for people on a diet or those who cannot drink regular coffee for some reasons. 

Flavors and additives 

Oftentimes, certain instant coffees feature additives that help the quick-brewing method just like single serve steeped coffees. Since there are some particular flavors that you might or might not like, you should always check the details about the flavors before purchasing one. 


Too much acidity in coffee can lead to possible health problems. Hence, the best coffee is one with the lowest level of acidity. In fact, the processing method, the coffee plantation’s height, and the level of roasting all contribute to the level of acidity. Thus, doing some research and reading customers’ past feedbacks about the product will help you find the best coffee with low acidity. 

Type of beans

The two most commonly used coffee beans in coffees are Robusta and Arabica. While Robusta is more widely used in making instant coffee, Arabica takes the lead when it comes to quality.  Nevertheless, it also depends on your personal preference. You’ll opt for Robusta if you want a hardy coffee bean and a bitter taste. However, you’ll go for Arabica if you’re into a slightly sweeter coffee flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I make my instant coffee taste better? 

First off, put a scoop of coffee powder or crystals using a teaspoon, and put it in a cup or a mug. After that, add a tablespoon of cold water and stir it until it dissolves. Then, pour the freshly boiled water into the mug or the cup. You can also add milk or sugar as per your preferences or needs. This tip will significantly improve the coffee flavor and aroma. 

When is the best time to make coffee? 

We advise you to consume coffee or any other type of coffee at least six to eight hours before sleeping time. Therefore, you should limit your coffee consumption to mid-afternoon, probably around 4 p.m. This is to prevent severe insomnia to disrupt your sleeping time and avoid low-quality sleep as well. 

Final Words 

Above all, we have conducted thorough research in order to bring only the best coffees for everyone to try. Within this article, you have also gained useful information and other insights about instant coffee that you may have not heard or known before. Also, please always refer to the ultimate buying guide that contains some of the most crucial factors listed above when buying one.

V. Final words

Armed with this much information, are you still hesitant and doubtful about instant coffee? With these many advantages, are you ready to change the mindset you used to have about instant coffees? Purchase one of the best tasting instant coffees in our article today to experience the unlimited and delicious flavor of instant coffee! 

Now, let's make the 3 classic iced coffee recipes by using one of the best instant coffees.


Addicted to coffee? Boring to stand in a busy line to grab just a cup of your favorite coffee? If your answer is “yes”, congrats that you have landed on a proper page. So, if you love drinking coffee, but are bored purchasing at the coffee shop, why not do yourself a favor—Easy Homemade Coffee.

Brewing a cup of coffee at home has many benefits for your daily life. It simply saves you so much money, time and of course it will bring so much enjoyment and peace of mind when you  brew your own coffee. 

To help you out in brewing a cup of coffee successfully as a professional barista does, we are going to show you 10 well-known easy coffee homemade recipes that you can’t help, but falling in love with every one of them instantly. Below the description appears 10 well-known and tasty coffee recipes. Let’s have a look at it now!

1. Iced Coffee 

1. Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is the easiest drink to make. Firstly, prepare a tall glass with a long spoon to reach the glass bottom. Secondly, fill the glass with some cubes of ice. Thirdly combine instant coffee, sugar, and warm water in a sealable jar. Next, cover the jar as well as shake till it is foamy. After that pour the mixture into the iced glass. In this step remember to fill it almost to the top.

Then fill the glass with milk. However, if you desire a decadent coffee, just add cream. Yet, if you prefer a little lighter, you can simply use whole milk or fat-free milk. Whereas, nonfat milk is for taste lighter. Finally, add either 1 teaspoon of sugar or whatever type of sweetener as you usually add. Lastly, serve yourself this tasty and simple iced coffee, surely you will love it.

Sum-up Ingredients 

2. Cafe Latte

2. Cafe Latte

Here you go, the convenient homemade coffee—Cafe Latte. A caffe latte, is a coffee drink that mixes espresso with steamed milk as well as a thin layer of foam. Moreover, latte tends to serve both hot and iced. Yet, it is mostly served hot. Hence, comes with us to make a cup of cafe latte with the recipe description below.

Firstly, heat milk in a saucepan with medium-low heat. Secondly, use a wire whisk to whisk briskly to make foam. Thirdly, brew espresso and pour them into 4 cups. After that pouring the milk in. Additionally, it should be up to a 3 quarter-inch layer of foam on top of the cafe latte. Lastly, gently pour the foam with the back of the spoon. On the other hand, if you prefer iced latte, you could just pour espresso and milk over ice without froth the milk. 

Sum-up Ingredients 

3. Pour-Over Coffee

3. Pour-Over Coffee

Super simple brewing method will be seen from Pour-over coffee when you have all of the tools and ingredients. The pour-over coffee is a coffee drink that lets you taste the real flavor of the coffee. In order to make the pour-over coffee, specific tools should never be overlooked. Including a pour-over coffee brewer, which has a dripper and carafe, and a gooseneck. After gathering all of the needed ingredients and tools, begin with warming the serving cup with hot water first. 

Then, add water to the gooseneck kettle and heat it to reach temperature between 195 F-205 F. Next grind coffee beans as coarse sand size and measure the ground coffee in the brewer. Dumping the water from the cup after the water is heated and set the drip cone on the cup's rim. After that pour just sufficient water from the center of the coffee grounds. Leave it to stay still for 30-45 seconds. Then continue slowly to pour water over the coffee as circles which begin in the middle and move outwards. Lastly, the coffee will dip for about 30 seconds then add rest from the 300mL water.

Sum-up Ingredients 

4. Cappuccino


Coffee lovers enjoy drinking cappuccino which is Italian coffee. The special feature of the cappuccino is, it is made of equal parts dual espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam on the top. Moreover, it is smaller in volume compared to a latte. Also, includes a thicker layer of micro-foam. Likewise, espresso usually uses dark roasted coffee and ground finely. To make a cup of cappuccino, you have to gather all of the needed ingredients in advance which includes coffee, water, and milk. 

Firstly, take the water to the boiler of the espresso machine and add 2 shots of ground espresso into the portafilter. Secondly, press coffee down for 2-3 times to ensure tightly packing the grounds. Thirdly, bring the portafilter to the espresso machine's group head as well as turn to the right to lock in place. Then, place a glass carafe under the group head and pull the shot for 23-30 seconds. Consequently, you have finished with double shots of espresso when the shot is pulled. Next step is to foam the milk. Place the milk into a glass and insert into the container with the milk. Remember to keep the tip of the wand towards the side of the container because it will make a vortex with the milk. When the milk has foamed just turn the steam wand off. Finally, top foamed milk on the espresso and quickly add the milk.

Sum-up Ingredients 

5. Affogato


If you prefer to drink coffee and eat dessert at the same time, an affogato is an incredible choice. The Affogato is an Italian coffee drink that has ice cream on top of the espresso. Amazingly, it is super easy to make it at home. With that said, all of the needed ingredients are a scoop of vanilla ice cream, 2 ounces of hot brewed coffee and a piece of chocolate. 

Firstly, leave a glass in the freezer for less than 20 minutes. As a result, no more concern on melting a scoop of ice-cream when pouring the hot coffee in. Secondly, add a large scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream in the glass. Thirdly, pour the coffee slowly over the ice cream. Lastly, garnish grated chocolate to enjoy in a tasty taste.

Sum-up Ingredients 

6. Frappuccino


Even Frappuccino seems to have a lot of calories, yet when it is made at home, it will be different. No doubt, you are able to control the calories by yourself. In addition, the Frappuccino is not so difficult or complicated to make. Now, you can just freeze the homemade Frappuccino in either mason jars or thawed. In order to make the Frappuccino, just follow the instructions below.

Firstly, brew strong coffee and let them cold. In this step, you can directly keep in the freezer to speed up. Secondly, add the string chilled coffee and milk with sweetened condensed milk to mix. Thirdly, split half of the vanilla bean and take seeds in the blender. Fourthly, fill ice into the blender until there is a little space at the top. Finally, mix them until smooth as well as top up the prepared whipped cream. 

Sum-up Ingredients 

7. Coffee With Tea (Hong Kong Yuanyang)

7. Coffee With Tea (Hong Kong Yuanyang)

Is it fine to combine coffee with tea? The answer is “Yes” and it tastes flavorful. Hence, comes with “Yuanyang” which is a popular coffee drink in Hong Kong. This type of coffee drink is made of coffee and tea and tastes so perfect. Want to have a drink? Now, you do not have to fly to Hong Kong. You can still drink that kind of drink at home based on the following recipes.

Firstly, brew Bolivian drip coffee for extra strong taste. However, you can use a dark roast such as Italian or French expresso if there are unavailable Bolivian coffee. Secondly, mix the coffee with the tea in a medium-sized pitcher. Then fill ice into two 8-ounce glasses. Finally, pour the mixture of coffee and tea over the ice. You will gain a tasty Coffee With Tea immediately.

Sum-up Ingredients 

8. Maple Almond Latte

8. Maple Almond Latte

The Maple Almond Latte is a heaven flavored coffee beverage. Within just 5 mn, you will enjoy a cup of homemade Maple Almond Latte. Moreover, it is so convenient to make this type of latte. You just brew a dark roasted coffee and pour it over maple syrup and add a little of almond extract.

When in the step of waiting for coffee brewing, heat milk in the microwave for 30-45 seconds until hot. After that, shake for 30 seconds until the milk turns into the frothy. Next, pour coffee and frothed milk with almond extract over the maple syrup to stir. Last step, sprinkle cinnamon for a good look and increase the taste.

Sum-up Ingredients 

9. Cocoa Flavors Whipped Coffee


Cocoa flavors whipped coffee is an interesting coffee drink for those who enjoy both coffee and cocoa flavor. However, one tbsp cocoa powder is enough to bring the cocoa flavors into whipped coffee. Firstly, gather all of the necessary ingredients including instant 2 tbsp coffee; sugar and hot water each. Along with 3/4 cup ice or hot milk and 1 tbsp cocoa powder.

Secondly, combine instant coffee, warm or hot water, and sugar in a huge bowl and prepare well to whip. Then using your high-speed whisk technique to whip the combination continuously. Thirdly, just add in the cocoa powder and whisk for 15 seconds. Maybe it takes a long time because the cocoa is the dry powder, it needs some time to dissolve. Finally, pour the cream on the top of a hot or cold cup of milk. Everything is all set up as a result.

Sum-up Ingredients 

10. Caramel Vanilla Iced Coffee

10. Caramel Vanilla Iced Coffee

Updated the taste of your homemade coffee to smell like a mix of Caramel and Vanilla. This homemade recipe is called Caramel Vanilla Iced Coffee. We are sure that you will become addicted with this tasty coffee drink. It is extremely simple to make and taste unparalleled and delicious. Moreover, there are only 4 main ingredients including coffee, ice, caramel and milk.

Firstly, drizzle a bit of caramel sauce in a tall glass and fill some cubes to almost the top of the glass. Secondly, foam the milk and pour it over ice. Then pour 2 tablespoons of vanilla syrup to a brew espresso shot and add over the frothed milk and ice. After that drizzle with additional caramel. Lastly, serve yourself this tasty Caramel Vanilla Iced Coffee. 

Sum-up Ingredients 

As a coffee lover, spending valuable time to make a cup of favorite coffee is the happiest moment in the world, especially brewing many different types of tasty coffee at home. The above 10 homemade recipes stand to be the best tutorial course for those who enjoy drinking self-brewed coffee. We hope that the description will give you a hand to become a pro barista at home. Moreover, please let us know if you have any questions on the comment below.


Mixing favorite foods together is such a common mouth-watering experience, meanwhile mixing favorite drinks together would be also an incredible attempt. Imagine adding a little liquor to your freshly brewed coffee, what’s gonna happen? Voila,  there you go the supremely tasty Coffee Cocktails!

Coffee cocktails are not new, but still many people haven’t tried them yet. Believe it or not, coffee cocktails come to fulfill your satisfaction when you crave to drink coffee and alcohol at the same time. There are a large number of coffee cocktail recipes represented in every corner of the world but only if you know what tastes best for you. 

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, come with us to explore the truth about coffee cocktail recipes that you may never know before. We display the 11 best coffee cocktail recipes in order to satisfy your desire for caffeine and alcohol in just one glass. Since coffee cocktails have such an alluring savor with thousands of super convenient ways to mix it up, wouldn’t you give it a try? Check out our collection of coffee cocktails recipes now!

1. Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is the traditional recipe that all coffee lovers should never overlook. It was found in the 1940s in Ireland as well as considered to be a standard wonderful coffee cocktail. Moreover, it has a simple way to make Irish coffee. There are no complicated ingredients to prepare the Irish Coffee.

Firstly, you have to brew the fresh coffee first. Use espresso if you prefer strongly-flavored drinks. As a result, a batch of regular brewed coffee is an incredible option. Secondly, warm up a glass of Irish coffee in advance with hot water. After that, add hot coffee to approximately 3/4 full of glass. Then, add two cocktail sugar cubes and stir well until fully dissolved. Here for the sweetener, you can use either white sugar or brown sugar, or molasses, or a combination of sweeteners. Next, add the Irish Whisky of one and a half oz to the mixture and stir really well. Then, top with the whipped cream lightly.

Sum-up Ingredients 

2. Hot Boozy Coffee

Start a party day with this comfort drink, which is called Hot Boozy Coffee. With that said, it has a super convenient step to make a cup of hot boozy coffee. Firstly, put the whipped cream into a bowl as well as a whip with a whisk, it can be electric. In this step, you have to whip until soft peaks. Next, add granulated sugar to taste.

Secondly, bring out Sunkist orange peel and lightly “burn” with a lighter. Consequently, it will assist the oils to come out which will flavor the coffee at the end. Thirdly, pour both 1/2 oz brandy and Grand Marnier as well as 1/2 oz of Kahlua with freshly brewed coffee in a mug. Then, stir them well with the orange peel. Lastly, top the whipped cream on the finished mixed coffee and enjoy tasty Hot Boozy Coffee.

Sum-up Ingredients

3. Irish Winter Cocktail Coffee

For just 3 minutes to prepare, guarantees you will gain Irish cocktail coffee for this winter. Of course, the drink for the winter season is a hot drink. As a result, this Irish winter is a hot cocktail which has quick and simple recipes to make it. It is a subtle transformation of the original classic Irish coffee, which just follows the Irish coffee recipes. With that said, in a warm mug pour both Irish whiskey and coffee liqueur as well as Irish cream. Remember that in order to ensure it stays warm even the last drop, you have to leave hot water inside for a few minutes. 

Then fill with hot coffee and stir well to combine the mixture. However, for this winter Irish recipe has to dual up on the coffee flavor by just adding a little shot of coffee liqueur for sweetness. Then backed by Irish whiskey and softened with whipped cream. Finally, there will be a perfect-rounded hot coffee cocktail appearing in-front of you.

Sum-up Ingredients 

4. Cafe Amore

Other types of coffee cocktails are Cafe Amore or French Connection. This kind of coffee cocktail is made of cognac and amaretto. In order to enjoy the Cafe Amore, you just mix both equal amounts of cognac and amaretto liqueur into a cup of hot black coffee. With that said, just a simple adding an ounce of Cognac and an ounce of Amaretto to an ice glass and stir it. Next, fill the glass with hot black coffee.

On the other hand, the ratio of the 2 liquors of this Cafe Amore recipe is adjustable. If you prefer sweeter, just pour more amaretto. In addition, if you like an interesting look, whipped cream and shaved almonds are an incredible option to top up on the Cafe Amore. The French Connection is also a perfect recommendation alcoholic drinks for the winter season, have a try, we are sure you will like it!

Sum-up Ingredients 

5. Italian Coffee

The Italian coffee was produced in Campania, Italy in 1860. The main needed ingredient of Italian cocktail Coffee is Strega. Strega is an herbal blend that is seen in golden color after infusion with saffron. However, the Strega releases a wild aroma of mint and a sweet smell of fennel and juniper when mixed with hot coffee. Consequently, combining hot coffee with the Strega will bring you an aromatic bouquet sense for a comforting experience.

With just a few ingredients and simply add in, you will have a taste of Italian coffee. With that said, just pour coffee and Strega into a hot coffee glass and add 1 tps of sugar. Finally, top some cream as well as sprinkle with nutmeg. The unique taste of Italian Cocktail Coffee is waiting for your sipping.

Sum-up Ingredients 

6. Kentucky Coffee

Kentucky is an American South Irish coffee. Likewise, thinking of the Kentucky coffee, paring the bourbon with sweetener and whisky will appear in the sea of the brain. Of course, another important ingredient is 6 oz of hot coffee. The Kentucky coffee has a super easy recipe to follow. Consequently, prepare all of the mentioned ingredients and make the Kentucky coffee within a few minutes.

Firstly, fill half full of hot coffee to the glass and add 1 oz bourbon with a dash of vanilla extract. In addition, for sweetening just add sugar to taste and top whipped cream on the glass. Moreover, you can use Honey liqueur as the sweetener to tame whisky perfectly.

Sum-up Ingredients 

7. Black Orange Russian

The Black Russian is a tasty twist coffee cocktail. Moreover, it only needs two essential ingredients including coffee liqueur and vodka. It is so simple and easy to make the Black Russian. Make it a try with us. Within a few minutes, guarantees you get a delicious Black Orange Russian.

Firstly, fill a coffee glass with some ice cubes and pour vodka and coffee liqueur. After that, stir it well and garnish with the orange peel. Besides, the Black Russian can use either a chocolate or a chocolate raspberry vodka for an extra interesting experience. Then serve yourself this delicious drink.

Sum-up Ingredients 

8. White Russian Coffee Cocktail

The White Russian cocktail is a drink which transformed from Black Russian. There are several interesting ways to make the White Russian. Firstly, create Black Russian in advance and just add cream to it. Hence, it will turn from a dark color to white color. 

Second way is to adjust the coffee liqueur with cold brew coffee. In this method, you have to fill a glass with some cubes of ice first. Then add vodka and either milk or cream with cold brewed coffee. After that, stir it well, it will turn to white. Lastly, the White Russian can be served hot by just adding the vodka and milk to a glass of hot coffee. 

Sum-up Ingredients 

9. Sombrero Cocktail

The Sombrero Cocktail is another including Kahlúa with milk. Moreover, it is the most convenient drink to mix up and stands for a wonderful dinner cocktail. Specially for those who prefer a smooth and casual cocktail. Yet lighter than the White Russian in comparison. The Sombrero Cocktail is an incredible choice to make a try.

Kahlúa is a well-known coffee liqueur on the everyday market. Also, the sombrero can be used with any coffee liqueur. So, you can freely choose one of your favorite coffee liqueurs. Next comes up with an easy way to make the Sombrero Cocktail. Firstly, gather all of the ingredients for saving time. Secondly, pour a shot of coffee liqueur after filling some cubes of ices into the glass. Thirdly, top with milk or cream. The sombrero is a little thicker when you fill it with cream. However, half and half or cream and milk should be a perfect middle ground. Finally, enjoy your Sombrero Cocktail with a stir stick if you prefer to stir it, though the sombrero cocktail usually served unstirred.

Sum-up Ingredients 

10. Nutty Irishman

The Nutty Irishman is a delicious and famous drink that has an easy recipe to make it. No matter your desire for either a layered party shot or a creamy sipper, the Nutty Irishman is a perfect mixed drink to fill out your needs. The most essential ingredients to make this type of drink have only two including hazelnut liqueur and Irish cream.

Firstly, choose a shot glass to prepare for the Nutty Irishman. Secondly, pour the hazelnut liqueur into the glass. Thirdly, add the Irish cream on the top slowly by pouring over the back of a spoon. Within just 3 minutes you will enjoy the Nutty Irishman for your winter.

Sum-up Ingredients 

11. The Spanish Coffee Carajillo

After trying this Spanish Carajillo once, we are sure you will desire it more. With that said, because of its smooth and powerful combination of alcohol and caffeine. The Carajillo has a convenient recipe to make this drink. However, the Spanish Coffee Carajillo recipe has many steps to go. 

Firstly, wetting the rim of a glass with the prepared orange slice. Secondly, pour sugar onto the plate as well as dip the glass upside down into the sugar. Thirdly, brew the coffee and add the shaker contents with Jamaican rum to the coffee. As well as add both ¼ oz Grand Marnier and coffee liqueur with brown sugar syrup. Next, stir the mixture perfectly. After that, slowly float cream by the back side of the bar spoon to the top of the glass.

Sum-up Ingredients 

No longer hesitate, bring this recipe's article and mix up one of your favorite coffee cocktails for both the summer and winter season. Finally, leave us a comment if you have any questions. As well as let us know your experience when you have tried with one of these 10 coffee cocktails in the comment below.


Coffee mug warmers can heat up your cool-down coffee immediately and keep it warm for several hours with the original rich flavors. Especially, if you are an office worker or a student that spends a lot of time in front of a table, then this compact and convenient coffee mug warmer will offer you many benefits. We prefer to drink coffee at the temperature that we like or want to enjoy. So, we are going to introduce to you the best coffee mug warmers that can heat up your coffee all day long.

In the easiest and simplest way, you can think of the coffee mug warmers as a small size version of the electric kettle. These products can keep your coffee at your desired temperature and you can enjoy your hot coffee whenever you want. If you are a person who wants to make coffee taste more pleasurable with just only a single mug, then you should read this article till the end and choose your best selection of the top 10 Coffee Mug Warmers in 2021. 

10. COSORI Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

  Buy on Amazon.com

CORORI coffee mug warmer is specially designed for coffee lovers who enjoy drinking hot coffee. Surely, it can heat up your coffee or other beverages as long as you put your mug on the heating surface. COSORI coffee mug amazon will be an ideal gift for those who like hot drinks, especially people working at offices or home. One of the amazing features of this product is its memory feature. Meaning that this mug warmer can remember the last temperature you set, and from the next time you use it, it directly goes to that certain level of heat or temperature.

Most importantly, this COSORI model is very safe to use. Just in case of emergencies, the product is designed for fire resistance. Additionally, it heats up the surface very evenly, without overheating issues. Moreover, the product is made of good quality stainless steel material so that it can serve for a long time with durability compared to other plastic products. COSORI coffee mug comes with an anti-spill feature, so you do not need to worry about making a mess on our desks or tables. Last but not least, the model has an LED display feature that can brighten the control panel. 

What We Like

  • Adjustable temperature system
  • High resistance for spillage
  • Offer temperature memory feature
  • Bright LED control panel
  • Good quality stainless steel material

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for big size mugs

9. BESTINNKITS Gravity-induction Coffee Mug Warmer

  Buy on Amazon.com

If what you need is a small mug warmer with smart features, then, Bestinnkits will be your choice. It has very interesting and unique features including the gravity induction function. Believe it or not, the coffee mug warmer will automatically start working once you put your mug on it. Therefore, you do not need to turn it on and off, and this product will give you much convenience. This gravity induction coffee mug warmer is an ideal product for those who like travelling and take it to drink hot beverages.

Moreover, the surface of the coffee tea mug warmer is made of water-resistant quality material. So, even when you split some of your drink, it would not affect the mug warmer at all. Additionally, thanks to the glass material heating pad, it looks very clean and you can clean the surface very easily as well. Furthermore, this model can be used with any size of mugs and will heat up any drinks such as coffee, milk, tea or more. 

What We Like

  • Auto turn on and off function
  • Water resistant quality material surface
  • Very easy to clean the warmer surface
  • Perfect amount of heat
  • Portable size which is good for travelling
  • Offer various color options

What We Don’t Like

  • Might consume electricity due to its large glass warmer surface

8. VOBAGA Auto Shut-Off Coffee Mug Warmer Plate

If you are looking for a coffee mug warmer that has temperature adjustment, then you can consider the Vobaga model. First of all, it has three different temperature levels so that you can adjust according to your needs. Additionally, the product can distribute the heat very evenly even to the bottom of the surface. Secondly, this coffee mug warmer will automatically shut off after 4 hours of operation. So, even when you are not in the office or home, you do not need to worry about overheating your drinks or consuming unnecessary electricity.

Thirdly, The light on the panel will turn blue when your beverages are heated up to a certain temperature. This is to avoid some kind of accidents such as scald due to overheating. Fourthly, in order to prevent spillage accidents, the surface of the Vobaga coffee mug warmer is made of waterproof quality material. Apart from this, the product is designed to be very durable and sturdy as you can see from the picture. Lastly, Vobaga coffee warmer amazon is a very safe and reliable product that you can get in the market.

What We Like

  • Auto shut off function
  • A very safe product to use
  • Offer three temperature levels
  • A good choice to give as a gift
  • Consume little electricity
  • Durable quality product

What We Don’t Like

  • Have noise when it alarms

7. Misby Desk Coffee Mug Warmer

  Buy on Amazon.com

If you are looking for a coffee mug warmer that is practical and can give you many benefits, then you can consider the Misby brand model. Surely, it would be a perfect electronic device on your desk to keep your coffee or other beverages warm and hot. What is unique is that it can also keep your drinks at a cool temperature as well, not only hot temperature. Additionally, this coffee mug warmer has an auto on and off function which is very convenient to use.

All you need to do is just place your mug on the warmer plate and check whether the device is turned on. And your drink will be at the ideal temperature that you like to drink. Overall, a Misby coffee mug warmer is a great product that you should have in your homes or offices. Moreover, it can heat up any drinks including coffee, milk, tea, chocolate and so on. Another benefit that you can get from this model is that it consumes very little power. 

What We Like

  • High quality material
  • Suitable for almost any kind of material cup
  • Have auto on and off function
  • Pretty and sleek appearance
  • Easy to clean and safe to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Does not come with a cup
  • Some customers complain that the heating feature is not really good

6. Anbanglin Coffee Mug Warmer for Desk

  Buy on Amazon.com

The next coffee mug warmer is offered by Anbanglin. First of all, it has three different levels of temperature that can heat up your drink. You can warm whatever beverage you want to drink such as coffee, milk, tea or else. You can just simply touch the turn on button softly and it will start working. Secondly, just in case you leave your office or forget to turn it off, this Anbanglin coffee mug warmer automatically turns off after 4 hours of operation.

Most importantly, it does not have any noise while heating, so it won’t affect your work at all. Thirdly, thanks to the high-quality material used, the product is highly resistant to water and fire. In other words, Anbanglin electric coffee mug warmer is very safe to use. Fourthly, the warmer plate is suitable to put any material cup on it, including plastic cups. Last but not least, this product comes with a 12 months warranty, so if there are any problems with the product, then you can refund or change it anytime.

What We Like

  • Easy to clean and safe to use
  • Offer three temperature settings
  • Have auto shut off function
  • Suitable with any kind of material cups
  • Good to give as a gift

What We Don’t Like

  • Not the best quality product
  • Not suitable for those who like very hot drinks

5. KRGMNHR Coffee Mug Warmer 

  Buy on Amazon.com

The next coffee mug warmer is from KRGMNHR with an auto shut off feature. First of all, this model has two temperature settings so that you can adjust it according to your needs. It can warm up your drink up to 60 degrees. Also, even when you forget to turn the warmer off, thanks to the auto shut off feature, you do not need to worry about fire or security at all. The product will automatically turn off after 4 hours of operation. 

Secondly, KRGMNHR coffee mug warmer is suitable for most kinds of cups. In other words, you can put whatever material mug on the warmer to heat up your beverage. However, the best ideal mug to put on the alloy is a thin cup that can conduct heat easily. Thirdly, in order to prevent any accidents, the alloy is made of high-quality waterproof aluminium and glass material. Therefore, even if you split the beverage on the alloy, you can simply clean it very conveniently. 

What We Like

  • Offer two different temperature settings
  • Auto shut off feature
  • High quality materials with waterproof alloy
  • Ideal for any kinds of mug materials
  • Good to give as a gift

What We Don’t Like

  • Might not be suitable for those who like very hot drinks

4. Symani Coffee Mug Warmer

  Buy on Amazon.com

The next model that we are going to introduce to you is offered by Symani. This coffee mug warmer is very convenient and easy to use. For Instance, you can simply plug the cord and touch the switch and then the blue light will turn on. After that, you can simply put your mug on that warmer to heat up your drinks. Additionally, in order to ensure your safety while you are busy with your work or study, the product has an auto shut off feature. Unlike the other models that we mentioned above, this coffee mug warmer will shut off after 8 hours of operation. 

Moreover, we cannot miss mentioning its water repellent design. The sleek and smooth glass surface is not only looking good, but it is very convenient and easy to clean as well. Especially, when you slit some drinks on it, you can simply clean it with a tissue or dishcloth. Furthermore, Symani coffee mug warmer is suitable to use with any kind of material cup. In addition to the mugs, it would be great to use thick wall cups rather than thick ones in order to conduct the heat very well.

What We Like

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can warm up your drink quickly
  • Good temperature control
  • Nice to give as a gift
  • Portable size

What We Don’t Like

  • No auto turn off feature

3. ARISKEY Coffee Mug Warmer with Spoon 

  Buy on Amazon.com

The third high-ranking coffee mug warmer is offered by ARISKEY. And it is selected as Amazon’s Choice product due to its excellent quality and features. First of all, it is specially designed to warm up your drinks at a temperature that is very perfect to drink. This amazon coffee mug warmer can heat up your beverages up to 55 degrees which are the perfect temperature. Therefore, any kind of material cups can be placed on the warmer even plastic material cups.

Secondly, ARISKEY coffee mug warmer comes with an intelligent auto turn on and off feature. In other words, this product controls the temperature of the drinks automatically without setting or controlled by people. For instance, if the drinks are heated up to a certain level, then the warmer automatically turn off to prevent any accidents. Thus, it is a very safe and reliable product to use in your homes and offices. Last but not least, ARISKEY coffee mug warmer is made of high-quality materials. 

What We Like

  • Durable quality product
  • Amazon’s Choice model
  • Come with an intelligent temperature control
  • Perfect temperature warm-up
  • Reliable product to use

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for hot beverage drinkers

2. Oracer Coffee Mug Warmer with Auto Shut Off 

  Buy on Amazon.com

The second top-ranking product is offered by Oracer. If you need a sleek and solid coffee mug warmer, then without a doubt, Oracer model will be one of your top considerations. This modern design will perfectly match your kitchen, home, or office interiors. For product specifications, there is a one-touch control panel that you can adjust whatever you want with a single simple touch. Moreover, this product offers two different temperature settings for you to warm up your drinks. 

Further, the high-quality glass material surface is waterproof quality, so, even when you split some drink, it won’t cause any problems. Also, you can easily clean it as well. What is more, is its auto shut off feature. The coffee mug warmer will automatically shut off after 8 hours of operation. Therefore, even when you forget to turn it off when you leave your work or study, you would not need to worry about any accidents. On top of that, Oracer coffee mug warmer can also be served as a candle warmer. Meaning that, without turning on the light on your candles, the fragrant smell can fill up your entire room thanks to this mug warmer. 

What We Like

  • Convenient one touch control panel
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Offer two temperature settings
  • High-quality waterproof design
  • Can be used as a candle warmer

What We Don’t Like

  • Only keep your drinks warm, not for hot ones

1. Voolta Coffee Mug Warmer with Aluminum Pad

  Buy on Amazon.com

Now we are very excited to introduce to you the number one best quality coffee mug warmer that is offered by Voolta. What is unique from this model is that it can hold up to a constant temperature level and keep your drinks at that temperature for a long time. In other words,  you would not need to reheat your beverage if you have Voolta coffee mug warmer. Superb that is, this model comes in a very portable and minimalist design. Therefore, you can easily carry it to any places you go if you need to take them to other places.

Apart from this, Volta coffee mug warmer can be used with any shaped cups. Because it comes with an aluminium pad so that you can place it between the mugs and the surface of the warmer. Then it can stay in a balanced shape and heat up your beverage up to your favourite temperature. Besides, this model is a multipurpose warmer. Meaning that you can warm up whatever drinks that you like to drink, such as coffee, milk, tea or so forth 

What We Like

  • Unique aluminium pad
  • Amazon’s Choice product
  • Very portable size
  • Multipurpose coffee mug warmer
  • Can stay the constant temperature

Buying Guides for Choosing the Best Coffee Mug Warmers in 2021

So far, we introduced to you the top 10 best coffee mug warmers in 2021. And as you can read, each of them has its own pros and cons, and their functions are slightly different from each other. Additionally, there are many types of coffee mug warmers and the benefit that you can get from those products are also not the same as well. Therefore, choosing the right coffee mug warmer for you might be a hard task to decide. That’s why we prepared the buying guides for you that can help you make a better decision when you purchase one for yourself.

Adjustable Temperature

Of course, the adjustable temperature settings would be the most important factor to consider when you buy a coffee mug warmer. Because the purpose of getting it is to drink warm or hot beverages according to your needs. Make sure that you check the temperature level carefully if you like to drink hot beverages.

Wireless or Cord Coffee Mug Warmers

There are different types of the coffee mug warmer, which are cordless and cord models. Both of them have their own benefits. However, we strongly recommend you to choose the cord model. Because wireless products sometimes cause some problems and many customers complain about those models. Additionally, the cord coffee mug warmer is more powerful than the wireless ones.

Cord Length

Also, when you purchase a coffee mug warmer, pay attention to its cord length. Generally, it would be better if the cord is as long as possible. But if the socket is near the place that you are going to place the mug warmer, then the short length is not a problem as well. 


You should choose the appropriate size or appearance coffee mug warmer according to your needs. For example, if the purpose of the product is for traveling, then you should purchase a product that is small and portable enough. However, if you are going to place it on your desks in your rooms, then the size of the model wouldn’t be a problem, but you might want a pretty design that has a sleek appearance.

By far, you can put your coffee mug warmer on the table easily because it is very lightweight and space-saving. Here you can see one review for a coffee mug warmer that is used for the Home Office Desk by Coffee Maker Reviews

Now, let's check out 4 easy homemade coffee recipes for lockdown with instant coffee recipes 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does the length of the cord matter?

Yes, it does. Because the cord length might limit you to use it in many ways. For instance, if the length is short, then you only have to place it near the socket and not the place that you wanted to locate it. So, it is better to choose the long length model.

Are coffee mug warmers safe to use?

Yes, they are safe to use. Coffee mug warmers are usually made of water-resistant quality materials, so even when you split the beverage on the surface, it won’t cause any problems. Moreover, some models come with an auto turn off feature, which turns off your warmer automatically after a certain hours of operation. Therefore, they are reliable and safe to use.


So far, you’ve read the top 10 best coffee mug warmers in 2021. Obviously, there are many benefits that you can get from a single coffee mug warmer regardless of beverage types. Coffee mug warmers are all electric based products and can heat up your drinks conveniently. The way it works is similar to the kettles. And if you have it, you can drink the beverages at the temperature that you prefer anytime anywhere. 

Hopefully, this article and lists helped you gain more general knowledge regarding the eyebrow trimmers and help you to choose the best model for yourself. There are plenty of products in the market, but we only select the top quality and performance models for you. Therefore, you can trust us and make a purchase decision. You will never ever regret it. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

The thermal coffee carafe is a well-contained hot and cold drink with 2 layers container. Some thermal carafes are made from plastic, glass, stainless steel, and/or stainless material out-layered with aluminum, plastic, or other substances that can be made and designed. Moreover, the thermal carafe has come up with different sizes, lengths, and performances and some other types of thermal carafe can be used as a portable bottle for you to tag along to your office, trip, camping, and so on.

Using a thermal carafe is another way of saving money, it can be used to brew coffee, tea, store hot and cold drinks as any of your preferred choice of drinks. A thermal carafe is designed as a portable pot with a lid that can maintain the temperature inside. Coffee is supremely good to be used with a carafe and there are the 10 Best thermal coffee carafes in 2021 that you take into consideration when it comes to deal with temperature consistency.

10. Pykal Thermal Coffee Carafe 

  Buy on Amazon.com

The Thermaclick lid is one of the designs engineered by German’s technology that could hold up the longest temperature retention either to keep your coffee cold or hot, this model will never fail your drinks. And by its name, it also presents the click lid that helps retain heat longer and preserve the freshness of your drink. Moreover, with its 2.77 pounds weight, this model is designed with a dustproof spout cover that can protect your drink from insects and dust which could boost the hygiene of our body and this dust cover of this 2 litres carafe will only lift up when you are pouring your drink. Not only the dust cover that can protect your drink from spilling, but the non-slip rubber base also does its job to not, by any accident, slip-spill your coffee on any slippery surface. More importantly, this model of thermal coffee carafe uses double-wall stainless steel that certainly can ensure to prolong the temperature and it is also a rust-resistant model that is best to take into consideration.

This carafe also serves as a multi-purpose carafe that suits well with all the beverage needs, besides a coffee carafe, this also can be used as a milk carafe, juice dispenser, or even for wine as you wish. and you do not have to worry about cleaning off the dirt, this carafe is easy to clean but with the help of a brush that can make your carafe sparkling.

What we like

  • High capacity material
  • High retention for up to 24 hours for hot coffee and 48 hours for the cold coffee
  • One-year warranty

What we don’t like

  • Require careful notice in order to keep hot

9. Cresimo Thermal Carafe 

  Buy on Amazon.com

Cresimo 68 Oz thermal carafe has provided users with such an elegant double-walled stainless steel both interior and exterior built with durability in storing coffee and other drinks. It has come up with a technology lock-in temperature in keeping the freshness and flavor of your beverages and also it could hold long heat for 12 hours and cold retention for 24 hours. This model has provided such an easy and best choice for users to choose with its functions and performances has out-do others, this model is a single hand pouring which is easy for users to carry on with their work while pouring their favorite drinks, and it has a wide mouth opening which is easy to wash off the dirt and pouring drink faster. 

This thermal carafe model is like another other thermal that is best used for office coffee serving, at home or for any events or parties. With this double-walled stainless-steel carafe, it is built with condensation resistant that does not wet the outside surface or the tables. This model is also portable that you can bring along to your camping, travelling or anywhere that you wish to have your own made coffee or other drinks.

What we like

  • The durability of its double-walled stainless steel interior and exterior designs
  • Portable and pourable with just one hand
  • One-year warranty

What we don’t like

  • Leaking issue 
  • Require careful notice in order to keep hot

8. Pykal 68oz Thermal Coffee Carafe 

  Buy on Amazon.com

The thermal coffee carafe by Pykal designed with stainless steel and black handle and rotating lid which has the capacity of 68 ounces equivalent to 2 litres and it always has a safe tight lid that prevents any dust or dirt from invading your coffee or drinks. This model also comes with a rubber-base that helps in balancing on the slippery surface. And it is an easy-pouring carafe by pressing the button and if you are done pouring your drink, you just need to release the pressed button and you are all good to go and the lid will be back at its original position tightly. 

This thermal only need a brush to clean off the dirt and this is also an easy wash-off material that does not leave out the rust. However, here is a little warning note that you should keep in mind in order to have a long-lasting thermal carafe, you should not put your carafe in the dishwasher, submerge it in the sink that allows water to go through and affect the inner and outer cylinders. Though, still, it is a smart choice for your coffee and beverages that you need.

What we like

  • Tight lock and a non-slippery base
  • High retention for up to 24 hours for hot coffee and 48 hours for the cold coffee
  • Elegant design and performances

What we don’t like

  • Require to preheat the carafe for 10 mins

7. TOEARNIT Thermal Coffee Carafe 

  Buy on Amazon.com

TOEARNIT Thermal Coffee Carafe, another best carafe recommended, is a stainless steel designed to secure, to keep the toleration of temperature for 24hr long without worrying of losing the flavour. This model also comes up with the press button technological capacity that allows users to generate the usage single-handed pouring without leaking, dripping or spilling out. Besides the elegant look of this thermal, the internal design is also covered with stainless steel that can keep the drink as cold and hot as you wish it to be and it does have a very tendentially of rubber-based from a slippery surface. 

This model is a little different from other models at the point of its design that it comes with a satin fabric which has a glossy look by which would give your kitchen a fancy look. And like any other, never submerge your carafe in the sink because it will damage the insulation.

What we like

  • High capacity material
  • Single-handed pouring
  • press button technology

What we don’t like

  • Hard to clean
  • The cover lid smells  

6. Sumerflos Thermal Coffee Carafe

  Buy on Amazon.com

Sumerflos thermal coffee carafe is one of a kind of many other carafes that are designed with double standard steel with different styles of outer layers such as wood grain, marble and pink colour that add another level of classiness to your kitchen. It has a smart cover lid that is built in a silicone ring and it has leak-proof, and heat preservation, and it also has a dustproof cover on the spout to keep it clean and sanitary from any insects intervening. Sumerflos can store hot and cold coffee and other drinks up to 1.5 L/50 oz and it is perfectly suitable for your warehouse equipment and to tag along to your office, trip, camping and sort. 

Besides your own usage, you can also gift your friends with this elegant, decent look carafe, this model is such art with its flawless designing styles. Withholding its high quality and long heat preservation, pouring 100% boiled water would not be a problem, also it has an anti-hot holder and a wide-opening design which allows you to pour your drink more easily without worrying about splashing the drops. And not to mention about its bottom that it is also made of a non-slippery base design that can be easy to place on any table or/and glossy surface.

What we like

  • High capacity material
  • High retention for up to 24 hours for hot coffee and 48 hours for the cold coffee
  • wide opening that can be easily filled, poured and cleaned 

What we don’t like

  • Might have some leaking issues if not properly cover

5. PYKAL 68Oz Thermal Coffee Carafe 

  Buy on Amazon.com

Thermal coffee carafe by Pykal is flawlessly designed with full stainless steel and a manual lid, and this model is the first carafe that made out of plastic-free, even its closing lid is also made out of metal-silicon style and it is operated by a press-down opening-closing mechanism that easily controls with just your thumb. And its metal-silicon closing lid is adjustable to its tightness. The double-walled stainless steel of this model can also maintain the temperature of your drink to stay fresh and keep its flavour still, yet it also provides a strong handling material made. The spout is wide enough for users to pour their coffee and/or other beverages more freely and easily wash off the dirt with their included brush. 

Pykal will never disappoint you with their best standing carafe models as a great carafe for serving beverages, flawlessly designed with different styles and colours. It also offers users the best technology that gives the best performances of their thermal carafe items that suit well for family gathering events, offices and parties. The carafe can also be used for tea, milk, juice, wine and water pitchers as well. However, there are some points that we should not do like putting your carafe in the sink and or dishwasher. This model also has a high rating star as well.

What we like

  • High capacity material
  • High retention for up to 24 hours for hot coffee and 48 hours for the cold coffee
  • One-year warranty
  • Free cleaning brush included

What we don’t like

  • Hard to pour 
  • Require careful notice in order to keep hot

4. SDREAM 68 Oz Coffee Carafe

  Buy on Amazon.com

Sdream carafe comes with 5 options and it has well-developed temperature retention that can preserve its freshness and flavours for 12 hours with its double-walled insulation and its high quality and durability constructed. It has a free-spill spout that design with a leak-proof and air-tight lid without dripping any drops, yet comes with a large and dual silicon ring that will always lock in the correct place back to its position. 

The lid of this carafe can be opened easily with two fingers and when closed you just need to place the cap on top and press it down then you are all good to go conveniently. This model has a wide mouth opening that you can also put ice cubes to add extra cooling and can easily fill hot drinks without hurting yourself and spill the drops. If you want to pour the drink just tilt the bottle slightly to the side then you are all served.

What we like

  • High quality and durability 
  • Spill-free spout
  • Nice design

What we don’t like

  • Does not keep hot even after preheating 

3.  Bellemain Thermal Coffee Carafe

  Buy on Amazon.com

Bellemain is using an advanced technology that can hold up the hot temperature up to 20+hours and heat for 12+hours, in which you still can have your drink’s freshness and flavour still after hours. The stainless-steel vacuum carafe gives the best performances that allow users to pour their drink with just a press on the button, and it is a single-handed pouring carafe that is designed specifically for tired hands with the soft-grip handle to easy control and holds. 

We all hate spilling drops when we pour our drink, so this model gives us a wide-mouth opening design for us to easily fill our cups or fill up the carafe. Bellemain carafe is manufactured with styles and strengths with its double-wall made from 18/8 stainless steel that can stay around for years without having rust.

What we like

  • Perform its listed functions well
  • easy to pour with its wide opening, and its non-slippery base
  • Best price offered

What we don’t like

  • Poor design
  • Require careful notice in order to keep hot/ does not hold the heat well

2. Lafeeca Thermal Coffee Carafe 

  Buy on Amazon.com

A different eye-catching little small teapot, coffee carafe that is made of stainless steel that has so many interesting performances such it is a double-walled installed that can maintain the coldness and heat for hours and still have its freshness and flavour as first made. This small portable carafe comes with an easy-pour design along with a cool-touch handle, and easy to control by pressing the button to pour drinks without having any spills and it also comes with a non-slip silicone base.

This small carafe is durable, portable, easy to clean and use. This thermal carafe is an ideal type of small pot that is easy to tag along and can be used for different types of drinks such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, juices and more. Having one of these in your office or kitchen is a fancy choice to make with different colours offered.

What we like

  • High capacity material
  • High retention for up to 24 hours for hot coffee and 48 hours for the cold coffee
  • wide opening, easy to pour, fill and clean

What we don’t like

  • Leaking and Dripping issue  

1. GiNT Thermal Coffee Carafe

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Gint, a 1.9L stainless steel thermal coffee carafe also built with double-walled vacuum insulation that allows users to have their hot beverages up to 12 hours and cold drinks up to 24 hours which is amazing and cool for drinks to stay as it is for hours. It is designed with a leak-proof lid and airtight construction that will always lock in its correct place, and it comes with a large size dual silicon ring. It has a wide opening that is easy for users to pour, drink and fill their carafe without spilling the drops and it is also easy to clean off the dirt. With this model, it is a perfect present to gift your friends who love coffee or tea, and it is also suitable for the office and house.

What we like

Buying Guides in Choosing the Best Thermal Coffee Carafes to Keep Your Coffee Hot or Cold as You Wish

We all drink coffee and some people might do more than 2 cups a day, so why not look for a thermal coffee carafe that you can make your own coffee and drink it as much as you want by that you can also save some cash well. Making your own coffee, you can either keep it as hot and cold as you want. Though, there are some guides that you should follow in order to choose the best coffee carafe for yourself or friends who love coffee.

The Technology and Material

Some thermal is a plastic made so it does not preserve temperature well, so you better look for the one that is double standard stainless steel that can keep the heat for at least 10 hours and cold for at least 20 hours, there are brands have advance technology and their carafe can preserve the temperature well and also has a mechanism for a single-handed pouring that is easy for users to pour their drinks while having their other hand working on something else. Also, those brands like Pykal, Sumerflos, Thermaclick and above mentioned have developed their carafe with an airtight lip, large spout and non-slip base.

An Airtight Lip, Large Spout and Non-Slip Base Features

To have the best thermal carafe, you should also find the one that has an airtight lid that will always lock to its place and position to prevent any spills. And you also should look for a leak-proof spout that can prevent any insect or dust to invade your drinks. Also, if you do not want your carafe to fall on anything, better find a non-slippery base or a silicone base that can help in balancing your carafe on any glass-surface or any slippery surfaces.

Wondering why your coffee taste becomes bitter? or strange taste?

Well, that is because the coffee sediment is built up in your thermal coffee carafe. You may find it difficult to wash the sediment out or clean it properly. Hmm... now spend a few minutes to watch the video instructions below on how to clean the coffee sediment inside your thermal coffee carafe.

How to Clean Inside a Stainless Steel Coffee Pot | Clean with Confidence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can it really keep the hot and cold temperature for hours long?

The answer is a simple YES. The reason that the above-mentioned carafe can preserve their temperature for hours long is because of its double-walled stainless steel that acts as the main component in keeping the temperature stay at its best for hours without losing its freshness and flavors.

How long-lasting is the non-slippery base?

The important part of the thermal carafe is also about the non-slippery base because whether the drink can be slipped or not is depending on its base. That is why all of these carafes are designed with a non-slippery base that helps to balance the carafe on slippery surfaces, and the rubber base is perfectly glued so that even washing off with water is not a problem. 


There are so many options for you to choose the best and coolest design carafe but the ones that have a developed technology are rare, meaning that carafe that can truly keep their temperature well are hard to find but the ones mentioned above are all well functioned and have various performances that users should take into consideration and have a look. As said, the best carafe should focus on the points mentioned above so you will not miss any function that the best carafe should have.

If you are reading this, you are perhaps one of the decaf coffee drinkers and want to know more about your drink. If you are not a coffee drinker; this article can somehow guide you with some information on coffee before you decide on whether to drink decaf or normal coffee. Everyone knows what coffee is; it is one of the consumed beverages in the world, and it offers a lot of health benefits a well. For some time, you have probably heard of decaf coffee as well if you are a coffee drinker.

Decaf coffee is another variety of coffee that has been around for a long time, but it is not consumed as much as normal coffee. Less than 10% of coffee drinkers drink decaf coffee, meaning more than 90% drinking caffeinated coffee. At the moment, we are going to look at the amount of caffeine which is an essential coffee substance in decaf coffee in order to get to know this variety better.

Decaf Coffee Origin

First of all, let’s get to know what decaf coffee is and where it comes from. Decaf coffee is a shortened name to call decaffeinated coffee. From its name, we can catch a glimpse of what decaf coffee is for and why it has been consumed. Historically, decaf coffee has been around since the early 20th century and the primary purpose of this coffee is to reduce the amount of caffeine which is the main stimulant in coffee.

The first successful decaffeination process was called “The Roselius Process” by the German coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius. The process was successfully invented in 1906 due to the merchant’s belief that excessive drinking of coffee poisoned his father. Therefore, he began the decaffeinating process by taking coffee beans to steam with a brine solution. The solution included water and salt used to saturate the beans. Then he used the organic compound such as benzene as a caffeine solvent chemical. This process was used only during that period of time; benzene was later banned from use because it is known to be a human carcinogen, which is an agent with the capacity to cause cancer in humans. Today, decaffeinated coffee has been decaffeinated in a newly developed process practiced by many roasting companies. 

Recent Developed Decaffeination Process

After the Roselius process had stopped, coffee beans have been decaffeinated in the newly developed process which is safer for your health. Decaf coffee nowadays is made through 4 decaffeinating processes to remove the caffeine substance from the beans. These processes include using organic solvent chemicals or water to extract caffeine from the coffee beans. The four methods fall into 2 categorical classifications of solvent-based processes and non-solvent-based processes.

The solvent-based processes include the indirect solvent process and direct solvent process. The non-solvent-based processes include the Swiss water process and carbon dioxide process.  From here you might as well wonder what the differences are among the 4 types of decaffeinating process, yet the difference rests in the solvent agent. 

The Solvent-Based Processes

The solvent-based involves adding indirectly or directly the agent to remove the caffeine. We have mentioned earlier that the previous chemicals used such as benzene, trichloroethylene (TCE), dichloromethane, and even chloroform were harmful to health. Later on, the agents used turned to methylene chloride and ethyl acetate, which are safer for health. There are multiple solvent agents used the recently developed process which is considered a health risk (determined by the Food and Drug Administration of the US as a very low-risk to be essentially non-existent) including methylene chloride (CH2Cl2), aka dichloromethane (in Europe) or MC, and Ethyl acetate (CH3CO2C2H5). These substances have been used as decaffeination agents because they are very volatile and would not survive the roasting process. Therefore, they will be vaporized (vaporize at  104 degrees F) since the roasting temperature is over 400 degrees F.

One of the solvent-based processes is the indirect-solvent-based process. The indirect-solvent-based process includes soaking beans in near-boiling water for a few hours. This process extracts the caffeine and other flavor elements and oil from coffee beans. The water from soaking the bean is transferred to another tank where beans are washed for approximately 10 hours with methylene chloride which is one of the solvent agents. Then heat it to evaporate the solvent and caffeine.

Another method is the direct-solvent-based process involves steaming beans for about 30 minutes to open their pores. Then repeatedly rinse them with one of the solvent agents for about 10 hours to remove the caffeine. After that drain the caffeine-laden solvent away, and steam the beans again to remove the residual solvent in them. 

The Non-Solvent-Based Process

The non-solvent-based process contains a bit different method from the first category.  The Swiss Water process resembles its name, has its origin pioneered in Switzerland in 1933 whose name was shortened to SWP. This process became the essential decaffeinating process for the industry which, then, was introduced to the market and had its operation in Canada. The SWP includes soaking coffee beans in very hot water to dissolve the caffeine. After that, the beans are put in the charcoal filter to extract the stimulant from the beans. Eventually, we get coffee beans with no caffeine. Also, the process is essentially known as the organic decaffeinating process because of its non-chemical material use. This process is also known as the most ecological way to separate the compounds and extract caffeine. On top of that, it is one of the expensive processes to produce decaf coffee.

The next non-solvent-based process besides the SWP is known as the CO2 process or carbon dioxide process. This process is found in the Max Plank Institute by scientist Kurt Zosel. This process includes soaking coffee beans in the stainless steel called the extraction vessel then seal it with CO2 and force it under pressure (1000 pounds per square inch) to extract caffeine. This method is mainly used to decaffeinate a large amount of coffee for commercial-grade commodities and the market. Additionally, different separating processes also influence certain flavors in coffee as well. They have different impacts on chemical compounds that generate the unique flavor of coffee and the sensory character of the coffee. 

The Difficulty in Maintaining The Quality of Decaf Coffee

Moreover, decaf coffee beans are really difficult to roast, unlike normal beans, they are less likely to respond consistently in the roasting machine meaning that it is hard to control their roasting process. The normal coffee beans have a green color, and they will turn darker and is easy to control the process, yet the decaf coffee beans are already brown after the decaffeinating process. Therefore, the roasting process may pass a bit longer since they have less moisture content, and are prone to burn.

The decaffeinating process itself is also difficult because it is hard to maintain their original concentration of sensory character and flavor during the separating process. Understanding this will be a helpful assistant for you to choose your decaf coffee more carefully because the different type of roasting method has different impact the coffee flavor as well. Plus, the decaffeinating process has taken out and damaged a lot of flavor compounds or sensory character that make coffee taste, so it is important to choose roasted coffee carefully, or you can look for the particular type of decaffeinating process. This way you can easily pick a suitable decaf coffee for your own preferences.  

There is no caffeine content in decaf coffee, is it true?

Despite all the processes and methods, it is appeared to wonder whether the caffeine in decaf coffee is 100% extracted. Will it be 0 caffeine absolutely? Though water is a soluble compound which is essentially used as one of solvent in the extracting process, this does not make decaf coffee entirely caffeine free. The process just decreases the caffeine amount to the minimum. The research shows that decaffeination extracts caffeine in coffee around 97% from the beans. We can say this is a large quantity overall. Thus, when you consume a cup of decaf coffee, you consume approximately 2 mg of caffeine in your cup.

In the meantime, a cup of regular caffeinated coffee everyone mostly consumes contains around 95 mg of caffeine. Moreover, a certain type of coffee beans contains a different amount of caffeine as well. For example, the decaf Robusta has more caffeine than the decaf Arabica. Also, they are used slightly differently; the Robusta is used to make commercial-grade commodities because it is cheaper and easier to grow, while Arabica is used in a more delicate coffee shop.  

The amount of caffeine in decaf coffee varies 

In addition, the amount of caffeine in decaf can be varied differently according to a certain type of drink. For beverages like decaf espresso, the caffeine level can be between 3 or 15 mg in a batch of decaf beans. Meanwhile, a shot of regular espresso contains around 60 mg of caffeine on average. From this, you can see the amount of caffeine you have consumed daily with typical caffeinated coffee.

In the US, according to the National Coffee Association, 97% of Americans may majorly consume caffeinated brew, yet decaf coffee is a great option for those who simply want to try coffee and do not want to deal with the energy boost of caffeine. If you are one of those who just simply want to connect with coffee without dealing with the energy-boosting effect from caffeine, decaf coffee will be the best option by choosing the right roasting method for the best flavor. 

Health Benefits of Decaf Coffee

Alongside the understanding of origin and its making process, decaf coffee is scientifically proven to have benefits for health like regular caffeinated coffee. According to National Coffee Association, decaf coffee is safe for consumption and, most importantly, can be a good part for your healthy diet. Due to the 4 safe decaffeinating process, decaf coffee beans are washed through steaming and the liquid used as solvent will evaporate during the process leaving safe decaffeinated beans.  Decaf coffee is another good alternative for those who are caffeine sensitive, but cannot proceed to do start their day without a cup of coffee, and this is for those who want to cutback caffeine as well.

On top of that, decaf coffee contains very little amount of caffeine in it that allows people to drink more without worrying about the impact of the stimulant on the body. Normally, it is recommended for pregnant women to drink if they want to grab their favourite coffee. Read more on "Can You Drink Decaf Coffee While Pregnant?" for more details. Despite that, moderate consumption is always best to follow in order not to damage our health. Decaf coffee increases longevity and decreases the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. A study demonstrates that drinking regularly the moderate amount of 3-4 cups a day can help decreasing the risk of having heart disease and diabetes. It also helps with liver protection as well. Furthermore, drinking around 1 or 2 cups a day can also boost your memory as well. 

In sum, decaf coffee intake can both provide a lot of benefits to your health and less caffeine for people who wants to cut back caffeine consumption, who are sensitive to caffeine but still want to drink, and those who look for alternatives to the non-caffeine beverage. There is a lot of type of decaf coffee to suit your preference as well. If you like a more organic and environmentally friendly decaf coffee, you can try the Swiss Water Process decaf coffee. This type is more ecological cautious than the other, it is a bit expensive, but it also tastes uniquely good. Also, you can as well have your personal and customized decaffeinated coffee.

Different decaf coffee served at different places, namely coffee shops, so it is suggested that you should study your type and choose the most suitable place. Lastly, decaf coffee or decaffeinated coffee does not shield you from having impacts from caffeine; it only helps cut back the partial amount of caffeine to the minimum only. 


Coffee is undoubtedly the world’s most popular beverage. It is a go-to drink that every person of any age enjoys drinking daily. Since it includes caffeine, coffee helps boost our energy and concentration and keeps us awake. Nevertheless, for pregnant women, regular coffee that contains a high amount of caffeine is not recommended. Due to health reasons, pregnant women need to reduce caffeine in the coffee they drink. Hence, decaf coffee is another good choice for pregnant ladies who can’t go on a day without coffee. Decaf coffee is actually not different from ordinary coffee, except for the fact that a big portion of caffeine has been eliminated to a very small amount. 

Despite the low amount of caffeine in decaf coffee, some people still question if it is safe to drink during pregnancy. To uncover your curiosity, read this article below and find out everything you need to know about decaf coffee and pregnancy.

Can You Drink Decaf Coffee While Pregnant? Introduction

What Is Decaf Coffee? 

What is Decaf Coffee?

Decaf coffee stands for Decaffeinated Coffee. It has 97% or more of the caffeine in Coffee Beans removed. Typically, a general cup of coffee has around 95 mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, a standard cup of decaffeinated coffee has around 2 mg of caffeine.

Decaf coffee, like standard coffee, starts out as green, unroasted beans. In order to extract the caffeine, the hard beans are warmed and immersed in liquid in one of four ways. It's by using water alone, a combination of water and solvents added directly or indirectly, or water and supercritical carbon dioxide.

To proceed, coffee beans are washed until the caffeine has been absorbed, then the solvent is removed. Using carbon dioxide or a charcoal filter, a technique known as the Swiss Water Method, caffeine may also be extracted. Before they're roasted and ground, the beans are decaffeinated. In addition to caffeine, the nutritional value of decaf coffee should be approximately the same as standard coffee.

Apart from these decaffeination processes, this coffee is different from the regular one in terms of taste and smell. Decaf coffee tastes flatter and has more watery. Furthermore, the color might also change based on the decaffeination method used. In fact, decaffeinated coffee is perceived by coffee lovers as unnatural. Normally, it tastes and smells a bit milder and lighter than ordinary coffee. So, to those who are prone to the bitter scent of regular coffee, they will find it more satisfying. 

How Much Caffeine Is In Decaf Coffee? 


Despite a huge portion of caffeine elimination, decaf coffee is not a totally caffeine-free type of coffee. Of course, a moderate amount of caffeine remains, and it does not mean that it is completely safe for some pregnant ladies to drink. 

On average, an 8-ounce (236-ml) cup of decaf coffee contains the caffeine up to 7 mg o. Whereas a cup of standard coffee contains 70-140 mg, and it varies in coffee type, cup size, and preparation method. Studies suggest that the amount of caffeine could increase in 1-2 cups of normal coffee by drinking 5-10 cups of decaf coffee.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that there might be higher levels of caffeine in some commercial decaffeinated coffee.  One research reported that a commercial decaffeinated coffee contained up to nearly 14 mg of caffeine per 16-ounce (475-mL) serving. To understand more details, please visit here Coffee Truth About How Much Caffeine in Decaf Coffee. Nevertheless, be mindful of the amount of caffeine in certain coffee products and make sure to double-check it before you buy. 

Can I Drink Decaf Coffee While Pregnant?

We all know what coffee is, but how much do you know about the caffeine in coffee? Most commonly present in tea, coffee, and cacao plants, caffeine is a natural stimulant. It works by helping you stay alert, stimulating the function of the nervous system, and delaying the occurrence of tiredness. Studies also show that caffeine has some significant benefits such as memory enhancement, focus improvement, and even risk reduction for diseases such as Alzheimer's and liver cancer. 

On the other hand, caffeine works differently when it comes to pregnancy. In pregnancy, it is broken down more slowly and it travels into the baby's placenta. During the second trimester of your pregnancy, it takes almost twice time remove caffeine from your body. Meanwhile consuming coffee during the third trimester of pregnancy, it takes almost three times to do so. Although the amount of caffeine you feed your body is able to manage, your baby may not. In the later stages of pregnancy, any amount of caffeine can also lead to changes in the sleep cycle or normal movement cycle of your fetus. 

There is still no clear explanation regarding the pregnancy complications caused by high caffeine intake. However, there are studies that have linked excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy with miscarriage, low birth weight, growth restriction, and obesity during childhood. In addition to these adverse impacts, high blood pressure, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea are another bunch of harmful side effects of caffeine intake while you’re conceiving.

Can I Drink Decaf Coffee While Pregnant?

Until this day, there is no exact evidence that can prove the relationship of caffeine to negative pregnancy consequences. Besides that, the effects of caffeine might also vary between individuals, therefore not everyone encounters the same side effects and impacts. 

The recent recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and other experts suggest that consuming up to 200 milligrams of caffeine a day is appropriate for expectant mothers. This amount of caffeine equals 1½ 8-ounce cups of coffee or one 12-ounce cup of coffee.

According to ACOG, moderate intake of caffeine (just under 200 mg a day) seems not to be a key factor contributing to miscarriage or premature births. The majority of recommendations, therefore suggest restricting the average coffee consumption to about 2 cups (475 mL) each day. On top of that, there is another research claiming it is possibly safe to consume less than 300 mg of caffeine for pregnant women.

Is It Safe To Drink Decaf While Pregnant? 

There are no clear statements, proof, or official guidelines that show the exact relationship between decaf coffee and pregnancy. However, the fact that there is such a small amount of caffeine in decaf coffee, it is safe enough for expectant mothers to drink it in the most moderate amount. Despite being a safe coffee option for expectant women, decaf coffee’s safety for pregnancy is still in question. 

The brands, the process used, and the type of bean, the amount of caffeine remaining in decaf coffee can also vary significantly. Thus, it's not always possible to be completely sure how much you're consuming. A lot of studies still remain unresolved about decaf coffee in pregnancy and its link to miscarriage and restricted growth. In consequence, pregnant women should either avoid consuming it or drink it in moderation during pregnancy. 

Alexandra Chaston, head nutritionist at UAE-based hotel The Retreat, The Palm Dubai, has said that she would not suggest stopping cold turkey for those who are big coffee drinkers, as you are likely to get uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Instead, she would recommend slowly trying to wean yourself off the caffeine, reducing a cup per day, and replacing a decaf or herbal tea or hot water with honey and lemon for your coffee in order to gradually come off caffeine in around weeks.

Why Pregnant Women Should Choose Decaf Coffee Over Regular Coffee?

When it comes to coffee lovers who are also soon-to-be mothers, quitting coffee is indeed a big and difficult challenge. But then again, who says ladies definitely cannot drink coffee while pregnant? Needless to say, drinking decaffeinated coffee when pregnant is the number one best choice for our expectant women out there. 

No, we are not promoting decaf coffee as the best and the healthiest drink for pregnant women. What we want is to encourage everyone, especially our soon-to-be mums to feel less concerned about their coffee choice. While they are conceiving, they do not need to stop consuming anything that they once enjoy. The main thing here is to motivate pregnant ladies to cut down on their coffee consumption. Say no to regular or strong coffee, but yes to consuming decaf coffee instead. 

Women should really limit the amount of caffeine they drink to 200 milligrams (mg) a day if they are pregnant, according to the NHS and ACOG, which is the equivalent of one cup of regular coffee or 2 cups of brewed coffee. 

To put it simply, during pregnancy, drinking coffee with more than 200 mg of caffeine is absolutely not safe at all. Keep at the most moderate level so that both you and your developing fetus will not encounter potential risks in the future. Decaf coffee is better than regular coffee during pregnancy, but it is worth noting that not all products are the same. 

According to a study conducted by the national nonprofit organization Clean Label Project, some brands come with methylene chloride, a toxic chemical substance that is extremely harmful to pregnant women and the fetus. In order to know which brand of decaf coffee is toxic or non-toxic, go to this website and check out the results:

Below are the 4 types of Best Decaf Coffee For Pregnancy that are the safest options for expectant mothers: 

1. Decaf Ground Coffee

Decaf Ground Coffee

2. Decaf Instant Coffee

Decaf Instant Coffee

3. Decaf K-Cup Coffee

Decaf K-Cup Coffee

4. Decaf Whole Bean Coffee

Decaf Whole Coffee Bean

Key Takeaways

We understand how hard it is to stop your coffee craving, especially if you are a heavy coffee drinker. You cannot go on a day without your favorite coffee brand or flavor. 

However, a little one is fighting to survive in your tummy! Take this as a school summer break because, after your successful delivery, you can drink as much as you desire. Therefore, decaf coffee is the best substitute for regular coffee you’ve got so far.

To reduce the risk of miscarriage, child obesity, low birth weight, and growth restriction, pregnant ladies should not consume over 200 mg of caffeine per day. Actually, there is no official guideline of caffeine limitation for pregnant women. However, under 200 mg of caffeine intake, each day will most likely cause them little to no health risks. 

Key Takeaways

Most importantly, always keep in mind that not all decaf coffee chemical is completely toxic-free . Some certain brands contain methylene chloride which is very hazardous to pregnant women and their fetuses’ heath. So, always check the amount of caffeine and the other ingredients in coffee to avoid potential health in the future. 

Last but not least, the idea of going caffeine-free during pregnancy is very good healthy. However, do not stop your coffee consumption too quickly. Instead, do it slowly by cutting down the amount of caffeine intake every day. Another effective method is to drink herbal tea or hot water with honey and lemon. You can try one of these methods daily to see the results in several weeks without encountering withdrawal symptoms. 

Now, let's go one step above iced decaf coffee, how about Dalgona Coffee in Decaf Version?


Caffeine is a stimulant that is naturally made, and it can be found commonly in tea, coffee, and cacao plants. These days, you can find caffeine in soda and other beverages as well. Despites that coffee is one of the main sources of caffeine that you can look for among other mentioned beverages. Not to mention other caffeinated beverages including tea, chocolate, and soda, coffee is the world’s most favorite beverage to boost energy and metabolism. Do you know how much caffeine you have consumed drinking coffee? The amount of caffeine varies differently depending on various conditions such as types of drink and production. This chemical substance can be found in food as well. This article will provide you information on what caffeine is, the source of caffeine varied by types of coffee, drink types, and other related conditions. Additionally, there will be a discussion on recommended caffeine intake as well.

What is Caffeine?

Before we get to see different caffeine content, we should know what caffeine is first. Caffeine is a natural stimulant which can be found in coffee. This stimulant works by stimulating the central nervous system of the brain, helping you stay alert and awake. According to Healthline, caffeinated soft drinks hit the market in the late 1800s. Nowadays, around 80% of the world population consumes caffeinated products daily. In the US, 90% of Americans consume caffeine in a variety of forms every day. 

The Advantages of Caffeine

Caffeine stimulates the brain by blocking adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter, to keep you alert and stay awake. Caffeine has a lot of health benefits, such as improving your mood and brain function. Because caffeine blocks the brain-signaling molecule adenosine, it increases dopamine and norepinephrine, which are other signaling molecules. Moreover, caffeine can boost metabolism and fat burning. However, this method can only show effects if you plan to have a long-term diet plan. Furthermore, caffeine intake enhances exercise performance because it can help the glucose stored for the long term, improve muscle contractions, and increases tolerance to fatigue. 

In terms of more critical health benefits, coffee helps protect against heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Yet this may apply to individual conditions. Besides, coffee helps with liver protection, longevity, decreases cancer risk, skin protection, gout prevention, and gut health. These benefits can be obtained only if you have moderate consumption as well. Excessive drinking may lead to other negative impacts and side effects on your health. 

Caffeine Amount According To Coffee Types

This energy-boosting stimulant can be found comprising different amounts depending on the types of coffee. Caffeine amounts can be varied from one type to another, and below are the typical type of coffee people often drink.

Brewed Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker, you perhaps have heard about brewed coffee. Brewed coffee is a type that can be called filter coffee. The process of making brew coffee includes brewing ground coffee in hot water, but there are many ways to make brewed coffee as well. Some of which involves using a filter, a percolator (a type of coffee brewing pot used to brew coffee by cycling the boiling through the coffee ground), or a French press (Illustrated in the picture below). For brewed coffee, it typically contains around 95mg of caffeine in an 8-oz cup. 

Decaf Brewed

Decaf coffee is literally referring to coffee without caffeine, or caffeine has been extracted. Is there no caffeine in it? Well, decaffeinated coffee does not mean there is zero caffeine in it, but a sizable amount of caffeine has been separated or removed from the roasted beans. Despite decaffeination, there is still some caffeine. Typically, an average 8-oz cup of decaf coffee contains around 2mg of caffeine. Therefore, you can somehow decrease your caffeine intake with this type. 

Cold Brew

After reading about brewed and decaf brewed coffee, cold brew is the next target. Cold brew is made chilled because it is made in not a high-temperature concentration. This type is different from iced coffee, and it involves steeping coffee grounds in water at room temperature between 8 and 24 hours. This type has less caffeine content too. An average of 12-oz of cold brew contains between 153mg and 238mg of caffeine.

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee becomes popular for quite a long time, and it are mostly consumed by those who do not have time to grab themselves a coffee at the coffee shop. It is compact and easy to make. With pocket-size packaging and convenience, instant coffee are mostly put in the working space like office or meeting room where people can spend a few minutes making them. Compared to other types of coffee, instant coffee has less caffeine in its coffee powder. A regular 8-oz cup of instant coffee contains approximately 62mg of caffeine. 


Espresso is another coffee-brewing method with less water to make. Do you sometimes wonder why they serve espresso in such a small cup? This is due to the high amount of caffeine in espresso. It is a concentrated form of coffee beverage that is enormously served in only little shots. Espresso contains more caffeine than any other caffeinated drink. There is 63mg of caffeine in only a 1-oz shot of espresso. 

Different Brand Also Has Varying Amount of Caffeine

The type of coffee affects the caffeine content, yet different coffee brands provide varying caffeine range as well. There are many chain eateries and roasting companies globally, and they sometimes offer different varieties from each other. For example, Starbucks's decaf coffee contains 20mg of caffeine, while Dunkin' Donuts contains only 10mg. However, Starbucks's cold brew contains only 155mg. Meanwhile, Dunkin' Donuts includes 260mg of caffeine.

Several Factors That Affect The Caffeine Content in A Cup of Coffee

First, one of the significant factors affecting caffeine content in a coffee cup is the bean type. There are plenty of species and plants. Therefore, coffee beans from different plants have varying caffeine content as well. According to Medical News Today, there are 2 top widespread species types of coffee beans: (1) Coffea arabica, known as Arabica, and (2) Coffea canephora, which is known as Robusta. Robusta type contains twice as much as the caffeine amount of caffeine in Arabica. For instance, 1kg of dry roasted Robusta contains between 68.6mg-81.6mg of caffeine. However, 1kg of Arabica contains 34.1mg-38.5mg of caffeine. 

Besides the type of coffee beans, several other factors affect the caffeine content, such as the roasting type, the brewing method mentioned above, the amount of ground coffee used while brewing coffee, and the serving size. There are light roasts for the roasting type (have light body and a bit acid), a medium roast (medium brown colour), a medium-dark roast, and a dark roast. Moreover, the amount of ground coffee used in the making process affects the caffeine content in the beverage too. For example, typically, we use two tablespoons of ground coffee for six ounces of water, but we can always change for more flavour and a heavier caffeine concentration. Furthermore, the serving size as well tells us about how much caffeine in the coffee. For instance, espresso is usually served in a small cup for one shot of espresso because the caffeine amount is already high.

Other Sources of Caffeine: Aside From Coffee, Where Can We Find Caffeine?

There are many other sources of caffeine you can find in beverages and food. Sometimes you may not notice the intake of food and drink you consume daily that might as well have caffeine in them. These are a few common types we consume and their caffeine content:


Some people might not notice that there is caffeine in tea, yet there is less caffeine than regular coffee. The caffeine content varies according to the species as well. For an 8-oz cup of green tea, there is around 28mg of caffeine. Meanwhile, there are 47mg of black tea. Despite that, tea is a pleasant alternative for those who want to cut off coffee consumption. 


Chocolate comes from cacao plants, and it is undoubtedly a noticeable amount of caffeine in it. However, the amount varies from type to type as well. For example, darker chocolate has higher caffeine content than the lighter one, which mixes with milk. The more milk is added the less caffeine content. 

Soda or Soft Drinks

Coke or other fruit-flavoured soda that we drink sometimes contains caffeine. We might not have the taste of caffeine due to the high sugar amount in these sodas. However, there are caffeine used in the ingredients. The caffeine content is meant to help to boost your energy. There is about 33mg of caffeine in a regular 12-oz can of soft drink.  

Energy Drinks

Same to soda and soft drinks, energy drink also contains caffeine in it. There is a higher amount of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks, but they can be natural or synthetic. The increased amount of caffeine used to help with energy-boosting and stay productive. In an average 8-oz can, the caffeine content can range from 40-250mg.  


Caffeine in medicine is common for pain relief. Caffeine is a stimulant in the central nervous system, and it has been used in many drugs. It is most consumes to treat migraine headaches and as a psychoactive drug. It is also used to treat tiredness and drowsiness. 

Side Effects of Caffeine

Coffee is generally safe and can provide you with several health benefits discussed in the previous section. Despite the benefits, excessive coffee intake can cause several risks and side effects as well. 

First of all, if you consume up to 4 cups of coffee per day, you may encounter these problems such as headache like migraine, high blood pressure in some individual, causes insomnia, nervousness, irritability, frequent urination or inability to control your urination, your heart beats fast, and, of course, you feel like your body shakes called muscle tremors. 

Secondly, people who do not consume coffee often are prone to its side effects, especially people who are sensitive to coffee. Even a little of it can make you jittery; your sensitivity to coffee depends on how much you are used to drinking. Caffeine might have interaction with particular or specific medication as well that requires a doctor's consultation. 

Thirdly, coffee can interfere with your sleep rhythm as well. Because it interrupts your sleep at night time, causing you trouble sleeping and making you feel fatigued during the day, this continues to interrupt your daytime alertness and productivity. Then the cycle will go on. You may consider the time to drink your coffee and a suitable amount of coffee intake to resolve this. 

Recommended Amount For Caffeine Intake

Many people rely on coffee in their daily life from morning to evening to maintain their concentration. If you are one of them, consider the sufficient amount of coffee to prevent overconsumption because it might adversely affect your health. Coffee offers many health benefits unless you moderately and adequately consume it. 

For daily intake, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), it is recommended to consume up to 400mg, which is a safe amount of intake for most healthy adults. You should be aware that coffee provides many health benefits for adults, but it is not suitable for children. Moreover, adolescents and young adults should be cautious about the excessive amount of caffeine as well. Furthermore, it is suggested for pregnant women and women who breastfeed their baby to cut down caffeine intake to under 200mg per day. Specifically, those who are sensitive to caffeine should curb their coffee routine. 

Though the study shows several health benefits of coffee for adults, there are also many side effects caused by caffeine intake. 


There has been a trend of adding salt to coffee, which is advocated by scientific studies. Have you tried to do this? 

Most coffee drinkers visit cafes or restaurants and order their favorite ones such as americano, latte, creamy coffee, and so on. Even if they make coffee at home, they add either milk or sugar like brown sugar in coffee or drink directly. You can also check out 12 extra flavours that blend with coffee.

Science came up with the reasons for this kind of salt and coffee combination. But before kicking into the reasons behind it, we shall first get to know who and how adding salt in coffee was being introduced to the public.

The Science and Other Instances Behind The Salt and Coffee Combination

The combination of coffee and salt sparked the coffee lovers when Alton Brown, a well-known cookbook author, and food science expert, introduced it to the audience in an episode of his 2009 GoodEats show. Brown suggested that putting a quarter teaspoon of Kosher salt to 6 tablespoons of coffee grounds in a cup of coffee can neutralize bitterness than sugar.

Mr. Brown did not make this salty coffee hack an odd thing because there is a long tradition in some countries. Northern Scandinavia, Sibir, Turkey, and Hungary were observed to have the tradition of putting salt in the coffee. Not only these countries, but those located near the coast used brackish water to brew coffee since fresh water in the river and sea were mixed. According to Martin Lersch, a chemist and the writer of food and cooking on the Khymos website explained brackish water has a lower salt content of 0.5% to 3% compared to 3.5% seawater. So this kind of water brings a more intense taste and greater foam for making a cup of coffee.

You may wonder why coffee makers always add sweet ingredients to reduce bitterness in coffee, we need to understand the amount of bitter taste that is found in caffeine.

The Bitterness in Coffee

In coffee, of course, bitterness is the primary but too strong flavor. Many scientists at the Technical University of Munich in Germany claimed that caffeine comprises approximately 15% bitterness in coffee. Moreover, Chlorogenic Acid Lactones and Phenylindanes are the two main compounds for coffee bitter taste, and the antioxidants contained in roasted coffee beans. The former compounds exist in lighter roasted coffee, yet the latter ones are found in darker roasts. In this way, it means the stronger coffee is roasted the more bitter taste it gets. To be clearer about coffee bitterness, the end of brewing creates stronger flavor because this taste compounds are water insoluble. In fact, bitterness also occurs when coffee brewing time is too long, or leave on a hot cup for too long, or if you use high temperature water to extract coffee. But you are able to maintain thick and satisfying coffee without unpleasant bitterness in no longer than 20 to 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, other factors that can also favor bitterness are dirty brewing machines, using poor quality coffee beans, putting improper coffee amounts in proportion to water.

Salt Can Limit the Taste of Bitterness In Coffee

Most people who are not used to bitter coffee, like americano, will prefer ice latte. The preference might be the first reason they choose to drink it, but they additionally feel like it is the only option to temper the bitter effects. Actually, salt can also combat bitterness as great as sugar. According to Liz Clayton, a writer for Serious Eats website and the creator of the Nice Coffee Time book, “salt somehow either blocking or tricking our brain and tongue into receiving all of that bitter taste,”

If we compare the bitter taste of coffee to some other elements such as grapefruit, bitter melon, radicchio, cocoa, etc. these are the appealing part of flavor. On the other hand, Clayton added “but in other instances, such as our body identifying toxicity in foods, or more to the point, in professional coffee grading, it can symbolize less desirable characteristics,” The Specialty Coffee Association categorises flavors as under the "bitterness" rubric can refer to defects including "caustic", "phenolic", "creosol" and "alkaline". So she said, “Those don't probably sound like something you'd like in your morning cup, whether they're from defect or not.”

If we are to identify what triggers bitterness, it is not either the brewing problem or the fault or defect, we will still limit this taste with sugar or salt additives.

The Way to Add Salt to Coffee Appropriately

Although there is a trick about putting a pinch of salt in the coffee, the mechanics are not fully specified. You can add salt to your caffeinated drink either before brewing or after brewing. “If you want to experiment with adding salt to your coffee, opinions are divided on whether to add before or after brewing, but many seem to prefer tossing a pinch or two into the grounds before adding water,” said Liz Clayton. She did the salt and coffee experiments but the coffee flavor was not enhanced much. She continued to explain, “the flavors of an acidic and lively coffee did smooth and even out with a pinch of salt in the grounds.” 

Similarly, Mr. Lersch also tried to put salt in a drip coffee maker and in the filter basket for his cup of espresso. He said there was no salty flavor in espresso, whereas “the tests were very un-scientific, but the tiny amount of salt does dampen bitterness and change the coffee taste.” His specific method about it is roughly using 1,5 dL (150 grams) of tonic water and putting 1,5 to 2 grams of salt for a glass. Although this combination minimizes the bitterness, the coffee is not flavorful at all.

The Benefits of Adding Salt To Coffee

Cut Down Bitterness

Putting salt in caffeinated beverages is better at neutralizing bitterness. Chemical studies show that sodium salt effectively prevents bitterness. The reason is your taste buds on the tongue react to salty taste instead of coffee flavor itself. Research regarding the tastes - sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami - illustrates the taste buds produce a calcium ion that reacts to bitterness and delivers it to the brain. And, with salt operating to amplify other tastes, it can cover up the bitter sensation on the taste buds. Likewise, Dr. Clare Thornton-Wood, a specialist pediatric dietitian, also claimed in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s article that salt can block bitterness and sourness. He added, “Salt tastes good as it is picked up by receptors on the tongue. It blocks bitter and sour flavors, which is why it is often added to foods to make them more palatable.” So, compared to sugar or other sweet toppings, salt can neutralize bitterness better. 

Improve Stale Water and Enhance Coffee Flavor

Mr. Brown personally took salt and coffee combination as an experiment and further explained, “Not only does salt cut the bitterness of coffee, but it also smooths out the ‘stale’ taste of tank-stored water.” Because the longer the water stays in the coffee machine or coffee maker, the stale it will become. Not only you cannot feel freshly-brewed coffee, but there will also be a sour aftertaste in your mouth because of leaving with stale for too long.

Scientifically, besides effectively reducing bitterness, sodium ions (salt) also perfectly enhance the flavor of coffee, proved by a study from the journal Nature. An experienced barista Sasha Pavlovich said “common descriptions of coffee’s flavor include fruity and nutty. Fruity flavors may impart a hint of berries or cherries, while nuttier notes draw the comparison to chocolate or toast.” It clearly tells us that salt is the improvement of the nuance and depth of these flavors in coffee.

You may still think that by adding this kind of sodium substance, your coffee will become salty. The answer is no for your curiosity. In another way, putting salt in coffee creates an aroma. Coffee lovers surely recognize the comforting and familiar scent of fresh-brewed coffee, Sasha explained that we should “add a dash of salt to the coffee grounds before they brew to help the scent of coffee match its flavor.”

When salt improves the quality of water, it provides the rich taste in coffee as well.

Benefit Your Health

Having sweet additives inside coffee causes the increase of calories. If you are on a diet and still want to crave a cup of coffee, rather than sweeteners, putting salt in it is a good option. On the other hand, using salt in a caffeinated drink; for example, just a pinch of salt, makes your heart to be in a good condition. In addition to this, salt can help to replenish the sodium. Your body tends to lose some of the sodium along with the coffee you drink. In a day, 1200 mg sodium will be taken away from your body if you consume four cups of coffee. Even though you have just a cup, coffee itself increases urination and flush out the sodium. For this reason, you should try adding salt to coffee in order to gain some sodium back. You will stay healthy by drinking in such a balanced way.

According to Sasha mentioned on the CoffeeHow website that proper sodium intake can make contraction become healthy and relieve muscle tension. On top of that, your nervous system, endocrine and metabolic function will be improved when you add appropriate salt amounts to your coffee.

Control Acid Reflux

Acidity is found in some coffee more than others. Most people prefer to choose types of coffee that have a fresh, citrusy quality to their acidic components. However, other poor qualities of your coffee grounds and the roast on your beans can give you acid reflux. For darker roasts, it contains less acid than light and medium roasts. You are recommended to drink dark roast coffee, like Arabica bean, for those who need to solve acid problems inside the body. Because through the roasting process, most of the acid is taken away. Furthermore, we should not forget that salt can eliminate some of the acid reflux. Using some grains of salt for your meal assists to decrease lower esophageal sphincter pressure, claimed by the Dutch study in 2006. And the stomach contents from being pushed into the esophagus can be prevented. By lowering the pressure, it calms down GERD, heartburn, and acid reflux symptoms. Hence, if your coffee is not dark roast, you should put a pinch of salt in it to make acid-induced bitterness have less effect on your body.

Health Disadvantages of Coffee with Salt

Kidney Issues

More salt consumption is not good for a kidney that is weak to tolerance to sodium. You should know excess urination stems from salted coffee. Practically, the kidneys have a role in regulating salt levels inside the body. And coffee is known to be a diuretic. So when there is coffee intake along with salt, it has a negative impact on the kidneys. 

While drinking coffee, you are advised to consume other liquids, especially water, in order to maintain healthy kidneys and urination. So stay hydrated to avoid this kidney problem.

Excess Iodine

Salt comprises iodine, which prevents many diseases. This iodine can keep thyroid function and cell metabolism, which are needed by your body. Besides salt, iodine also consists in dairy, eggs, fish, dairy, and veggies. Unfortunately, too much iodine intake leads to serious symptoms such as goiter and thyroid gland inflammation, and thyroid cancer.

Bottom Line

It is alright to stick to your common coffee drinking routine without the help of salt to enhance your cup flavor. Sodium is necessary for too bitter coffee, improving stale water, and helping with acid reflux. Remember that some types of coffee have high acidity, so this salt hack is helpful. Putting a pinch of salt in coffee will surely smooth the flavors, but sugar, milk and other sweeteners such as vanilla, caramel also have the effect of mellowing out the bitterness. 


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